Austim Squad

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Austim Squad (Machick and O)

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color White
Hair color Purple (Machick)
White (O)
Eye color Black (Machick)
White (O)
Personal information
Dislikes Denisovans (Machick)
Weapons/powers Trolling
First appearance Chapter 2, Page 18 (Machick)
The Adventures of Underbite Troll, Page 8 (O)
Last appearance Chapter 24, Page 11 (Machick)
Dead (Machick, scorched by Luigi)
Unknown (O)
In real life
Actual name Machick
First appearance Machick:
Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 2, Page 18 (2011)

Adventures of Underbite Troll
Page 8 (2014)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
Let, the fuck, go of me! You damn Denisovan!
Machick to Luigi and Fudd while Luigi grabs him, Chapter 24, Page 11

Machick and O are the two members of the trolling team, Austim Squad.


Machick has purple hair and is seen wearing a gray shirt. His eyes are mismatched in size, particularly seen when he is trolling Fudd/Luigi. O is bald but has long, white eyebrows. He is seen wearing an orange shirt.


Machick is first seen attending the fake Justen Bever concert, alongside The Fantasy Starwars Crue. He is not seen again until the PandaUtters bring up his team during The Adventures of Underbite Troll, however, he and O do not make an appearance within the spin-off in its current state.

Machick and O also make a brief appearance in Tails Gets Gay: Bugs & Daffys Story where they troll Bugs as practice for an upcoming troll off.

Machick is next seen attempting to stop Fudd and Luigi from escaping Troll Fortress by clinging onto Luigi's leg. Machick is grasped by the shirt by Luigi. Even as he is held, Machick begins trolling Fudd by repeatedly calling him stupid. Machick is then burned alive by Luigi.


Machick, as typical of those who are members of The Trolls, enjoys trolling others. Even as he is being held by Luigi, he is shown grinning as he teases Fudd on his stupidity.


It is not known if either of the two have any special powers of note. Machick appears to be able to move his eyes onto the sides of his face in order to imitate a fish.


  • The original version of Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath, Page 10 featured Machick with a different color scheme.
  • They are often misinterpreted as "Autism Squad", when they are actually "Austim Squad" (like the name Austin but with an M).