Chapter 21: The conclusion Part 1/Script

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  • Character count: ~18500
  • No spaces: ~15200
  • Character with most liens: Demaro (40)
  • Characters with least lines: Lukey, Jayce, Goobie (1)
  • Some dialogue may differ. Certain text in the original HD versions of the comic have slight differences from the actual pages released. The script here uses the versions on

Page 0.1

NarroratorHi, i'm the guy who narrorates the comic. My name is, The Narrorator. You might remember some of my masterpiece work such as, giving the term "Meanwhile" its own panel. And, when i'm feel like giving a touch of sparkly gold dust? Every so often i will make the term "Meanwhile" separate words, like so "Mean while" Giving it a poise impact, leaving the sexy fan begging for more of my sparkly gold dust. And in all honesty? I can't blame them, even i want my sparkle sparkle.

NarroratorI personaly was raised to believe that the term "Meanwhile" is mighty powerful that requires a certain amount of mass intensity, blowing the minds of countless poor defenseless souls, obliterating everything they ever knew about the term "Meanwhile" And, without the term "Meanwhile" the comic just wouldn't be the same..

NarroratorSee, i'm the reason why the comic is epic, i deserve all the attention.. Not Lazerbot, that night blind batsard... He can't even see in the hallway at night! AND!! He as a bald spot! So there! Damn it this is so unfair...

NarroratorDid you know that he doesn't even may me for my fantastic, God-like narrorating? I am demanding myself more narroration people.. I deserve more moments and more money, god damn it this is bullshit..

NarroratorMy frustrations aside, i'm here to share with you the things to look forward to from TGT. The comic has a lot to come in the future such as, the apperence of the contest winner (Thunderclaw) Will make his daybue in the distant future. Lazerbot confirmed his disappointment in not being able to place him in TGT any sooner, but the character has reserved a special spot the will surely give the character justice.

NarroratorIf any of you are unaware of whom the character (Thunderclaw) is? Lazerbot has further information on his DeviantArt, make sure you look into it.

NarroratorSo that's something to look forward to.

NarroratorI just wanted to give the term "Meanwhile" Its own panel, that is why you're all here, for my "Meanwhiles" of course. Do you like my beard? I take quite the care into keeping its gorgeous and glorious composure, and yes, i get the ladies, and i'm rolling in the doe. Nah i'm kidding, i'm broker than back mountain.. Lazerbot doesn't pay me shit... I have cats and dogs to feed you know...?

NarroratorNow that the long wait for Demaro's and Coyote's fight is over, it will finally, FINALLY! continue. Finally. I know i probably won't narrorate much of that, unless those snakes with eardrums get summoned again. Ahh man, those were the days.. I did that one Forest Chamber skill introduction. That was epic by me and not Lazerbot..

NarroratorRemember this page? I had so much screentime back then, it was amazeballs.

NarroratorWell, i hope to narrorate more scenes in the future. I want to mention we've been through a lot together, 20 chapters is quite something. So for sticking around this long? Lazerbot asked me to say, Thank you all very much for the support. Even know i don't get any support, i'm just the narrorator.. So... I don't know... Maybe you could acknowledge me a little bit more? I mean, i do all the hard work here.. Some of those "Meanwhiles" are to die for...

Page 1

DemaroYes!! Hahahahah!! I knew it would work, i just knew it!! I told you COYOTE!! NONE OF YOUR TRICKS WILL WORK ON ME!!

CoyoteCan i ask you a question before we continue?


CoyoteWhy are you filled with so much aggression and hatred? I'm finding it difficult to assume what you must have went through to mold you into the person standing in front of me right now.

Demaro...Since i'm about to kill you? I will allow you to witness my soul. Now close your eyes and dream of being born into endless terror and horror. No where to crawl to.. No one to hear you scream. Trapped in a nightmare, where everything you loved parished.. A place you never want to see, or to feel..

(Coyote stares in silence.)


DemaroBut this is the gift that Lord Satan gave me. He chose me, I am his child. He even spoke to me, binding my soul to him, branding me. The death of everything i was attached to was his test for me, to pry my eyes open and to prepare my soul for what lies ahead. Veiling me with the shadows so i can never see of feel the light again. Hahahaha.. Never again.

DemaroSo do you see it now? Love and happiness is only the root to true darkness and despair.. It is the true meaning to our existence. Only denial will shield you from the thought, the imagery. but, not the pure essence of it, not the feeling of it. Learn to accept it, don't fight it, move with it, learn to love it. I found true freedom out of the BONES OF THE DEAD!!


(Demaro strings up Dusk Hunter and prepares to attack.)

Coyote (thinking)I see.. The most i can assume is that he must have lost his family and perhaps, close friends.. And due to his surroundings, there was probably no one to help him through it positively. It's not hard to understand how he felt forced to look for a religious compass.. If i don't end this now i might feel pity, preventing me from killing him without feeling remorse.

Page 2

CoyoteOh Demaro, those vines are so... Adorable? You might need a new approach.

(Coyote uses his strings to fetch Road Runner.)

Road RunnerMeep! Meep!

CoyoteGo Road Runner!

Road RunnerBeep! Beep!

(Road Runner circles around Demaro, who tries using his strings to attack.)

Demaro (thinking)Damn it.. I lost him, he just vanished. He's much faster than before..

Page 3

Demaro (thinking)What is he planning? Where is that fucking bird??.. DAMN IT!! That smugness will run out, i swear it Coyote..... FUCK!!

Coyote (thinking)Looks like Demaro is starting to panic, i'm surprised he's been able to keep focused on his strategy up until now.

(Road Runner stops directly in front of Demaro.)

Road RunnerMeep! Meep! Fucker!!

(Demaro scowls.)

DemaroStop fucking taunting me!!

DemaroHe's vanished again.. STOP FUCKING WITH ME!!

(Road Runner continues to run circles around Demaro.)

Demaro....What? What the fuck!?


Dusk HunterAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Page 4

(Road Runner's speed creates a sand tornado around Demaro, lifting him up. Coyote watches with a smug experession.)


Demaro (thinking)I'M BEING LIFTED UP...

(The tornado grows large. Demaro manages to make his way to Dusk Hunter and sits on him.)

Dusk HunterRoar!!!!

Demaro (thinking)Hm... What's he going to do now? He's trapped me in a sand tornado, what's next? Damn it..

Page 5

Demaro..Is that a shape in the sand?

(The shadow of the Road Runner is seen. He then claws at Demaro from the tornado.)


DemaroGod fucking damn it that hurts!! Where did he go??

(Road Runner continues slashing at Demaro. Demaro eventually puts up a barrier. Coyote uses his strings aand wraps them around the tornado.)

DemaroWHAT!? He's applying strings into the tornado?....

(The strings bend and form another shield destroying orb.)

NarroratorShit!! Not again!!

Page 6

(Demaro's shield is shattered. He falls backwards and is grappled by the legs by Coyote's strings. The Road Runner is then shown to be attached to Coyote's strings as well, and he runs, dragging Demaro out of the tornado and onto the grass. Road Runner runs all over the area, dragging Demaro and wounding him. In the background, Rob and Hindo's battle is shown with a dragon joining.)

Page 7



(Demaro attempts to use his vines to stop himself. Failing, Demaro then uses his vines to stop Road Runner from moving, which works.)

Demaro (thinking)Coyote's not dead yet.... Get up.. Get up! GET UP!! GET UP!!! GET THE FUCK UP!!

Coyote (thinking)His determination and will to push on and continuing this fight is admirable at the least. But what confuses me is that he actually believes he can defeat me despite not being able to stand up.. Struggling at the face of certain defeat and yet, he tries anyway. He doesn't care if he dies anymore, as long as i die with him.

(Demaro uses his strings to help himself stand.)

Demaro (thinking)Damn it i'm losing too much blood. I... I can't see clearly..

(Coyote appears blurred.)

CoyoteIs there something wrong Demaro? you look exhausted.

Coyote (thinking)Hmm, that's strange.. Something seems to be sustaining his life, as much blood as he has lost, he shoud be dead by now...

(Demaro's third eye looks around.)

Coyote (thinking)Hmm..

NarroratorTrolls have just arrived, ready to fight!! How will Coyote and Demaro deal with this new threat? Find out, in the next page of Tails Gets Trolled!

JeffMy name is Jeff

THE Mr. Butt FairyHEY! Get out of our city you fuck head newbs!! Penis.

Page 8

(Additional trolls, including one wearing Master Chief's helmet and Jacko the Troll appear.)

THE Mr. Butt FairyWe're gonna brick you, after we dick you. We're gonna spear you, because you're a queer dude. We're gonna dew you in the butt, because we don't give a fuck! Oh! Am i right?

Master Queef No.. Go fuck yourself gaymo...

JeffJeff!! Jeff!! My name is Jeff!! My name is Jeff! Jeff!! Jeff!!

(The trolls move out. A pair of drunk trolls wearing armor also appear.)

THE Mr. Butt FairyThose fuck nip douche fags will bleed from all holes.

Sneed I may have yellow skin but i have a white penis.. It's strangely white no lie.

James "Wants to be MegaMan" Baxter Man.. Fights are so much better when drunk, i love to drink...

Sheldon "Also wants to be MegaMan" Black Haha man, you're drunk.. Hahahaa bird poop to da doop, out of a basketball hoop.

(Jacko and the Butt Fairy reach into a trash bag.)

THE Mr. Butt FairyEveryone get your bricks ready, because they're going to know that meaning of butthurt real soon.

JackoGive one to me, i'm ready to karatechop them in the head, make them die, make them dead.


(Jacko and Fucking Neo throw bricks.)


(Jeff briefly takes on the appearance of Channing Tatum.)

THE Mr. Butt FairyHis name is fucking Jeff!!

(Demaro puts up a wall of vines to protect himself from the bricks. Coyote also raises a barrier to protect himself from the Teabagger, who attempts to spear him.)

Master Queef This is what's unbreakable but can be broken!

Sneed We just don't know how to break it..

(The Teabagger and the troll with the alleged white penis are lifted into the air by Coyote's strings.)

Page 9

Master Queef Put us down you filthy mut! I will fuck your Grandma!!

Sneed Fuck you furry!

Master Queef Let it go!! Let it GOOO!! Do you want to build a fucking snowman!?

(Demaro sends a wave of poisonous vines towards the Butt Fairy.)

THE Mr. Butt FairyWhat the hell are you trying to hit with those vines? Because it surely ain't me, you dumbass Jack Sparrow looking faggot. Learn how to aim you three eyed bean slinger. You mad cuz you has a tiny dick and fistable anus.. I can't believe you haven't killed yourself up until now trolloloololooo. Eat dick you one armed piece of defecate. You and your Lord can go sacrifice each other lol.

THE Mr. Butt FairyF..F..F..Fu..Fu..Fu..Fu..Fu..Fu..Fu..Fu..Fuck you!

DemaroOh you stupid fucking trolls, you don't want to mess with me right now. I've been dealing with your stupidity for far too long, you worthless ignorant pieces of shit, you're cancer! You'll all die for getting in my way, just like Garry did.

(The vines grab the Butt Fairy by the neck.)

THE Mr. Butt FairyWoah.. What the gently cares is wrong with you!? You need therapy.. Man you're crazy levels of butthurt, you seem to be having a mental breakdown. Be overly happy like, Saved By The Bell or some shit. Not angry like ChrisChan.. Be gay happy like, Full House? Don't go crazy like Shia Labeouf or Charlie Sheen.


(The Butt Fairy is decapitated.)

JackoNO!! Why did you kill him? I loved h... Well, now that i think about it.. I didn't really love him? I mean, i cared about him and i liked him a lot, we were good friends with benefits you know? But it wasn't really anything other than butt stuff, ehh you know what? Fuck him! Good riddance to that asshole, he's just a noob if he died like that anyway lol.

SneedYeah! He was a butt fairy, hahaha i'm glad he's dead! That bitch owned me a blow job and he didn't even give me one.. I'm sick of it, i just wanted my blow job.. Uhh what? I didn't say blow job, um i said nothing! I'm not gay SHUT UP!!

SneedI'm gonna hit you, with this brick foo, because i don't have a dick dude!

JeffMy name is Jeff.

Demaro (thinking)I don't have the sight or time to deal with these brain dead fucks. I need to lay out a lot of traps.

(Demaro places string mines around the battlefield.)

Page 10

JackoYou know WHAT!? I'm TIRED of you people not liking our constructive fucking criticism! Stop being a rainbow flag butthurt faggot and ACCEPT OUR CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!! Fuck bricks, and FUCK YOU!! YOU'RE SO MAD! ASSHOLLLLLEEEE!!!!!!


(Jacko runs towards Demaro but gets trapped by one of the mines. He is encased in a sphere and lifted mid-air. Demaro attempts crush him by compressing the sphere.)

DemaroCOME ON!!!

(Demaro kneels.)

DemaroAHHHHHHH!! Damn it.. KNOCK IT OFF!! I need to do this... ..This pain, GO THE FUCK AWAY!!

JackoWoah.. What is this man? I'm the boy in the plastic bubble lol. It's so tight pussy in here! So fucking hot! Mmm, i don't know you liked bondage, mmmm..

(Jacko touches his nipple.)

Page 11

JackoOh YEAHH!! You dirty dirty boy you! Squeeze me like a slutty pig! OHHHH YEAHHH!!!!

Demaro (thinking)I.. I don't know if i can do this... Hm, no.. No i have to, damn it! I HAVE TO!! Coyote needs to die..

(Jacko reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Gayola brand crayon. He then draws a triangle with an eye in the middle, resembling the Illuminati symbol, of his forehead

JackoHahaha dude.. Dude... You're really fucked up in the head, you do know that right? You need, hmm well.. Therapy? Yes, therapy. Because, you're more twisted than a balloon animal.

JackoOooo!! Look at me!! Oh, i got there eyes! And, i'm always butthurt.. Oh my poor rekt anus! Hahaha! You suck, fuck you. It would be gold if somebody stickity stook their penis in your arm hole and did things to it, such as fucking it? Want some sex cake faggot?

JackoWeren't you gonna crush me or some sit? What's wrong? Having issues performing? Need some, Viagra? Bitch. Go ahead, crush me with your limp dick.

JackoYou know?.. This moment right here, it.. It reminds me about something that happened to me in the past...

Jacko (thinking)Yes.. Oh how time flies, oh how time is so unforgiving... But we always have the little things like memories to remind us of who we once were..

(Jacko appears in a flashback at a Walmart. Several "troll edition" drinks are being sold in the background, including Jizz Soda, Root Fuck!, Beiber Jizz, and Gay Der Raid.)

JackoDid you see that old bitch? She was like, welcome to Walmart.. And i was like, welcome to my dick in your dried up throat! Oh fuck, ohhhhh! I said it, what you gonna do, ya old bitch! HAHAHAHAA!!! And then i showed her my dick.

Jolly Green FaggotYes, dangs straights.. Season Two of Sons of Guns, yes...

(Jacko reaches for a bottle of Dr. Dick Juice.)

JackoDude go long!!

Jolly Green FaggotOk, i'm going to go long!

Jolly Green FaggotI Can't seem to go any further! There seems to be a wall in my path!

JackoDude go long!!

Jolly Green FaggotI Can't seem to go any further! There seems to be a wall in my path!

(The bottle strikes a baby being held by his mother. The baby falls to the ground, hitting its head. Jacko flashes a smile.)

JackoDude go long!!

Jolly Green FaggotI Can't seem to go any further! There seems to be a wall in my path!

JackoWait.. You know what?

Jolly Green FaggotI Can't seem to go any further! There seems to be a wall in my path!

JackoThis reminds me of a time that i've so wonderfully experienced... Yes, it was a different life time.. And i? Was a different person.

Page 12

(Jacko appears at the Troll City Zoo. A living piece of shit stands by the Ostrich Cage.)

LukeyIce stewflay hey guys I'm at the zoo.

(Jacko climbs over the fence of the ostrich cage and grabs an egg.)

JackoDude go long!!

(Jacko's friend passes by the Lion's Den.)

Jolly Green FaggotI can't seem to go any further! There seems to be a wall in my path!

(The egg hits a baby lion. The parent then mauls Jacko's friend.)

Narrorator Jacko The Troll

(Jacko strikes the "Slav squat" pose. He is drawn in incredible detail.)

Page 13

JackoAhh... Good times, it was like a week ago. Ice, stewflay. Good times... I think i got the time frame wrong though.

SneedIdfk bruh-ski, n idfc lol. Lmfao, rofl.. I'm like, wth man.. Tbh i'm like woah man... Woah! Or some shit.. Fyi, doe. Brb ttyl.

Master Queef I know we were fighting but. I mean, i really liked the flashback. Yeah man i was into that shit..

Sheldon "Also wants to be MegaMan" BlackYeaaahh buuuuuut.... It's just not the same as his old flashbacks.. Don't get me wrong bruu, i like his newer flashbacks but his older flashbacks? It has something about it that makes it special..

Master Queef I didn't like it and i feel the need to convince myself that i'm a critic, so here! I'm going to force on you my opinion, despite you not asking for it.

Sneed Well? What is your opinion?

Master Queef Huh?

DemaroI'm going to destroy you fucking trolls.. You'll regret standing in my way for me murdering Coyote! After i'm done with him, i'll come back and obliterate this city and all of it's inhabitants!!

(Jacko reaches into his pants.)

JackoHm? Yeah i don't care lol.. Just make it tighter in here, i'm trying to masturbate. Oh, can you spit in my hand? I'm a little dry here.

Coyote (thinking)Hmm.. I'm starting to suspect that Demaro has reached his limitations in this fight. It was entertaining, spending the time to feed my curiosity and observation but i believe Rob is almost finished with his fight. I think it would be more beneficial at this point to go assist him, assuming he is still alive.

Coyote (thinking)But this is fun, i want to further observe to see how Demaro handles these current trolls in his condition and if he survives? Then i suppose i'll end it quickly, i don't want to waste anymore time other than that. It also would be better if we left Troll Kings Fortress before he returns.

Coyote (thinking)Not to mention that Troll City is only about a mile or so away. There's bound to be more trolls on their way. Staying here any longer than we should will put everyone else in further danger. I still haven't seen some of the higher profile trolls here yet.. And i still have to look for Elmer Fud. This can't drag out too much longer..

DemaroDAMN IT!! I could do it before when i killed Garry's android.. WHY NOT NOW?!

(Demaro screams as he tries to crush Jacko once more.)


JackoOhh, i love it when you make it tighter baby, harder!! OH GOD HARDER!! Fuck yeah!

Coyote (thinking)Interesting, his third eye seems to be leaking out some kind of gray liquid. It looks as if it's giving Demaro sharp pains due to his exhaustion.

Page 14

Coyote (thinking)That's weird.. I believe that due to Demaro's lack of blood, his vision is blurry. But his third eye seems to be working just fine. I've also noticed that it looks towards different destinations then the other two. Does this mean that the third eye is acting on it's own perception? It seems to have a mind of it's own, which makes me think that it's merely just attached to Demaro Like a leach. Hmm.. The more i look at it the worse of a vibe i get...

(The barrier surrounding Jacko shatters. Several smaller, sharp spears of Demaro's strings appear around Jacko. They then converge on him, impaling him from all directions. Demaro is then struck by a brick.)

JeffMy name is jeff!! You piece of shit!!

SneedOh!! Shitty balls on a turkey sandwich! Well you're fucked now! Don't believe me? Look!

(More trolls arrive on the scene, including Aubrey Cat, Varic, and Jayce as well as other misc. trolls.)

SneedOur backup has arrived, bitch.

NarroratorOh noo!! Things just continue to get worse for that asshole Demaro. Will he finally meet his end? Find out soon.

Page 15

LOUD FUCKYOOOOO!!! I fucking found a cannon man! Woahhh fuckin right? I'm so fuckin gonna fucking shoot it! FUUUUUCKKKK!!!

WhitebeardYou noobs getting your asses kicked by the guy from 127 hours.. Damn. We're your backup bitch! Lilo and Stitch..

(The troll with the cannon takes aim at Demaro.)

LOUD FUCKOh FUCK man! I only got one fucking cannon fucking ball, fuck man, Oh fuckin fuck man fuck.. Really? Ok fuck, let's fuckin see what fuckin damage that one fucking fuck cannon fucking ball fucking does fuck man FUUCKK!!!

LOUG FUCKFuck fucking fuck, shit!! Fuck the fucking fuck with a fucking shit, fuck!! FUCCCKKKK!!

(The cannon fires.)

DemaroWhat is that?


(Demaro attempts to protect himself using a string barrier, but it is pierced by the cannon ball. An x-ray of Demaro's arm is shown with the bone cracking as the cannon ball hits his arm. The cannon ball then drops to the ground.)


Page 16

VaricUhhhhh... Wait, why are we fighting him? Isn't he on our side or something?

LOUD FUCKOh shit you're fucking right fuck man.. He's fucking Garry's fucking brother fuck.

Aubrey CatI think Garry's gonna be pissed lol.

JayceShouldn't we be fighting that guy over there?

Sneed Yeah but that unbreakable thing? Ya know? It can't be broken...

LOUD FUCKYes it fucking can, we just fucking don't fucking know how to fucking break it..

Coyote (thinking)Hmm, his shield slown the impact of the cannon ball. I'm certain that he would have been dead otherwise.. Yet, he should be dead as it is..

Demaro (thinking)...Damn it, my arm is fractured..

DemaroFUCK YOU!!!!

LOUD FUCKFuck you? That term is so fucking over fucking used man.......... Fuck...

Demaro (thinking)......At this rate i won't be able to kill Coyote.. I can't flee, it's kill or be killed.

Demaro (thinking)But still.. I'm too weak now, i'm going to die.. This was all i needed to rebuild the neutrals legacy, all i needed was to kill the only one who could stop me... Strange now that I'm about to die... I can't stop thinking of them... Of her...

Coyote (thinking)Hm? Is he giving up? Is he finally realizing that there is no chance of winning?

(Demaro falls to his knees, and accepts his death.)

Aubrey CatHAAHAHAHAA!!! Look at that pussy ass mo-fo with a purple skirt and one ball.

VaricSomeone go slice off his dick skin and put it in a jar so it can pickle.

Demaro (thinking)I'm ready, take me Lord Satan... Take me home.

(Demaro's third eye suddenly glows white. A white aura envelopes Demaro.)

Coyote (thinking)..What is this?

(Demaro stands up, his hair glowing white. The third eye expands as well.)

Page 17

(Demaro looks at the trolls.)

Aubrey CatWoah.. Why is u so faq-n mahd brrrrrew?

LOUD FUCKOhh no... Ohh noo.. I made, a mistake! Oh crud, i made a mistake. OHH FUCK!! WE MADE A FUCKING MISTAKE!!!

LOUD FUCKWhaa.. Ohhh no, no no no.. Oh no no no NO!! Oh FUCK!! FUCK NOOO!!!


(The cannon troll flees.)

WhitebeardLol look at that bitch running, bitch. Such a bitch, bitch.

(The cannon troll steps on a trap Demaro had placed earlier. A rain of tiny string projectiles shoots forth, tearing through the troll and causing him to explode. The other trolls look on in horror.)


Page 18

Coyote (thinking)Something just happened.. That eye and Demaro just changed, What is that white aura? I'm curious to see what my come from this.

(Demaro raises his arm. Several strings surrounding him and begin spinning at high speeds.)

Sheldon "Also wants to be MegaMan" BlackWhat?? He shouldn't been done move his there arm like dat. How? Huh? HOW!!?

(The strings expand from Demaro's position. Fucking Neo and Varic are caught in the strings and blended to bits.)

GoobieWe just got here, but i'm really wishing we didn't..

Page 19


Cleaveland Brown HOLY SHITTTTT!!!

(Demaro forms a large ball with his strings and hurls it towards Goobie. Goobie attempts to run but is caught by the ball and similarly shredded to pieces. The drunk troll watches in terror and attempts to flee, but triggers one of Demaro's traps and is exploded.)
(More trolls arrive, only to immediately flee.)

PS2 racing game background character Every man for himself RUN!!!

(Demaro notices the fleeing trolls and launches another orb towards them.)

Page 20

(The fleeing trolls are decimated by Demaro's powers.)

Coyote (thinking)How is he getting all of this power?! It must be that eye.. Is that eye Satanic? Is it working as some kind of last resort defense mechanism?

NarroratorA distance away.

(Dusk Hunter glows white and breaks free from the sand tornado, now collapsed into a pile of sand holding him inside. A portal appears, transporting Dusk Hunter to Demaro's position. The beam taking Dusk Hunter into the portal resembles the very same that Miladox used to absorb Garry's soul.)

NarroratorBack by Demaro.

Coyote (thinking)Hm? Demaro's Dusk Hunter Guardian broke free from my grasp. Damn it.. I should have wired its vision so i could see, now i'm unaware of how it escaped..

(A figure appears behind Demaro.)

Page 21

(The remaining trolls are in a state of panic.)


Coyote (thinking)He portaled his Guardian almost instantly.. In his previous state, he had to rebuild his Neutral power back up before accomplishing such a toll.

Coyote (thinking)I don't even know what to make of that strange pulse beam..

(Dusk Hunter runs a circle around Demaro. It then swallows Demaro within its mouth.)

Coyote (thinking)...He swallowed Demaro?