Chapter 22: The conclusion Part 2/Script

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Page 0.1

Narrorator Last time on Dragon Ball Z.

Tails Hahaha..

BuuBuu hungry!.. Buu want chacolate!!

Babidi I heard you the first time idiot!!

Babidi Heheh!.. There you go Buu, some chocolate! Obey your master and eat him up!! Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!!

Tails Huh? What was that noise!?

Unknown speaker Hahahahaa..

Tails Who's There!?

BuuBuu changes his mind, Buu want ice cream!!

BabidiBuu.. You always want something but you never want to get laid..

BuuBuu gonna eat you out!! Buu gonna eat you whole! Buu so hungry!! Buu turn you into ice cream!!

Babidi It's unbelievable how much we need to get laid.. Oh yeah, he really likes his fucking candy... Just so you know, you're going to die.

BuuBuu changes his mind again.. Buu want....? Strawberry candy KFC chicken!!

Babidi After the last couple years with you Buu... I think it's safe to say that i am tired of candy..

(Tails makes his iconic face. Buu then fires a beam at Tails. The scene cuts away before anything is shown.)

Page 0.2

(A different scene is shown, featuring Dark Sonic.)

Cell Jr. Where he go!?

(Dark Sonic appears behind Cell Jr. and cuts him in two by kicking him. The scene is reminiscent of Sonic killing Kei-so.)

Cell Holy Shit!! Time out for a second.. How did your leg bend like that!? Are you alright?


(Sonic cries in pain.)

Narrorator Back to Somewhere else.

(Inside the Defenders' Base, Goku is seen with Tails' tails.)

Goku Alright..

Goku You're Master Roshi?

(Maste Roshi appears. His eyes are shaped like Pacman's.)

Master RoshiIt was not a quintessence us meeting today.

Turtle Sir i got to be going.. They must not know something is up..

Master RoshiMany years back when i was younger, i had a vision of this moment.. I believe you might be the key to defeating the trolls.. Wakka Wakka..

Master RoshiThere's lots we must discuss.. Wakka..

Page 0.3

(Sonic is seen wearing Future Trunks' outfit.)

Sonic It's time you know who i really am.. So I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

Sonic You're about to find out what it's like to fight a real Super Saiyan, and I'm not talking about Goku.


King ColdHMM!!..

(Sonic begins glowing.)

Sonic AHHHH!!


King ColdWhat is he!?..


(Sonic becomes a Super Saiyan.)

FriezaNo! It can't be!!

FriezaIt's.. It's impossible!!..

Frieza (thinking)They... They have the same eyes..

Page 1

(The super powered Dusk Huter with Demaro inside him stares down some trolls. It begins to chase them.)

Troll Help!!..

(Vines shoot out from inside Dusk Hunter's mouth.)

Troll AHHHHHH!!!

(The vines grab a troll. He is then devoured by Dusk Hunter.)

Page 2

(The other trolls look on in terror.)

Expert Dick Sucker I suck dick.. I can suck a mean dick.. Please don't kill me. I'm really good at sucking dick. I'll suck your dick if you let me go.. Your big beasty dick!

(From inside, Demaro pulls out the bloodied skull of the troll who was devoured. He drops it in front of the other trolls.)

Page 3

(Bones hang out of Dusk Hunter's mouth. It crunches down and the bones fall.)

Dusk HunterRoar!!

(Demaro flies out of Dusk Hunter's mouth, still attached via vines.)

Expert Dick Sucker AHHHH!!

(Demaro forms a blade with his strings and pierces the professional dick sucker's neck.)

Expert Dick Sucker Ugh..

Page 4

(Demaro looks around and tosses his blade at the other trolls before retreating inside Dusk Hunter. The other trolls explode as the blade pierces them.)

Ginger Bread HOLY SHITTTTT!!!

(Vines entangle two other trolls watching the chaos.)

Ginger Bread AHHHHHHH!!

Blue Bitch Well shit..

(The trolls are poisoned, with their flesh melting off.)

Page 5

(Dusk Hunter notices Coyote.)

Coyote Hm?

(Demaro is shot from inside Dusk Hunter. A strange, mantis-like arm resembling Miladox's forms from Demaro's missing arm. Coyote panics and puts up a barrier.)

Page 6

Coyote (thinking)It broke!?

(Demaro slashes at Coyote, slicing through his barrier. The arm nearly cuts Coyote's neck. He ducks as Demaro flies over his head. Meanwhile, Dusk Hunter is pulled into a portal and moved to a point past Coyote, and catches Demaro in his mouth.)
(Coyote uses his strings to move to a distant location. His throat begins to bleed slightly, but he patches it up with his strings.)

Coyote ..He broke though my shield? Where did that claw some from?.. If it were any closer to my jugular, that would have been fatal... This isn't Demaro's doing, I'm certain of it now..

Page 7

Coyote (thinking)I better start taking this seriously, the polls on DeviantArt really want me to win.

Coyote (thinking)After he launched himself from Dust Hunter, he teleported Dusk Hunter in front of him in order to catch him.. His strategy and intelligence has increased, dramatically..

(Coyote moves his hand, sending the Teabagger and the troll who claims to have a white penis over in front of Dusk Hunter.)

Sneed Jesus fucking Christ dude!

Master QueefPlease!! Please bring us back over by you! You stupid Doge, please? Fuck you!

(More strings emerge from Coyote's book.)

Page 8

(Two nearly decomposed bodies are pulled out and moved near the other two trolls.)


Narrorator A distance away.

(Strings emerge from Road Runner's eyes and he is freed from Demaro's previous vine cage.)

Road Runner Beep! Beep!

(Road Runner rushes over to Coyote's position.)

Page 9

(Vines creep up on the two trolls hanging by Coyote's strings.)

Sneed I'm gonna miss Call of Duty most of all..

Master Queef...I'm sure it's no surprise of what game i prefer.. Gears of War of course!

(The trolls are poisoned to death. Vines also decapitate the other corpses pulled out by Coyote.)

PatreollMan.. Did you see those people's faces? They gave zero fucks..

Grapeface No shit, those people were dead though.. They had no fucks to give.

Patreoll...No, they weren't dead.. They were just casually standing there, I'm pretty sure.

Grapeface Oh... Well, i guess you're right then.

(A random, featureless troll appears.)

(You)Okay.... We get it! You're strong.. This is so fucking boring.. Can we go back to Shadow and Mario now? I want to know what's going on with Tails.. This is stupid.

(You)..I have to constantly complain about every single little thing, because i think that i am always correct. There's clearly no point to this scene, because i can't grasp the simple things.. This is your fault, not mine. I know everything about everything, because I've placed my ego and self image in the tallest room, in the tallest tower. DERRRRRRR!!!

(The troll begins spewing yellow body liquids from his mouth.)

(You)DERP!! DERRRRP!! I has a big fat smelly vagina, DERRRP!! I'm fucking 12 years old, so i can't come to terms with the fact that trolling is about he most ignorant entity known to man kind! DERRRP!!!!

Grapeface Holy fuck man... Stfu, no one cares... Little bitch..

JeffI will carry on your legacy.... My name is Jeff.

(Jeff looks down on the Teabagger troll's helmet, crying. He is then grappled by a vine by the neck and decapitated.)

(You)..God damn it, why doesn't Lazerbot listen to me... DERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Grapeface Hey man.. I know this is out of the blue and all but... Where the fuck did all of your color and facial features go? I guess Lazerbot didn't bother to make you into a character that isn't expendable.

Page 10

(Dusk Hunter charges towards the complainer. Demaro is launched from its mouth.)


(Demaro cleaves the complainer in two.)

Narrorator Meanwhile Elsewhere in Troll City.

JillGuys, look! Troll Fortress is under attack!

ToopToopLooks like this is a job for, The Neighborhood Watch!

StaphMove out!

Narrorator Neighborhood Watch!

(The members of the Neighborhood Watch are shown.)
(A group of four identical looking trolls blocks the path to the fortress. They are identical to one another in body shape and size, except for their colors, red, green, and blue. The fourth guard differs slightly as he is drawn with a streotypical blackface and wears purple clothes.)

RedStop right there!

BlueYou can't pass, you don't have the right credentials to enter Troll Fortress.

GreenWe're gonna have to ask you to leave.. Thannnnksssss.....

Nigga TrollNiggas..

JillGet the fuck out of our way!!

StaphWe have important things to tend to, we have to save Troll Fortress dude!


RedHey! Now I can't just let you in, cuz... Troll Face would have me sexed upon.

Page 11

BlueYou're gonna have to get a pass from Troll City Town Hall, just like everyone else..

BlueThere's plenty of dick to suck to get that pass too.. Yummy.

GreenSo get the fuck out here...

Nigga TrollNiggas..

StaphDude.. You're like a Bronze 5 running on 300 ping and I'm like a Plat 1 running on 20 ping, ya dumb shit.. let me in!

JillStaph.. Relax, let me have this shit right here..

JillYou listen to me real close k? If you don't let us in right now? I'll use my rape sign and Glenn you to death..

ToopToopDon't you know who we are? We're the Neighborhood Watch!

RedI don't give a stiff juicy shit about who you are!

GreenTroll Face recently passed a Law regarding, obtaining a Troll Fortres Pass buddy. You pretty much have to give him a Rimjob..

Staph...Oh, that's sick man! I'm not going to do that!

BlueBitch, get fucked..


GreenWe're not gonna ask you again, if you don't leave then we will call the guards..

Nigga TrollNiggas..

KitLet's go...

JillWhat? We have to save the day!

Kit..Not like this Jill...

BlueYa'll pussies couldn't save shit!

Kit..You're right, i couldn't save anyone.. When i was a child, i was forced to watch as these bandits raped and killed my mother and sister, after they bashed my father's skill in with brick...

(Narrow looks saddened.)

NarrowKit, don't bring up the past....

KitI couldn't stop them, so i am devoting my life to stopping evil, but...

KitIt didn't take me long to realize that this city is cursed, and likely deserves whatever tragety that is taking place in that very fortress..


KitI would be lying if i didn't believe that justice is taking place now as we speak.. So why am i here?

StaphWhat are you saying dude?..

JillThese trolls aren't that bad...

Staph..Yeah man, I've never been happier here..

Kit....You all only say this because you've never had a real home and in denial, have convinced yourselves that this was it, out of exhuastion of seaking your true belonging..

KitYou have to see that you are nothing like them.. You try to save the weak, they try to tare them down..

KitFor this, i must go.. I need to find my place in the world.

JillNo... You can't go, we're friends!

KitI know you won't come with me so i suppose this is where we part ways, i hope we see each other again one day, my friends..


ToopToopBut... But we're the Neighborhood Watch...

KitI know, i hope you'll forgive me ToopToop... But this is not my fate, i will always remember you..

NarrowLet's go Kit..

KitVery well, let's go..

(Narrow and Kit leave. ToopToop begins to cry.)


ToopToopWe're the Neighborhood Watch....

JillAww ToopToop, I'm sorry.

StaphYeah man, we'll be ok dude..

(Jill hugs ToopToop, comforting him.)

Nigga TrollNiggas..

Page 12

(The artstyle suddenly becomes manga-like.)

Narrorator Meanwhile


Patreoll..You think you can get away with all you've done!?


(The troll takes on a fighting stance.)

PatreollI see.... Before we do this, there's something i must ask of you...

(The troll smiles and gets anime eyes before he bends over to Demaro's feet.)


Page 13


PatreollYo, before i die, i wanted to thank our Patreon subscribers! Tommy Kaira, IKK, Puke Fukem. And thanks to our sugar Daddy Avbrey Cæsar!! More thanks to come, bitches!

(Demaro kicks the troll in the neck, knocking him onto the floor.)

PatreollMan! You've laid me out like i was Ronda Rousey.. Bam, K.O! There goes my fighting career..

Page 14

Grapeface Oh Scoobydoo.. Why the hell am i even here? I don't even care about this fucking city.. Noobs be fucking terrible at ruling, Troll King is so retarded.

Grapeface Although, i do like sucking Troll Face's dick so.. I'll stick around and fight i guess...

Grapeface Oh! That reminds me, i should Cosplay later.

Grapeface Shit! I forgot to ask if Troll Face was clean, before i blew off his rocket.. I probably have an STD now, like Aids.. I need to get that checked out...

("Slurp!"s are heard in the distance.)

Grapeface What the hell? Where's that fucking sound coming from!?

Grapeface Uhh... What the hell are you doing?

Grapeface Why are you naked?..

(A naked troll attempting to suck his own dick appeaars.)

Autofellatio Man..What does it look like I'm doing? I'm sucking my own dick.. Can't a man have some privacy!? Jesus...

Grapeface Dude, you're in the middle of a battle field for fuck sake.. This is indecent exposure you asshole!! If you want some privacy, then go to your fucking house!

Grapeface This isn't the time to go and suck your own Rocket Power.. Like, what is so damn arousing about everyone dying around you? What, the fuck... And isn't that gay?

Autofellatio ManSucking your own dick isn't gay, it's accepted now.

(The self dick sucking troll appears slightly psychotic.)

Autofellatio ManEverything is accepted now.. Nothing is off limits, not anymore.. Hahaha...

(Strings from Demaro fly towards the troll.)

Autofellatio Man (thinking)Shit! That thing is coming right at me! I need to dodge it, or I'm a goner..

(The troll dodges, only to reveal that his penis was sliced off.)

Page 15

Autofellatio ManHuh?..

Autofellatio Man..I thought it would be an agonizing experience to have my schlong severed, but It's no more painful than an ear piercing.. it just, kind of stings a little... I actually feel liberated, strange..

Autofellatio ManI completely understand now, how a Japanese guy was able to slice off his own Johnson in the Japanese Pain Olympics, assuming it was real.. It's really not a big deal...

Grapeface Woah... That's a dick in the grass.. You think it will eventually sink into the soil, eventually sprouting dick plants?

Grapeface Man... Could you imagine a world consumed by dick plants?.. That's a world I'd love to live in..

(Grapeface imagines a world where penises grow from the earth as trees. A penis house and penis flower are also seen.)

Grapeface oooooooooooooooo

Grapeface ..I know my purpose now! I know my reason for living... I must create a dick plant utipia..

Autofellatio Man...Ok, now It's starting to hurt..

Autofellatio ManAHHHHHH!!

Autofellatio ManEeeeeek!!

Autofellatio ManAHHHHH!!

(The troll flees.)

Grapeface Wait, does this mean that you are in pain? I'm so confused..

Demaro ....

GrapefaceDamn it.. This Super Saiyan is powerful.. Is there no limits to his POWER!? It's hard to calculate his power.. I need to do something or I'm deader than a white male Cop, in a town of Leftist Extremists...

Grapeface..But i didn't travel across the land, becoming a Pokemon master to die like this! He's got me against the wall, butt fucking me lubeless, with his demonic pwnage bwnage.. But he's made one, fatel mistake!! Never fuck a troll up against a wall. Because if we're cornered and filled with enough semen? Chaos will ensue! Our tight assholes will grow teth and devour the cock of our enemies!!

Grapeface (thinking)..The lives of all Trolls are in my hands, for this i can not fail! I am too much of a main character now to die like this.. I still need to live on, so i can fulfill my new life's goal of growing th world's first dick forest.. So I must use my most rare and powerful Pokemang..

Grapeface ..I know that when all else fails, this Legendary Pokemanche will save this dreadful day and put a stop to this Onepunch-Man, i just know it..



GrapefaceSonichu, i choose you!!

Page 16

NarroratorSonichu Joins the Battle!

GrapefaceSonichu, i hope you're ready for the fight of your life! You're going against a Super Saiyan..

Sonichu Phh.. I'm scarier than anything that we're going to find in these woods.. Words of my Lord & Savior, Shrek is love~ Shrek is life~ Amen.

Sonichu Hey! Pull my finger!!

(Sonichu suddenly displays a smile made with realistic teeth.)

Sonichu Too late!...

(Sonichu takes a shit.)

Grapeface Ewww!! What the hell bro!? Not in the battlefield..

(Sonichu suddenly takes on the appearance of Donald Trump.)

Sonichu I'm gonna build a wall.

(Sonichu ducks and avoids Demaro's claw.)

Sonichu ..Is that a praying Mantis arm?..

(While bent backwards, Sonichu kicks Demaro in the stomach, pushing him back.)

Sonichu You're fired!

Demaro ...

Sonichu Oh, do i have a surprise for you.

(Sonichu reaches down and pulls a beard from the shit puddle he made earlier.)

Sonichu What the hell is this!? Is this a beard!? What the fuck is a beard doing here?

(Sonichu smiles, using Tom's smile from chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 2.)

Sonichu I'm a belieber of Science, do you know what this means?

Grapeface ..Uh, i have no clue...

Sonichu I'M A MONKEY!!

SonichuI want to get one of those children's molds that you can place inside of your asshole, so you can poop different shapes!!

(Sonichu throws the shit-beard at Demaro's chin. The beard sticks to his chin.)

Grapeface AHAHAHAH!!

Sonichu ...

Sonichu Pow! Right in the kisser!

(Grapeface stares at Sonichu with anime eyes.)

Grapeface I love you so much.. I'm so glad i caught you..

Sonichu I don't even wish i could say the same. The torturous time spent in that tiny prison ball has helped me come to terms with my mortality.. How it makes me want to die, just a little more... Everytime i am forced to see that disfigured face of yours...

Grapeface Awe, i love you too buddy.. Sonichu, USE THUNDER THIGHS!

Sonichu (thinking)Phh... He don't have enough badges to tell me what to do hehehe.. Hmm.. What could i do that would be absolutely hilarious?

Grapeface What's wrong? Use THUNDER THIGHS!

Sonichu You know what? I have a better move.. Like, It's so funny!

Grapeface ..Really? What is it!? Come on, tell me....

Sonichu Ok, I'll tell you my bestest move of all time, here it comes!

Narrorator What is Sonichu's secret special move!? Will it be the end for Demaro!? Will we ever get passed this really long and dragged out fight!? Find out next time on Tails Gets Trolled!

Page 17

Sonichu I run away and let you die.. Ahahahaha funny right!?

Grapeface .....

(Grapeface panics.)


Grapeface YOU!!...

(Sonichu gets cool shades and a cigar as the text "THUG LIFE" is displayed below him.)

Grapeface Gasp..

Grapeface No..

Grapeface (thinking)It's gone.. Never to be.. No dickplant utopia..

Grapeface It dies with me..

(Grapeface's imaginary dickplant utopia burns down.)

Grapeface Nooooooooooooo

Grapeface It's all burnt down!!

Grapeface ....DAMN YOU LAZERBOT!!

Grapeface You made me actually believe i was a main character just to take it away like some hilarious joke!!..

Grapeface ..You mother fucker!! You take away my dickplant utopia...

Grapeface Damn you!!

(Lazerbot's face suddenly appears in front of Grapeface. He punches it.)

Grapeface Fuck you Lazerbot!! Fuck you so hard!!

Grapeface (thinking)..At this rate i won't be able to win.. I can't flee, its die or die.. Heh, i guess this is what i get for putting my faith in a Chepokemonge...

Grapeface (thinking)..But still.. I'm too fucked now, I'm going to die.. This was all i needed to build the Dickplant utopia, all i needed was to kill the only one who could stop me... Strange now that I'm about to die... I can't stop thinking about those dickplants.. Oh my Dickplant utopia..

Grapeface (thinking)..I'm ready, take me.. Lord Shrek, take me home...

(Demaro appears behind Grapeface and slashes him down.)

Narrorator "In the arms of the angel, fly away from here...
..From this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you feel..
..You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie..
You're in the arms of an angel, may you find some comfort here.."

Grapeface Shrek...

(Shrek appears in Grapeface's dying vision.)

Shrek It's all ogre now..

Page 18

(Demaro's hair begins to turn black as he is depowered. The beard stuck on his chin falls to the ground.)

Demaro ...

Coyote (thinking)Hm? It seems like there was a limit to that last resort of power... Or maybe he no longer feels like he is in threat? Difficult to tell..

Coyote (thinking)...Interesting.. It seems like all of his wounds have been healed... His bleeding has stopped.. Whatever that aura was, it was quite powerful.. Hmm... Perhaps it was better for me that it couldn't be sustained for very long...

Demaro ...What happened? .....My arm is healed..

Demaro .....Ahahahaha!! Yes... This must have been the doing of Lord Satan... This is perfect! I know i can't fail now!...

Demaro (thinking)I knew that Lord Satan wouldn't let me die!..

Coyote ...Strange, is he aware of what happened? I can't hear what he's saying from this distance, but i can read his facial expressions.. He's giving me the impression that he isn't aware..

(Demaro creates an arm made out of his strings. Coyote then suddenly appears behind him.)

Coyote ..Nothing has changed, Demaro..

(Coyote grabs Demaro's arm and shatters it.)

Page 19

(Demaro is sent flying backwards. Road Runner moves to his new position and knocks Demaro back once more.)

Road Runner Meep! Meep!

Demaro latches on to Dusk Hunter to hold himself down.)

Coyote (thinking)..I see, so his lack of memory prevents him from continuing to take advantage of Dusk Hunter's ability to shield its master in its stomach.. Which confirms my suspicions about him being unaware of what happened..

Coyote (thinking)..It's safe to assume that he was possessed by something, perhaps it had something to do with that third eye?.. My curiousity to discover the truth is quite potent.. I'll have to manage that more throroughly, i don't want to lose control... But i will poke further..

Coyote ...Demaro, i have to mention this.. I wasn't expecting such as entertaining show from you.. My time spent observing and analyzing your condition has been, satisfying..

Coyote ..I haven't had the oppurtunity to witness another powerful Neutral at this level of skill before, but..

Coyote (thinking)...I no longer see lightning or fire in the distance, i should finish this up now..

Coyote ..I think that we've dragged this out long enough.. It was a pleasure, it really was.. But i have more important places to be.. Knowing you though, you'll refuse to flee to live to fight another day... So i suppose i will take full advantage of this..

Coyote ..I'll admit it, even when the tides are crashing against you? ..You refuse to give up, and i find that to be admirable.. Though i do believe you to be stubborn, and misguided.. I wish i could have been your teacher and not your enemy... It's quite the same, we would have made a powerful team...

(Demaro glares.)

Demaro ...

Coyote ...Do you believe that you're the only one who has obtained a Guardian Demaro?.. The difference between us is well defined though, i might add.. You've shown me your capablilities all at once, and i saved mine for when i am required to commence counter plays..

Coyote ..I will show you my Guardian, and use it to end your life in cold blood.. I will not feel for the death of you, for my curse prevents me from doing so... No measure of my facaed could ever change this reality yet, a mask you shall only see..

Coyote ..So behold, the face of a true Guardian.. And bare witness to the master who wields it!..

(Coyote pulls a seed out of his book and plants it.)

Demaro (thinking)...What is that?..

(The sky turns green. A tree with a spooky expression sprouts. Coyote smiles smugly as Demaro appears to be incredibly confused.)

Demaro ....

Page 20

Coyote ...On second thought, i don't even need to use it..

(Coyote, still smiling, pulls the seed from the trees mouth, causing it to wilt as the seed is retreated into his book. Demaro is angered.)

Demaro ...Kill him!!

(Dusk Hunter runs at Coyote. Coyote uses his strings to pull Dusk Hunter into his book. The sky turns back to blue.)

Demaro ..God damn you Coyote!! ... How dare you! That is my Guardian!..

Coyote ...Well, It's actually my Guardian now..

Demaro ....FUCK YOU!!

(Demaro and Coyote run at each other. Demaro fires off a wave of his strings while Coyote shoots several tiny orbs. The orbs collide and are seemingly overwritten by Demaro's wave, but just before the strings reach Coyote, he begins to control Demaro's strings, sending them back towards Demaro.)
(Coyote smirks.)

Demaro ..What!?... You're controlling my strings!?..

Page 21

Coyote ..The most powerful spirit strings, always take priority.. My will is mightier than yours..

Coyote ..You were the only Neutral in your group of trolls.. I was fortunate enought to have my friends, who are also Neutrals.. We've pushed each other progress, and then we discovered this ability.. This was quite a long time ago...

Coyote ..And yes, that is how i shattered your shields and released my corpses..

Coyote ..You came into this battle unprepared, and now you have to pay the ultimate price due to this...

(Coyote's strings come up from the ground and bloodily stick themselves into Demaro, holding him mid-air.)

Demaro ....Get the fuck away from me!!...

(Coyote moves towards Demaro and nearly triggers a trap Demaro had placed. Demaro smiles, but Coyote kneels over and pulls the trap out of the ground.)

Coyote ...Hmm.. It would be a shame if i were to step on one of these traps, wouldn't it? I've made a mental note of the locations of your traps.. Not that you could kill me with them anyway...

Coyote ...I could have defeated you from the very beginning..

Demaro ...

Coyote ..Is reality sinking in now? Nothing that you could ever be capable of, will ever succeed against me... It's over!

Page 22

Narrorator ...Wait! What!?.. Page 22? What is this nonsense?.... Lazerbot usually only creates 21 pages per chapter... That is the set rule that he's made, and for some reason he's decided to break it!?.. He didn't even tell me about it, that dick...

Narrorator ..Well, i do get this one though.. It's kind of stupid now that i think about it... Only having 21 pages per chapter is extremely limiting, and i can't understand why he started doing it in the first place..

Narrorator ... Wait, if there are more pages, does this mean that i can get more narration moments!?.. Maybe he will actually start to pay me... Hear me Lazerbot!? Pay me!.. Oh shit, with money i could go to parties and chill with some people.. Still working on finding some people though, i don't have that yet but i will look into it..

Narrorator ...Ima be working my balls off for Tails Gets Trolled Polished.. I don't know man, i don't know... It's like my skills are being noticed or something...

Page 23

(Coyote begins to toy with Demaro. He creates a new arm for Demaro and forces him to do a silly pose.

Coyote ...Oh yeah! I'm so HOT!!..

Coyote ..You weren't aware of how a Neutral can control the living? You really didn't practice much did you?...

(Coyote forces Demaro to do a silly run before spinning him in place.)

Demaro ...STOP!!...

(Coyote smiles.)

Coyote ..Hm? But why exactly? I'm entertaining myself.. This is what you wanted right?.. Hahaha.. It's not like you can stop me!..

Coyote (thinking)..Before i leave, i want to see if he gains another burst of power from that eye..

Coyote ...You know what Demaro? I think i might just keep you.. Yeah, I'll just play with you like a child plays with their toys! Every single day for the rest of your existence... Do you want to be my play thing?..

Coyote ...Wait, why am i even asking? It's not like you have a choice!..

(Demaro strikes a gangster pose.)

Coyote ..Yo mang!.. How's it hangin?..

(Demaro does the splits.)

Coyote ...Ouch! That's got to hurt!..

(Demaro is tossed aside as his eyes begin to glow white once more.)

Coyote (thinking) it comes...

(A massive pulse wave appears, sucking Coyote into Demaro's third eye.)

Coyote ....I'm being pulled!... I have to grab my book!..

(Coyote uses his strings to get his book as he is being pulled into Demaro's third eye.)