Chapter 20: The Storm part 2/Script

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  • Character count: ~26300
  • No spaces: 21500
  • Character with most lines of text: Tails (74)
  • Character(s) with least lines of text: Doug, Jessy, Ronald, Rouge, Skeeter (1)

Page 1

TailsCalm the fuck down, i had a long day...

Hello KittyI guess you're right.. I've just been really stressed out lately. The Defenders being up my ass about everything... Just wanted a ncie relaxing evening, but i guess i ruined that huh?

TailsWowww.. You're exhausting woman.

Hello KittyYou're very frustrating Tails..

TailsYeah likewise.

Hello KittyWhatever, anyway. I'm sorry ok? I was just aggravated because she grab your focus when i wanted to spend time with you is all..

TailsI understand that, and i want to spend time with you too. But you are trying to rush everything and i don't have the energy to keep up anymore. Just slow down and we will be able to talk more ok?

Hello KittyOk, but talking isn't quite what i had in mind..

TailsWait what? What did you have in mind?

Hello KittyAhh, so that's what triggers your attention. Interesting..

Hello KittyFollow me, and i'll show you.

TailsOhh, ok. One minute, ima grab the weed.

(Tails and Hello Kitty hold hands and move towards the bedroom.)

Cheeto ManTails, my nigga. How you enjoying this mutha fuckin party?

Candy KongMhm, i bet he gon enjoy it even mo. Dumb cracka.

Cheeto ManWhy you say that?

Candy KongSeems like dim two hitting it off.

Cheeto ManAre they now?

Candy KongMhm, i see dat shit from miles away.

Page 2

Candy KongThey finna fuck.



TailsCome on now, we're just talking and enjoying the party.

Candy KongI'm sure you finna enjoy it more here in a few baby.


Cheeto ManShh.

Cheeto ManSo homie, where you two headin?

TailsUhh, not sure actually.

Hello KittyWe are going to the master bedroom.

(Ronald's face can be very faintly seen in the background.)

TailsI guess we're going to the master bedroom then.

Cheeto ManMy master bedroom?

Hello KittyYes, your master BED, room.

Cheeto ManWell then, have fun. Part is almost over Kitty.

Hello KittyOh i am going to enjoy it very much.

Cheeto Mani'm sure you gonna enjoy what comes after even more.

Hello KittyYeah, i'm sure. Kitty.

TailsOk.. I'm lost again.

Hello KittyDon't worry about it Tails, it's an inside joke hahaha..

Cheeto ManWhat's the joke hm?

Hello KittyYou know what.

Page 3

Cheeto ManOk, ok. We'll see.

Hello KittyI sure couldn't.


Hello KittyBye.

(Cheeto Man, irritated, grabs Tonya and pushes her under the tub to give himself a blowjob.)

TailsOk what was that all about?

Hello KittyHa.. We joke around all the time, it's like a work related thing. Helps pass the time.

Tailssounds neat, you guys got to count me in the joke one of these days.

Hello KittyI guess we will find out..


Hello KittyLike, we will see? Hahaha..

TailsUhh, yeah don't quite get it but ok.

Hello KittyNevermind it, it's not important. Just joking. Why don't you lay down? Light another blunt and share it with me.

NarroratorMean while back to spyro

JessyThat, was, amazing...


SpyroThat's nice bitch, i'ma grab a beer.

Page 4

DougWhat did we just do?

SkeeterYou mean what did i just do?

NarroratorBack to Skat.

SkatOh man, Sehr gut Parei. Gehen wir bumsen pferd

(Rough translation from Google: Very good party. Let's go fuck horse)

FluttershyERR!! Sounds good to me haaaa... Derrrr...

NarroratorBack to knuckles

KnucklesI hope it was enough i really do.

AmyI guess we will find out..

KnucklesIf we knew he was here then we wouldn't have the need to improvise so much.

AmyBut he is, and this might not be enough to stop it. So please promise me you will look after Tails after i leave ok?

KnucklesI don't know if i can this time.

AmyKnuckles, protect him. Please?

KnucklesI will try..

AmyThank you.. Thank you so much.

KnucklesI wish Sonic was here..

AmyWe all miss him.. I miss him, but it's best if he didn't find out about what we're about to do anyway..

Knuckles...Amy, there's something i need to tell you before we do this.

AmyI think i already know what you're about to tell me. You don't have to..

KnucklesYes, i feel like i have to.. Well, its just all this time i thought Sonic was taking something for granted all this time.

KnucklesAnd deep inside i kinda hated him because of it. Because he had something beautiful, something i never could find. And he didn't understand what he had.


(Knuckles begins to get emotional.)

KnucklesI know it's fucked up and i tried and tried to fight it but i can't anymore, not now. I need you to know this ok?

Page 5

AmyKnuckles.. You're making this more difficult for yourself. You're just going to end up hurting yourself..

KnucklesI fucking know god damn it i know... But i can't this is the only time in my life where i don't know what to do anymore... I feel like i'm falling apart. Nothing is restraining me anymore, and i have to make you know how i feel about you. Since the first day we met i seen a world in you that i have been looking for.. For so so long..

AmyDon't do this.. You're just going to suffer for it. It's better you feel nothing for me. It's better for you to fins someone else, do you understand? This will only bring you hell.

KnucklesI've already been in hell because of you, i've felt this way for uears Amy. Remember when Sonic would leave and we would go fishing together? We laughed all day about the most stupid shit.. you and Sonic couldn't talk..

AmyYou're not getting it, i'm a piece of trash.. What you see is your own imagination, i'm a whore. You're nothing to me.. Now, stop wasting your time and stop wasting mine.

KnucklesI never seen you as one, i seen you as the innocent women you once were before all of that shit happened, i see the real you. The one you don't let Sonic see.. Why do you have to push me away? We can find another way to do this.. Why does it have to be like this?? TELL ME!

AmyYou just don't understand Knuckles, it's over. I don't want to hear what you want. It will never be that way, why can't you see that? I am cursed to cause pain, destruction. Sonic isn't hte one you should hate.. I did that to him, he couldn't stand me because of it. That innocent me you see isn't there. That me has been dead for a long time. You love someone who will never love you. Now, save yourself further trouble and stop, before you make this worse on you. There is no happy ending for us.

KnucklesYou drive me fucking crazy Amy, you feed me this image that we will be something more before ripping it from my chest.. I was never good enough for you, but Sonic spent his whole like trying to put you back together. All he wanted was you to be happy, and you and Shadow pushed him to change who he was.. You killed hiim, not the trolls. But that won't happen to me, i would stand by your side until you finally feel some kind of happiness again. I promise you i can..

AmyWhat you see in me, is what you want to see. I never made you see anything, and Sonic would have been better off without me.. You seem ot misunderstand, happiness is beautiful.. But not with me, it's not beautiful with me. You will never make me happy, you can't change this Knuckles.

Amy (thinking)Please stop Knuckles.. I can't ruin your life like i did to Sonic. Please stop.

KnucklesYou always thought you were a good liar.. But if this is the only way, then i guess i can't change your mind. Fine.. Let's just do this and get it over with...

Amy (thinking)I'm so sorry Knuckles.. It's just better this way.

KnucklesYou're probably thinking it's better this way huh? Yeah, i know you perfectly fine Amy. Let's do this..

(Knuckles kisses Amy and the two lie down on the bed to have sex. As they are having sex, Amy, emotionless, sees Sonic in place of Knuckles.)

Page 6

Hello KittyTails, what do you think about change?

TailsChange? Too much has changed, way too much..

Hello KittyWhat did you have before this? I want to know.

TailsWhat do you mean?

Hello KittyLike, waht was your life before bad things started happening?

TailsOh, well... It's hard to think about. I guess i had a really good life.

Hello KittyCan you give me an image? I would love to know.

Tails..Ok, i don't really remember much of when i was little. First thing i remember is me being in a cage. This cage was small and i was scared, alone. One day my best friend Sonic found me and brought me home.

TailsAnd i met Amy, the girl in the other room. I don't know what a mother is but how Amy treated me i would imagine it being how a mother would have. I always felt safe when i'm around Sonic and Amy.

Hello KittySo Sonic wasn't a father figure.

TailsWell no, he always gave me an older brother kind of vibe. Like, i always looked up to him and everything. He trained me in ways, taught me how to survive.. And now that i think about it..

Hello KittyWhat is it?

TailsHe always kind of gave the impression that, he was going to leave one day and never come back.. It's like he knew he would end up leaving us. Always prepared to protect us or to sacrifice anything for me and all of my friends. I don't think ill ever know anyone like him again..

Hello KittyI think he did sacrifice himself and passed who he was, down to you. And to everyone else he cared about. He gave the good he had left in him, to you..

TailsI don't know about that, i'm no hero. Definitely no Sonic..

Hello KittyBut would you be willing to do anything for the people you cared about?

TailsI'd like to think so. But i have failed when i tried helping someone.. Like, when i got my ass kicked by some Emo troll.. I woudl do anything, but if i still need saving then i'm not ready to save others...

Hello KittyBut you are saving others Tails.. You are the light in this group. You're influencing all of us in ways you can't yet understand. And i know you will continue to be this perfect light of ours.

TailsWhat do you mean by light?

Hello KittyThe fire in the dark... But enough about that, tell me waht you're happiest moment in life was.

TailsI don't know.. I was pretty happy earlier, before all of the drama. Mm, happiest moment huh?

Page 7

(Ronald appears, faintly.)

TailsI guess it would be.. When me and all of my friends would hangout everyday eating chilidogs without the slightest care in the world. It's the only time i've seen Amy and Sonic smile together and have fun..

Hello KittyThat's a good moment to keep Tails. Hold onto it forever..

TailsI will, thanks for listening. But what about you? What was your life before bad shit started happening?

Hello KittyTails, i never felt happiness. My life is way too complicated to share... Don't be angry, maybe one day i will tell you but right now? Let's just chill for now k?

TailsUm ok..

Hello KittyThere's something else I want to know.

TailsWhat's that?

Hello KittyDo you like me?

TailsWh.. Whaat? Uhh, i don't know.

Hello KittyTails don't be shy, it's just me here. I won't tell anyone that you like me.

Hello KittyShhh, calm down hahaa. Just relax, i will do everything..

TailsDo what?

(Hello Kitty kisses Tails and pushes him onto the bed. She then removes her robes, revealing several scars.)

NarroratorHello Kitty mouthless makeout scene.

TailsWhere did you get all those scars?

NarroratorMeanwhile back to Arthur and Vivian.

(Arthur is seen levitating, dressed in a wizard's outfit.)

Page 8

ArthurThis vibe.. It's awful... This isn't good.

(A purple smoke rises from Arthur's cauldron.)

ArthurI sense a bond has been forged. An attachment that will only cause misfortune..

ArthurA black cloud has risen.. A curse that will bring much sorrow. It will dampen the brightest lights towards it's suffocation.

VivianWho is this light?

ArthurI'm not sure..

VivianDamn... Try harder, focus Auther. Pacman needs us now more than ever.

(Arthur begins to sweat.)

ArthurWh... What is this?? This vibe.. The essence of... Of.. I can't describe it.

VivianPast, present or future?

ArthurIt's.. The future... I've never sensed anything so, frightening in my life.. And it was only a glimpse.

Vivianis it a source of evil?

ArthurIt's raw infliction.. Sustained pure evil... Wait, i feel the light once more. It has two roads. One is emptiness and the other is selflessness..

VivianHmm, i see. Try to connect to the past. And try to hurry, the party will only stall him for so long.


ArthurHummmm..... I feel... A spark, some sort of clash. Not very powerful. Very faint, yet it seems to be one of the roots to all that has taken place.

VivianWhat does it mean?

ArthurPatience, the past isn't an easy task to clarify. I.. I feel the same light, but. A lot more innocent at this point in existence. It feels as if it was taken from it's world, and placed into a new one. A harsh environment, yet it grew rapidly due to it's new surroundings.

VivianI see, maybe Pacman will be able to untangle this riddle. I will inform him at once, it may trigger a vision.

Page 9

ArthurI need to rest now, i musn't be disturbed for quite some time. Please raise a shadow shield for this room. If he gets curious as of why? Then tell him that i'm in the process of deep meditaion and i can not be disturbed untill i've completed it.

VivianVery well, blessed be.

NarroratorLater that night..

(Tails and Hello Kitty wake up in bed together.)

Hello KittyTails, are you ok?

TailsI just had a nightmare is all..

Hello KittyWhat was it about?

TailsI need some air..

Hello KittyHere there's a back entrance behind this book shelf that leads up.

Narrorator(Moments later)

Hello KittySo what's wrong? What did you see?

TailsI don't know, it felt like someone was looking inside of me.. Then i seen this, fog. Black fog. I was trapped in it and all alone just like back in that cage before Sonic rescured me...

Hello KittyI see..


(Hello Kitty hugs Tails.)

Hello KittyHey listen, let's just relax. Try not to think about it, just hold onto me.

TailsOk. Hm, the sky is still red. I wonder what's happening?

Hello KittyIt's early in the morning, the sun should be coming up now.

NarroratorEarly in the morning.

AmyIt's almost time... I told myself i wouldn't feel anything but i can't help but to wonder what Sonic would have thought of all of this. I feel ashamed, I guess we'll see what happens..


(Knuckles tears up.)

KnucklesI.. I don't think i can go through with this, i don't think i could live with myself... There has to be another way, there has to be.. I don't want to do this...

AmyKnuckles it's too late now..

KnucklesMaybe not. We...

KnucklesKnuckles don't.. I'm not going to ruin your life too. It's okay.

Page 10

KnucklesI'm sorry.. This is all my fault, you wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for me...

AmyStop it..


(Cheeto Man begins to emerge from the shadows.)

Cheeto ManMy nigga my nigga, how did ya like da party?

Cheeto ManY'all ready?


AmyYou do know you're going to burn in hell right?

Cheeto ManDon't worry honey, i'll get dat attitude out before long. Tonya, get dis bitch cleaned up so she ready for da playhouse.

(Tonya walks over to guide Amy over to Cheeto Man's side.)

TonyaYes Daddy..

(Amy angrily walks over, but Knuckles refuses to let go of her hand.)

AmyIt can't be.....

(Flashback to Chapter 19: THE Storm part 1, Page 5 as Sonic holds onto Amy's hand.)

KnucklesNo.. NO!! No no no NOO!!

AmyKnuckles let go..


(Cheeto Man looks unamused, with his eyes visible from behind his sunglasses.)

Cheeto ManWe gotta problem here nigga?

(Knuckles lets go.)

Cheeto ManYeah nigga yeah, that's what i thought.

KnucklesDo you feel it yet?

Cheeto ManWhat do i feel?

KnucklesDo you feel how much i want you dead? I picture a blood bath.. Ripping each other to pieces. Oh i feel it, but i didn't imagine it would get to this point. YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS!!

Cheeto ManWho da fuck gonna stop me? YOU!? TRY IT NIGGA!!

(Knuckles gets into a fighting stance.)

KnucklesDoes it bother you that you will never have her heart?

Page 11

Cheeto Man............

(Knuckles grins, smugly.)

KnucklesOh yeah by the way, i lied. Me and the other chicks i borught over weren't STD-Free. We all have the clap and now so do you.

(Cheeto Man, eyes bloodshot, is enraged.)

KnucklesWell.. You kind of deserved it.

(Composing himself, Cheeto Man runs at a speed so high he vanishes.)

KnucklesWha.. What? He's fast, he just vanished.

(Cheeto Man suddenly appears behind Knuckles and chokes him.)

Cheeto ManYou don't think i heard you last night huh? You think dis shit funny?? Da fuck you think you gonna do to me? Only diggin your mutha fuckin grave.

Cheeto ManI'm gonna kill you, i'm gonna kill you mutha fucka.. I'm gonna choke the life out your bitch ass, you fucked up now. Ohh nigga you fucked UP!!

Cheeto ManSo ima tell you what ima do to your bitch, ima fuck her until she bleeds nigga. Ima make her wish she never knew a bitch nigga like you, and after dat? Ima have my boys fuck your friend too.

(Knuckles' fist begins to loosen as he loses strength.)

Page 12

Cheeto ManSO PRAY NIGGA!! PRAY TO YOUR FUCKIN HAMSTER GOD!!! Cuz dis is when you turn to ashe. Be so fuckin happy, i didn't keep you alive to be my man whore. And when i kill you, I WILL DRINK THE BLOOD!! HAAHAHAA!! WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!

(Knuckles begins to lose consciousness. He tries to reach for Cheeto Man's arm but loses the strength to do so as he very nearly passes out.)


(Cheeto Man is very briefly distracted.)

Cheeto Man....

Knuckles (thinking)Tails..

(Knuckles awakens himself. He punches his fists together, creating a shockwave which pushes Cheeto Man back. Knuckles then swings at Cheeto Man, knocking his glasses off and sending him flying across the room. Cheeto Man recovers his footing and prepares to fight.)

Knuckles (thinking)Holy shit he's strong, he almost killed me right there... It took everything i had to get him off of me. I don't think i can take him but it doesn't matter what i think anymore, he needs to go down..

(Knuckles gasps for air and reaches for his neck.)

TailsGuys! What are you doing?

Page 13

(Knuckles and Cheeto Man glance at Tails.)

TailsWe're all friends here.. Why are you fighting?

KnucklesYou're right, it was just a misunderstanding. let me cool off and then we will work out our differences.. Let's go get some air Tails.

TailsOk, i'll be back Cheeto Man. Let's try to work it out man.

Cheeto ManAlright nigga.

NarroratorIn the other room.

SpyroWhat the fuck was all that noise? Oh shit, oh shit!

(Spyro jumps down from the pool table and steps on Skat's head.)


SkatOWWWW!! Come on dude, i'm trying to fuck my horse you dickhead..


SpyroShit is going down son.

(Knuckles rushes to lead Tails out of the base.)

TailsWhat's going on? What was that fight about? Why are you in such a rush?

KnucklesShut up and follow me! We can't speak here, they're listening.

KnucklesKeep your mouth shut.

TailsWho's listening?

Page 14

TailsWhere are we going?..


(Knuckles leads Tails outside of Cheeto Man's area, into Cocoa Jungle. Watching from atop a tree, Ronald grins as he spies on the two.)

TailsWould everyone stop ignoring me and answer my fucking questions for once..

KnucklesWe need to get the fuck out of here.. Do you not understand that!? Do you have any idea of what the fuck is going on? Are you completely blind??...

TailsWait slow down, explain to me what just happened..

KnucklesWow... Did they really fool you this much? Brain washed you to believe they were this group of Heros? How did they find you exactly Tails? Huh??

TailsUhh, i was...

(Flashback to chapter 5: tails kid napped, Page 11 where Tails is shown being kidnapped.)

Tails (flashback)huh?

Tails (flashback)i guess it was nothing

Tails (flashback)im not a troll im telling the truth

KnucklesWhat? Were you taken against your will maybe? Are you still not understanding it?.. Does any of The Defenders look happy to you? Do they look like they want to be there? Are you still not seeing it? Hasn't anyone told you to pay closer attention or to open your eyes?

(Various flashbacks occur, showing text from Chapter 18: The eye of the storm, Page 13, chapter 10: silver's plan and tails training, Page 11, Chapter 15: The Guardians part 1, Page 16, and Chapter 16: The Guardians part 2, Page 11.)

Hello Kitty (flashback)You need to pay attention to the things around you..

Kermit (flashback)[...] you see with more focus and more concentration and patience, you can notice more than you normally would [...] so when you focus on every detail you see more

Ronald (flashback)[...] its obvious if you look closer, as an illusionist you have to pay attention to everything.

Cheeto Man (flashback)[...] start paying attention, start focusing on the things around you [...] start to focus on the deeper meanings of everything man, things go so much more beyond an upfront or the simple, on a mentally related subject man

Page 15

TailsWait.. What are you trying to say here exactly?

KnucklesLook around you. Whyy would you think there would be a good guy group, with people like Trix Rabbit in it? Like Ronald? Did you really not once question what the fuck was going on?? Why do you think you keep noticing things that confuse you? Things that make no sense to you? Is it suspicious for a good guy group to keep Ronald around?

(Tails appears skeptical.)

Knuckles (thinking)Fucking damn it! Tails' obliviousness is starting to piss me off... He's more brainwashed that i thought. If he still doesn't understand? This isn't good, this is so far from good... SHIT!!

KnucklesHow do i put this Tails? Where do i begin? They got you so twisted up.. First of all, Cheeto Man isn't my drug dealer, i sell his drugs man.. He makes me sell his weed, his coke, his meth, his pills.. Everything he can get ahold of. I have to sell it for him, do you know why? Because he owns me.

TailsWhat?.. He owns you? That doesn't make any sense...

KnucklesTails... Does it seems strange that everyone in the group has to go to Pacman besides Cheeto Man? Have you noticed that he has never once acted like he followed any of Pacmans orders directly, he just said he did right? Open your eyes.. Cheeto Man owns The Defenders. He owns every single person.. Hello Kitty, Spyro, Pacman.. He is the leader of The Defenders...

TailsWha.. What?

(As Knuckles narrates, an image of all of the Defenders appears, with all members looking worried / defeated, with the exception of Cheeto Man, Trix Rabbit, and Pori.)

KnucklesHe controls them all with intimidation. He tames them with threatening the lives of their friends and family.. He has Pacmans wife and kids, Spyros son. he has Arthurs little sister and Batmans sidekick Robin. He has Miss Piggy, the list continues.. They all have to do everything he wants to keep their loved ones alive.. God, Tails he has them all under his thumb..

KnucklesDo you want to know what else he does? He's a pimp. Do you know what a pimp is? He sells women on the streets for sex.

KnucklesYou want to know why trix rabbit is there? He sells kids for sex.

(Trix Rabbit appears in a flashback, selling a child to Casey from Micah Rat.)

KnucklesHe sells to thsoe who pay the right price, to get a night with whoever they want. Why do you thik he asked me to bring girls over? STD-free girls. He owns one of the only STD-free prostitution businesses in the world. It's also why he has so much supplies, it's why he can afford to obtain and sell so much weed and other drugs.. Do you see Amy with me right now?


(Flashback to Amy and Knuckles in the hottub.)

AmyWhat the fuck is Tails doing here??

KnucklesI don't fucking know.. He must have Snatched him to keep me in line, for reassurance maybe? I can't believe this! I sent him to the water park to prevent this shit from happening...

AmyBut if he wanted to leave an impression, he could have tied Tails up or something. It looks like he is trying to fool and twist Tails up. I mea, Tails believes them to be his friends Knuckles.. Perhaps he has mroe than one reason for keeping him here?

KnucklesWait.. That makes me think... I think Cheeto Man seen that Tails is special, because of the abnormal tweeks Eggman did to him when he was a child. I think he is training him to become his new right hand man, basically replacing Ronald.

AmyWhat does this mean?

KnucklesIt means that he is safe for now, but.. Look over there, see that cat he is with? That's Cheeto Mans wife.. If Tails fucks her then Cheeto Man will kill him...

AmyWait, i remember you telling me a little about her and shadow awhile back. Do you thikn he might be wanting Tails to kill Shadow for sleeping with his wife?

KnucklesYeah, i already thought of that possibility..


Page 16

TailsHis wife??

(Knuckles puts his hands on Tails' shoulders.)

KnucklesPlease Tails.. Please tell me you didn't fuck her... He will be after you until the day you die.

TailsYes, i had sex with her.

(Knuckles puts his hands on his head in frustration.)

KnucklesFuck!! No.. I thought all the comments made about me and Shadow fucking her or Amy kissing you would be enough, but God damn it! Hello Kitty is determined to fuck everything that walks.. Do you know what this means? We have to get out of here now, you messed everything up..

TailsNo this can't be happening.. This isn't happening... I don't believe you, Cheeto Man is my friend. Hello Kitty, she's? I can't....

KnucklesWake up, they lied to you.. They were acting think about it. Hello Kitty was nice to you but then a bitch to Amy?

KnucklesAre you listening to me?

(The sky changes from red to green for a brief moment.)

TailsThe sky is changing..

KnucklesForget about the fucking sky!! We have more important shit to worry about than the color of the God damned sky.. Are you listening to me? Do you not get it??

TailsThis can't be...

TailsIf this is true then why the fuck didn't you say anything sooner huhh?

KnucklesTails you have to understand. The last time i seen you, you were an innocent child. I couldn't risk you going to Cheeto man about it because if he would sensed any suspicion? He would have killed you..

TailsSuspension to what? What was the point of you coming here? I mean, to believe you would trade in Amy to save your own ass.. It doesn't make sense... I don't believe you, i don't believe any of this.

(The sky changes back to red.)

KnucklesShe wanted this.. You don't know how stubborn she is. Wheni told her about this, i begged her to run, to leave.. But she refused. She said that she couldn't go through being on her own again, and there was no way she would allow herself to be his whore. So we came up with a plan that night, to give everyone at the party an STD. So i called in a bunch of dirty sluts and gave Cheeto Man the clap.

KnucklesSee, Cheeto Man don't allow unclean prostitutes in so he kills them instead. Awhile back, i got the clap from Rouge, i gave it to the other girls so they could share it with Cheeto Man. He then gave it to his main hoe. Spyro unfortunately got it too. I had to give it to Amy, to prevent her from becoming a whore so she could die instead of running away to live all alone with her severe depression. It was basically suicide by murder..

(The sky changes to blue.)

KnucklesAnd you've heard her story.. You know damn well that she couldn't handle being his hoe because of Eggman. This was the only way to make Cheeto Man suffer.. To attempt to ruin his prostitution business. If there were another way, i would have taken it Tails...

TailsI... I can't....

Page 17

KnucklesTails.. I didn't want to do this the hard way. I didn't want you to see it, but they have you twisted up so bad.. This is the only way. They don't know that i found where they dump their bodies. Come on, i'll show you the Real Cheeto Man..

(Knuckles leads Tails around a tree, into a new area.)

KnucklesHmm.. Keep your eyes peeled, we don't want to run into them if they're still dumping the bodies.. I hope we don't.

TailsKnuckles! Where are you taking me? Kncukles!?.. Are you listneing to me? Knuckles??


TailsKnuckles, you're freaking me out.. Stop!

(Tails attempts to get Knuckles to let go of him.)
(Knuckles has a flashback to a time where he and Amy were laughing together, and to the moment where they had sex.)
(Knuckles and Tails approach an exposed pipeline with some bodies barely visible. As they get closer, the bodies of the girls attending the party, as well as those of a random Toad, Tyler from Micah Rat, a random human, and Birdo appear. All the bodies are covered in maggots and are mangled beyond belief.)
(Close-ups on the bodies of the girls attending the party. Rouge's neck is elongated and torn, Patty's head is crushed in with her limbs twisted, Candy Kong is bleeding out the mouth and eyes, Jessy's eyes have been gouged out, and Amy's neck is slashed, with her eyes, still connected, hanging from their eye sockets.)
(Tails expresses a face of utter shock.)

Page 18

(Tails begins to tear up and Knuckles solemnly stands next to him, also tearing up.)

KnucklesThis is Cheeto man... Look at it Tails. Take it all in and tell me that you don't believe it now..

TailsAhh.. I can't breathe.... I.. Can't breathe..... Oh.. My God..

(Tails falls to his knees, clutching his chest.)

KnucklesI'm sorry you had to see it like this..

(Ronald grins.)

RonaldPoor little Tails, heehehehe..

(Tails throws up.)

KnucklesTails, i'm sorry but we have to go.

(Knuckles grabs Tails arm and flees the area.)

KnucklesI need you to stay here.. If you see anyone, run and hide. The only person that i know can help us now is Shadow. We need his help, he's the only one left. All of our friends besides Vector was killed by the trolls.. They died along side Sonic.. I know we aren't fans of Shadows ways, buthe is the best at avoiding death. He has had the trolls and Cheeto Man after him for a long time, and he's lucky he hasn't gotten killed by now. He's our best shot so stay here and be hidden, i'll be back soon.

(Knuckles glances at Tails.)

KnucklesTails, i mean it man.. If they see you they will kill you. You shouldn't have slept with his wife, you fucked up.


(Spyro descends from the sky, tearful.)


Spyro...Don't look at me like that bro, you know what you did.. I gotta bring you in now, i'm sorry...

Page 19

TailsI didn't know...

SpyroLook man.. We've had some good times right? You're a badass little fucker but there's no room for you in Cheeto Man's world..

SpyroCome on don't look at me like that... This isn't easy. You're like the only real friend i have here..

TailsThen let me go..

SpyroYou don't understand.. If Cheeto Man finds out that i let you go? Then he will kill my son... And, if i come back empty handed, he will chain me up and starve me so i'll remember not to disappoint him.. I can't disobey, he's too powerful.

TailsLet me go, and i will find your son.. I will save them...

SpyroHow?.. You don't even know where he's hiding the.. You don't even have the Soul Bind, you haven't finished your training yet. You're out of your league man. Trust me, Cheeto man is one of the only people who can fight and beat Troll King..

TailsI will find a way to complete the Soul Bind. I will finish my training alone if i have to.. But he must be stopped, he must pay for everything he's doing..

SpyroYou don't understand his capabilities.. Did anyone tell you about The Words of Death? Why Troll King had to obtain those deadly words? Cheeto Man was too fast for Troll King and defeated him. He beat the person who killed Sonic effortlessly..


SpyroIf you only knew how ruthless Cheeto Man is, it's not something you can stop..

TailsI will stop him, i will at any cost.. Just give me some time to train, please that's all i ask.

Spyro..He, he will be angry if i come back empty handed.. But, i will do it because you're my friend. But if i find you again? Then you will be my enemy, just know that. you have one chance so don't waste it by crying.

(The sky begins to become white.)

TailsThank you..

NarroratorBack at The Defenders base.

Cheeto ManDat bitch nigga Knuckles, takin advantage of my restraint for Tails, so he can escape.. I invested too much time and work into Tails just to kill him without knowing for sure.. fucking with my bitch huh? After everything i did for dat nigga?

Cheeto ManHmm..

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Cheeto ManYou fuck him?

Hello KittyI'm sure you will assume whatever you want either way so get on with it..

Cheeto ManDid you fuck him bitch?

Hello KittyFuck you.

(Hello Kitty gives Cheeto Man the finger.)

Cheeto ManYou is testin my patience girl. You see dat ring on your mutha fuckin finga huh? No? Where the fuck da ring at??

Hello KittyYou can't tie me down..

Cheeto ManDa fuck i can't, You is acting like you have a choice bitch.

Cheeto ManDid you fuck em?

Hello KittyEm? Implying more than one? I guess you're talking about Shadow huh? Ha, yeah i fucked them. They were so good. I thought you were suppose to be impressive, the only thing you're fast at is cumming, you asshole.

Cheeto ManBitch!

(Cheeto Man begins to choke Hello Kitty, lifting her.)

Cheeto ManOh, you is gonna regret what you did. Piece of trash, who want your dirty ass? I'll find me a new girl, you see me caring bitch? Hm? Hard to breathe?

Cheeto ManYou is a waste of effort bitch, you wastin my mutha fuckin time?

Cheeto ManYou can't breathe huh? You want air, huh? Just like i want you but nah, fuck nahh i don't get that shit do i? So why do you get air?? HUH BITCH!?..

Hello KittyStt.t.....Stoppp.....

Cheeto ManWhat was dat? STOP!? You think after what you did to me, you think ima stop?

Page 21

Hello Kitty....Ah...

Hello KittyI'M PREGNANT!!!...

Cheeto ManThis for real?

Hello KittyYe... Yessss!!..

Cheeto ManPhh..

(Cheeto Man drops Hello Kitty and slaps her.)

Cheeto ManDat baby better be mine, if it's not bitch i'll kill you. Better know dat shit right there.

Cheeto ManIma get you a piss stick. You finna piss on it and if you ain't pregnant? Then you dead too.

Hello Kitty......

Hello Kitty (thinking)Oh god I hope i'm really pregnant..

NarroratorMeanwhile... Back to the present. The Conclusion.

(Coyote, smiling, stares down Demaro.)