Aubrey Cat

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Aubrey Cat

Biographical info
One-off names Just a dog
Physical description
Species Cat(?) / Dog(?)
Gender Male
Skin color Black
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 21, Page 14
Last appearance Chapter 23, Page 12
Dead (decimated by Demaro)
In real life
Actual name Aubrey Cat
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 17, Page 14 (2017)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
Woah.. Why is u so faq-n mahd brrrrrew?
Aubrey Cat, Chapter 21, Page 17

Aubrey Cat is a minor character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Aubrey Cat has black fur and a yellow collar. He appears to be bipedal for an animal and has a notably large nose. He also appears to wear white gloves and has human-like hands.


Aubrey grinning to himself.

Aubrey Cat first appears as one of the trolls appearing as backup during Chapter 21: The conclusion Part 1. He and his compatriots troll Demaro as he is injured and watches as he kneels, ready to accept death. Moments after Demaro is saved by Miladox, Aubrey Cat continues to troll Demaro but is quickly torn to shreds by Demaro's new found power.

Aubrey Cat's soul reappears during Coyote's battle with Miladox within its realm. After Coyote crushes Miladox, Aubrey briefly reappears and comments on a penis being sucked into the realm, giggling with the soul of the cannon troll.


Aubrey Cat, as with most trolls, enjoys trolling and reveling the chaos. Notably, even after Demaro is empowered, Aubrey does not appear astonished like his fellow trolls, only appearing to be afraid moments before he is killed.


Other than trolling, it is unknown if Aubrey Cat has any powers of note.


  • Aubrey Cat first appeared in an extra artwork drawn by Lazerbot.
  • Despite having the word "cat" in his name, Aubrey describes himself as a dog in the extra artwork.
  • Aubrey Cat was officially named after the Tails Gets Trolled Patreon's longest supporter, Aubrey, who had requested the name and was allowed by Embergram due to his continued support over the years.[1] (Incidentally, Aubrey is also named during Chapters 21 and 23, as "sugar Daddy Avbrey Cæsar" in the former and "the all knowing Aubrey" in the latter). Beforehand, the name "Just a dog" was used in place as it is a literal interpretation of his text in Lazerbot's extra artwork.