Master Roshi

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Master Roshi

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Hair color White
Eye color Black
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 22, Page 0.2
Last appearance Chapter 22, Page 0.2
In real life
Actual name Master Roshi
First appearance Gokū – Running to the Sea (Dragon Ball #3) (1984)
It was not a quintessence us meeting today.
Master Roshi, Chapter 22, Page 0.2

Master Roshi is a cameo character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Master Roshi appears during Chapter 22's opening pages, as the figure Goku meets with in secret.

Real Life Origins

Master Roshi is a character appearing in the Dragon Ball franchise.


Master Roshi's eyes appear to be stylized after Pacman's having the shape of his rather than his usual ones.