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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Bio-Android
Gender Male
Skin color White (green, yellow, purple accents)
Eye color Brown
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 22, Page 0.2
Last appearance Chapter 22, Page 0.2
Alive (Cell)
Dead (Cell Jr.) (killed by Dark Sonic)
In real life
Actual name Cell

Cell is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled as part of one of the Dragon Ball Z inspired parody pages. He also has a blue colored offspring referred to as Cell Jr..


Cell appears on Chapter 22, Page 0.2 watching as Dark Sonic bisects a Cell Jr. using his leg. Cell is amazed by this act and is shown expressing wonder at how Sonic was able to perform such a maneuver.


Cell is shown to be somewhat caring for others as he expressed concern for Sonic's well being after killing Cell Jr. Notably, he is more shocked by the logistics of Sonic's kick over the brutal death of his own offspring.

Real Life Origins

Cell is a major antagonist appearing in the Dragon Ball franchise.