Future Trunks

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Not to be confused with Sonic who briefly takes the place of Future Trunks in the opening of Chapter 22.
Future Trunks

Biographical info
Relatives Vegeta (father)
Physical description
Species Human
Skin color Light
Hair color Light purple
Eye color Gray
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 25, Page 0.1
Last appearance Chapter 25, Page 0.1
In real life
Actual name Future Trunks
First appearance The Young Boy of Mystery (Dragon Ball #331) (1991)
Franchise Dragon Ball

Future Trunks is a character appearing in one of the non-canon Dragon Ball Z fillers.


Future Trunks appears on the first filler page of Chapter 25: Wicked Influence. After Vegeta destroys a village resembling the one Shadow had destroyed in Chapter 11: wild tempers, Trunks appears out of the blue to inform his father that the village was populated by Floridians.


Future Trunks is shown to have some empathy for the gators of Florida as he is concerned for their survival after Vegeta exterminates a village of humans.

Real Life Origins

Trunks is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled as the son of Vegeta and Bulma. A version of him, noted as Future Trunks, hails from a timeline in which Androids had dominated many of the world's forces, and travels to the past to warn Goku and friends of the impending danger.