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Biographical info
Relatives Trunks (son)
Physical description
Species Human
Skin color Light
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Personal information
Dislikes Floridians, alligatoes
First appearance Chapter 25, Page 0.1
Last appearance Chapter 25, Page 0.1
In real life
Actual name Vegeta
First appearance Dragon Ball chapter #204 Sayonara, Son Goku (Dragon Ball #204) (1991)
Franchise Dragon Ball

Vegeta is a minor character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Vegeta first appears during Chapter 25: Wicked Influence's opening Dragon Ball sequence, seething over a town of Floridians. He then rises up into the air and uses his Gallick Gum power to annihilate the town. Future Trunks appears, warning him that the local gators will starve due to his actions, but Vegeta notes that what he did was all part of his plan to eliminate the gators.


Vegeta appears to be immensely prejudiced against Flordians and alligators for some unknown reason. He justifies his massacre of the town by noting that their driving abilities would have caused them to die eventually, and


Vegeta has the power to use the Gallick Gum, a devastating pink laser that can destroy villages. While using this skill his head takes on the appearance of a monkey with red eyes, resembling his Great Ape form.

Real Life Origins

Vegeta is a character appearing in the Dragon Ball franchise.


Vegeta's arms in Tails Gets Trolled appear to be deformed as they are overly muscular and nearly the same length as his body.