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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Alien
Gender Male
Skin color Yellow
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 22, Page 0.1
Last appearance Chapter 22, Page 0.1
In real life
Actual name Babidi
Franchise Dragon Ball Z
It's unbelievable how much we need to get laid.. Oh yeah, he really likes his fucking candy... Just so you know, you're going to die.
Babidi, Chapter 22, Page 0.1

Babidi is a character appearing in one of the Tails Gets Trolled Dragon Ball Z pages.


Babidi first appears alongside Buu expressing a strong desire to have sex. He then warns the DBZ universe Tails that of his imminent death before Buu fires his beam turning him into candy.

Real Life Origins

Babidi is an antagonist appearing in the Dragon Ball Z series.