Chapter 22: The conclusion Part 2

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Chapter 22:
The conclusion Part 2
Release dates
Cover date November 16, 2015
Page date March 6, 2017 -
August 19, 2017
Link Chapter 22
Script Script
Character debuts Majin Buu, Babidi, Cell Jr., Cell, Goku, Master Roshi, Turtle, Frieza, King Cold, Ginger Bread, Blue Bitch, Patreoll, Grapeface, (You), Jill, ToopToop, Staph, Narrow, Kit, Red, Blue (Troll Fortress Guard)‎, Green, Nigga Troll, Autofellatio Man, Sonichu, Lazerbot (character), Shrek, Mightis
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Chapter 22: The conclusion Part 2 is the twenty-second chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. It continues Coyote and Demaro's raging battle.


The chapter begins with Demaro, inside of Dusk Hunter, rampaging through a field of trolls. One troll offers to suck Demaro's dick in exchange for his life, but Demaro kills him. Demaro finishes off the rest of the trolls, then turns to attack Coyote, breaking through his shield and grazing him after conjuring a mysterious arm. Coyote uses his strings to seal the wound, then comments that he'll start taking the fight seriously because "the polls on deviantart really want me to win.". Demaro murders a few more trolls and Coyote summons Roadrunner.

Meanwhile, the Neighborhood Watch tries to get into Troll Fortress to protect it, but they are stopped by a group of trolls saying that they don't have the proper credentials. The Neighborhood Watch leaves, at the behest of Toop Toop, and Kit leaves the Watch.

Coyote is sucked into Demaro's eye.

A troll and Demaro briefly duel, and the troll is killed by a kick to the face from Demaro. Grapeface and another troll watch the fight, and Grapeface is disgusted when the other troll tries to suck his own dick. They get into a brief argument, and the troll's dick is cut off by Demaro. He has a brief moment of clarity, leading Grapeface to realize that his life's goal is to create a dick plant utopia. Grapeface resolves to stop Demaro, summoning Sonichu from a Pokeball. Sonichu dodges an attack from Demaro and throws shit in his face. Grapeface tells Sonichu to kill Demaro, but Sonichu trolls him and runs away, leaving him to die. Grapeface damns the world and Lazerbot for taking away his "dickplant utopia", and is killed by Demaro.

Demaro suddenly powers down, unable to remember what he did when he was powered up. He believes that his arm healing was the doing of Satan, and creates a prosthetic arm out of his string to try to kill Coyote with. However, Coyote appears behind him and destroys the arm, telling Demaro that nothing has changed. Coyote pulls out his own guardian, but decides that he does not need it and puts it back into his book. Demaro tries to rush him with Dusk Hunter, but Coyote captures it, turning it into his guardian. Demaro attempts an attack with string, but Coyote takes control over the strings, revealing that the strings of the stronger Neutral always take priority. Coyote destroys Demaro's landmine traps and begins to control Demaro with his strings, intending to reawaken his powers. This works, and Coyote and his book are sucked into Demaro's eye.