King Cold

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King Cold

Biographical info
Relatives Frieza (son)
Physical description
Species Frieza Race
Gender Male
Skin color White
Eye color Red
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 22, Page 0.3
Last appearance Chapter 22, Page 0.3
In real life
Actual name King Cold
First appearance Goku Won't Be Coming Home (Dragon Ball #247) (1991)
Franchise Dragon Ball
King Cold, Chapter 22, Page 0.3

King Cold is a cameo character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


King Cold first appears during Chapter 22, Page 0.3 alongside his son Frieza. The two are surprised to see Sonic, who then enters his super mode. King Cold and Frieza both watch in shock as Sonic completes his transformation.

Real Life Origins

King Cold is a character appearing in the Dragon Ball series as the father of Frieza.