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Biographical info
One-off names Sharon Osbourne, Shere Khan, Kaio-shin, Tien Shinhan, Shinichiro Ohta, Shino, Shikamaru, Chafe Shape Shifter
Physical description
Species Eternal Dragon
Skin color Light brown, green
Eye color Red
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 25, Page 0.2
Last appearance Chapter 25, Page 0.3
In real life
Actual name Shenron
First appearance Bloomers and the Monkey King (Dragon Ball #1) (1984)
Franchise Dragon Ball
Holy Shit! Wakka, i thought the dragon's balls were a myth.. Wakka, wakka!!..
Pacman, upon seeing Shenron, Chapter 25, Page 0.2

Shenron is a cameo character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Shenron appears to be a mythical being that can only be summoned when the Dragon Balls have been gathered. It is not known what Shenron does while he is not summoned, but he appears to have had a traumatizing incident involving panties. During the events of Chapter 25: Wicked Influence's Dragon Ball Z filler, the Troll Slaiyers make use of the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron, who then grants them three wishes.

Hulk makes the first wish, asking to gain relevance within the comic, which is granted. Shadow then makes use of two wishes, and brings Teemo and William back to life. Moments after, however, Shadow then murders Teemo once more. While William has a tearful reunion with Pacman, Shenron allows for another wish since Teemo was killed. Shadow speaks up and then uses the wish to remove Troll King and Mario's dicks. The scene then moves over to the two in the middle of a battle, when they are interrupted by Mario removing his overalls and exposing his penis. Mario and Troll King both examine their groins and are both shocked to see that they are indeed penisless.


Shenron appears to be a belevolent god as he has no qualms with allowing the Troll Slaiyers to re do one of their wishes. He also appears to be forgetful, as he struggles to recall his own name before Shadow corrects him.

Real Life Origins

Shenron is a character appearing in the Dragon Ball franchise, as a god who grants wishes to those who gather the Dragon Balls.