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"yea theres even trolls talking about it on myspace"

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what the fuck is with this dumb retarded bitch talking about? with his homo face, and shit, i say we pop a cap in his ass and then try to lick the bullet holes with our mouths, for our sexual desires?
Rage Boner of Africa,

Chapter 10, Page 5

Sonic leaving to have sex with his girlfriend so he won't be so mad.

Sex is an action performed between two individuals, typically done for romantic purposes. Many characters in Tails Gets Trolled partake in sex over the course of the story.


Sex typically involves the insertion of one's genitals into another person's genitals or other orifice. The act of having sex can also be referred to as "fucking", "making love", "schticky to one's body", amongst other things. It is done for both recreation and reproduction purposes.

Sex is also a method of transmitting the disease referred to as the clap in Tails Gets Trolled.

Knuckles takes advantage of this to cripple Cheeto Man's empire and famed STD-free prostitution business.

Forms of sex

Sex can take on different forms and meanings. Sex without the use of protection is referred to as unprotected sex, which is described as being "awesome" by Kario. It is unknown as to what the differences are to make Kario feel this way, however. When one character is unwilling to have sex with the other, sex is referred to as rape. Consensual sex between more than two persons is referred to as a three-some (or foursome, fivesome, and so one), such as when Spyro makes love to both Jessy and Rouge. However, when multiple persons rape a single individual, it is referred to as a "gangbang", which can result in death in extreme cases as mentioned by Woodstock and Pori when describing the deaths of Snoopy and Porkchop. It is also possible for people of the same gender to have sex. Additionally, in The Adventures of Underbite Troll, Underbite Troll alludes to a sexual technique known as the 360 which is said to be a more advanced version of a similar technique known as the 96.

A person who pleasures himself by touching their genitals is masturbation (also known as "master bait", or jacking/wacking/wanking off). People who masturbate are often shamed in the world of Tails Gets Trolled, as many trolls often troll each other by implying that the other masturbates. (In particular, it is implied by Jayce in The Adventures of Underbite Troll that it is taboo for trolls to masturbate over Nickelodeon characters). Underbite Troll is utterly horrified to see that The Fantasy Starwars Crue have been stalking and wanking to images of himself. Cream is even seen in Tails Gets Trolled Polished teasing Espio, who attempts to masturbate over a raunchy fantasy he has involving Amy. The act of sex with the deceased is known as necrophilia, something that Troll Face enjoys wholeheartedly much to the disgust of others.

Known instances of sex


  • Eggman: raped Amy repeatedly for many years.

Mentioned / off-screen

  • Candy Kong, Rouge: were having lesbian sex while Knuckles called and invited them to join the party.
  • Donkey Kong: has a threesome with Knuckles and Rouge. Is claimed by Candy Kong to have had sex with Peach at some unknown point in time.
  • Jayce: his wife is mentioned to be cheating on him with the local black mailman. He himself also had dreamt over having sex with a toaster.
  • Kario: with his unnamed wife, resulting in the birth of Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi.
  • Luigi: raped by Troll Face while stunned by a Word of Death, killing him.
  • Porkchop: gangbanged by many trolls, resulting in his death.
  • Snoopy: similar to Porkchop, also gangbanged to death.
  • Tom's sister, Sylvester: Sylvester is mentioned to have fucked Tom's sister at some point in the past, something he later apologizes to Tom for while drunk.
  • Troll Face: is known to have raped countless Trolls, and notably the bodies of Sonic and Luigi.
  • Troll King: with his wife, producing Troll Face.
  • The original tournament organizer in The Adventures of Underbite Troll mentions attempting to fuck his own cat in the past.
  • Cheeto Man, Hello Kitty: lovelessly, in the past. Hello Kitty mentions that Cheeto Man may suffer from premature ejaculation.
  • Hello Kitty: is claimed by Knuckles to "fuck anything that moves". Is also known to have cheated on Cheeto Man with Shadow and others off-screen.
  • Shadow: known to have had sex with Hello Kitty and Amy (according to Polished) in the past.
  • Arthur, D.W, and Arthur's group: they are raped and killed by Troll Face's Group, with the exceptions of Arthur and D.W who are left alive.


  • Trix Rabbit is shown to be selling children to willing buyers (such as Casey) for sex.