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"Christians" redirects here. For a list of Christians see List of bit characters § Chapter 9 church members.
Christians gathered at a church.
after him, he must die!! god demands it, we must kill him for god
Father Bartholomew, chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 13

Christianity is a religion held by some characters in Tails Gets Trolled. Its followers are known as Christians, or alternatively spelled as Christains.


The precise origins of Christianity are unknown, but the religion appears to have been present for a long time. Followers of the Christian faith are known as Christians. The Christians played a role in creating The Neutrals by combining the blood of an angle and a hell hound, and used them to battle the Satanists for sentry's [centuries] until the Neutrals were extinct. Following the apparent wipeout of the Neutrals, the Christians focused their efforts onto recruiting more members of their religion, according to Kelic.

Beliefs and Practices

  • Drinking the blood of Christ
  • Killing is allowed as long as it is for God (like David did)
  • Alcohol will destroy your brain
  • Recruit other members/followers into the Christian faith
  • Smiting Neutrals and Satanists for God

Notable Figures

  • God
  • Jesus Christ / Lord Jesus Christ God Almighty (as proclaimed / spelled by E. Gadd and the Unimportant character)
  • David
  • An angle whose blood was partly used to create the Neutrals
  • Eyael