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"ok everyone! do you guys see this paper? well theres nothing on it yet but there will be"

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Grace concept.png
Biographical info
Relatives Alice and Aliyah (daughters)
Okino (husband)
Physical description
Gender Female
Skin color Light
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 26, Page 20
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 22
In real life
Actual name Aliyah
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 26, Page 20 (2022)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled

Grace is the mother of Alice and Aliyah.


Grace wears a dark blue top and a blue skirt. She also has a gold nose earring and lip piercing, and wears heavy black eyeliner.


Grace first appears in Chapter 26, Page 20 arguing with her husband, Okino. She insists on letting their daughter, Alice, return to the House of God following the events of Chapter 9. Unlike her husband, she is not opposed to letting their daughter interact with the church even following the events surrounding Porky's family, believing that not all of the church's members should be blamed for the actions of a few.