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the other neutrals


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This article is about the Neutrals organisation. If you are looking for chapter 8, see chaper 8: the neutral's
The Neutrals

Neutrals as they appear in Kelic's flashback.
Location of base Underground (Coyote's group)
Purpose To be used as tools of war by Christians and Satanists
Saving Fudd (Coyote's group)
First appearance Chapter 8, Page 17 use this power your emotions must be neutral.
Coyote, Tails Gets Trolled, Chapter 8, Page 17

The Neutrals are one of the many groups found in Tails Gets Trolled. They wield the powers of necromancy and can gain knowledge through eating the brains of the deceased.


The Neutrals were originally made to be used as tools of war by Christians and Satanists. They were created with the power to control the dead using strings. However, this power came at the cost of requiring the user to control their emotions, otherwise their lifespans would become shortened.

Eventually, as the war between the Christians and the Satanists raged on, the Neutrals soon became extinct. The two branches went their separate ways, with the Christians seeking to gain more followers and the Satanists searching for a method to create more Neutrals. The origins of the Neutrals were soon forgotten, only to be remembered by a select few.

Many years later, a church of Satanists manages to create a special fountain capable of mixing the blood of the "hell hound" and the "angle". The resulting mix would allow for new Neutrals to be created upon drinking it if they are deemed worthy by "the lord". Coyote and his friends drunkenly stumble into this ritual and end up drinking the blood and are deemed worthy, granting them all the power of the Neutrals.

After speaking with Coyote, Kelic, the leader of the ritual that had granted them their powers, is inspired to take a peaceful approach and destroys the fountain to prevent more Neutrals from being created.


The main powers of the Neutrals involve the deceased. Neutrals can control bodies by releasing spirit strings from their hands to puppeteer corpses and use them for their advantage. The corpses retain their original owner's powers, as seen when Fudd uses Luigi's fire wave or Coyote using Road Runner's extreme speed. Notably, the Neutrals can only control the bodies only if the head is kept attached to the body. The Neutrals can also eat the brains of the deceased to gain full knowledge of the person and how to use their powers. However, this can have drawbacks as the memories of the deceased can trigger unwanted memories for a Neutral. One example being Coyote, who notes that he should not eat Garry's brain while battling Miladox due to the potential emotional shock that may occur.1

According to Fudd in Chapter 14, the puppets of the Neutrals are not able to speak from their own free will. Neutrals are instead able to make their corpses say whatever they wish, something that Fudd takes advantage of so that he does not look weird talking to himself while being forced to do work by The Trolls.

The power of the Neutrals comes with one main cost -- the user must maintain emotional stability and balance their feelings of good and evil. They are not allowed to feel extreme joy, fear, anger, and other emotions otherwise they will be punished by losing a portion of their lifespan or worse, losing the power altogether.2

The exception to this is Demaro, however. Coyote notes that Demaro is a Satanist Neutral who does not have any source of "goodness" inside him (instead, he is pure evil), meaning there is no emotional struggle to keep himself balanced. This explains why Demaro can lash out at others without losing his own powers in the process.

Besides controlling the dead, Neutrals can also use their spirit strings for other purposes as well.3 Both Coyote and Demaro are shown using their strings to sling themselves around the battlefield. Both characters can also use their strings to create barriers to protect themselves. Demaro displays some advanced techniques, such as creating mine traps with his strings that trap others, or creating a sphere like barrier and crushing those trapped inside, or creating a spear like projectile to impale others with. It is even possible for a Neutral to control another Neutral's strings, something that Coyote discovers while training with his friends and puts to use against Demaro.

Spoiler info:
  1. Fudd experiences such a shock after eating Eggman's brain and gaining memories of his actions toward Amy.
  2. Tom becomes a victim of the latter, showing too much emotion over the death of Sylvester, causing his powers to be stripped away.
  3. Porky is also seen using his strings to form a noose, which is then used to hang himself.


Coyote's group

Coyote's group of characters obtained the power of the Neutrals after partaking in Kelic's ritual.

Name Notes

Is said by Kelic to be a prodigy with the potential to be the strongest Neutral to exist.

After not using his powers on the first day of receiving it, his lifespan is shortened.
Currently captured by the Trolls.

After a series of traumatic events, he commits suicide in Chapter 9.

Is shot by Troll Face in Chapter 15.

Failed to control his emotions twice following the deaths of Porky and Sylvester, shortening his lifespan in the former and losing his powers altogether in the latter.

Other Neutrals

Name Notes

Chris Chin

A Satanist deemed worthy of the Neutrals' power.
Currently captured by Coyote.


Leader of the church containing the fountain of blood. Is killed by Demaro at the end of Chapter 9.
His corpse was in possession of Demaro, and later Coyote.

A witch residing in Hollow's End. Has purple strings.

First seen overlooking the destroyed fountain. Has purple strings.

A hooded, mask wearing Neutral accompanying Sinu. Has green strings.