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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Hair color Dark red (eyebrows)
Eye color Green
Personal information
Affiliation Satanism, The Neutrals
Allies Coyote
Enemies Demaro
Weapons/powers Necromancy
First appearance Chapter 9, Page 3
Last appearance Chapter 23, Page 18
Dead (crushed by Addy the Demon)
In real life
Actual name Kelic
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 9, Page 3 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
i am no longer a satanist anymore, talking to coyote made me realize something, you see this war between christains and satanist is childish and i seek the same thing as coyote does, peace and with out this fountain the satanist and your plans wont come to play, you just want the power of the neutrals for your own personal agenda
Kelic, Chapter 9, Page 21

Kelic is an original character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He was originally one of the Neutrals used back in the war between the Christians and the Satanists, and was tasked with finding a way to create more Neutrals once the two factions stopped their war.


Kelic is a bald, white man wearing gray earrings. Despite being bald, he has brown (in chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 3) / dark red eyebrows. Kelic also has piercings along his lower lip and nose. At first he is seen wearing a red robe while he conducts the ritual to create more Neutrals. His appearances afterwards show him with a dark blue robe, similar in color to Demaro's. Kelic is also shown wearing a dark blue sleeveless shirt in his casual attire when Coyote visits him to learn of the Neutrals.


Kelic describes Coyote as a prodigy.

Originally, Kelic was a "teacher"[1] for the Neutrals. As the battle between Christians and Satanists wore down, he and few others survived and were forgotten by the world as Neutrals. Kelic would be entrusted as one of the few remaining to find a way to create more Neutrals.

Many years later, Kelic would establish a "church" where he would make preparations to create new Neutrals. He obtains a special fountain capable of mixing the blood of the "hell hound" and "angle", creating a mix capable of granting the power of the Neutrals onto people of the modern age. On the night that Coyote and his friends go out drinking, they stumble into Kelic's church where he and others are preparing to drink the mixed blood.

Kelic drinks the blood alongside Coyote and together, alongside Fudd, Porky, Demaro, and Sylvester, survives the first phase of the ritual. A voice speaks into their heads and explains the second stage of the ritual, which is that they must use the power and maintain emotional neutrality for one day in order to keep it. Kelic is shocked at the ritual succeeding, stating that even he had his own doubts over the whole situation.

The next day Kelic is approached by Coyote and explains the history of the Neutrals to him, and how they were used in the old days as weapons of war. As Coyote leaves, he thinks to himself that Coyote will end up being the strongest Neutral of them all.

Shortly afterwards, Kelic would return to his church and destroy the entire building alongside the fountain within. Demaro, also present, is angered by Kelic who explains that his short conversation with Coyote has made him realize how pointless the whole war has been. He only wishes for peace, and destroys the fountain in order to prevent more Neutrals from being created and to prevent Demaro from gathering more. He taunts Demaro, stating that he will never be able to surpass Coyote (inflicting a deep mental wound into Demaro, as he would remember his words years later) before summoning an army of corpses to do battle. However, he is quickly ambushed by Addy the Demon and then murdered before getting a chance to do anything.

Kelic's body as it appears in Chapter 23.

His corpse is taken by Demaro and kept around. After having Miladox taken from his eye, Demaro attempts to summon aid in a desperate attempt to stop Coyote from killing him, and Kelic appears as one of the bodies pulled out of a wormhole by Demaro. His body, still torn in two, falls to the ground ineffectively as Demaro is too weak to control it. Coyote then pulls Kelic into his book.


Kelic, over the years, appears to have grown quite tiresome of the constant struggles between the Christians and Satanists. He appears to have lost faith in the Neutrals and doubted whether or not the dark god truly existed before the ritual took place. He is also easily swayed by seeing Coyote, and almost immediately decides to destroy the fountain so that the further Neutrals would be impossible to creae.


Kelic, being a Neutral, has access to the power of necromancy. He is shown resurrecting a large crowd of corpses to attempt to fight Demaro with on Page 21 of Chapter 9, though he is quickly stopped. Like the others, his powers comes at the cost of being forced to maintain emotional neutrality or else face the risk of losing the power altogether or having his lifespan shortened.