Porky Pig

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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Porki (recent chapters)
One-off names piggy man (chaper 8: the neutral's, Page 21)
Relatives Hamy Pig (father)
Pepperon Pig (mother)
Petunia (wife)
Porky Jr. (son)
Physical description
Species Pig humanoid
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Eye color Black
Personal information
Affiliation The Neutrals
Allies Coyote, Tom, Sylvester, Fudd
Enemies Christians
First appearance Chapter 8, Page 18
Last appearance Chapter 23, Page 21
Dead (suicide)
In real life
Actual name Porky Pig
First appearance I Haven't Got a Hat (1935)
Franchise Looney Tunes
you don't know how happy that makes me feel. i love you so much. we could move away and i promise i will never drink again
Porky, to his wife, Chapter 9, Page 17

Porky Pig is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled as part of a flashback told by Coyote. He is a close friend to Coyote and his fellow Looney Tunes characters and offers to be their driver during a night out to the bar. However, a series of unfortunate happenings would soon separate the kindly pig from his friends.


Porky is a anthropomorphic pig. Unlike his wife Petunia, he is bald has has no hair on his skin whatsoever. Porky wears a blue vest with white cuffs and a red tie, and no other articles of clothing, pants included.


Becoming a Neutral

After Sylvester successfully kills Tweety, him, Coyote, Tom, and Fudd decide to go out drinking to celebrate. Seeing as the group needs a driver to safely take them home, Coyote goes to ask for Porky's aid. Porky is initially unwilling due to his Christian faith and views towards alchool, but is persuaded in the end.

Porky is seduced by a woman.

At the bar later that night, Coyote and his group get wasted beyond belief while Porky sits by himself, ordering apple juice. The bartender, noticing that Porky is alone, convinces him to drink a few. Porky winds up drinking much more than one and is later seen drunk, when he is approached by a random woman. The woman begins to flirt with Porky, and is quickly told to "fuck off" by Porky as he flashes his wedding ring. However, the woman manages to drag Porky off to the bathroom after touching his penis and the two have sex.

After Coyote and friends finish their partying, they leave the bar looking for Porky. Porky and the woman finish having sex and Porky stumbles out with her bra on his head, dazed. However, the woman had stolen all of Porky's belongings, leaving the group without a car to drive home in due to losing the keys. They drunkenly wander around until they end up at a ritual led by Kelic. At the ritual, Porky and his friends partake in the drinking of a demonic lord in order to gain the powers wielded by a group known as The Neutrals. Porky, his friends, Demaro, and Kelic are successful and are blessed with the power. Porky's group then splits up and makes their own way back home.

That's All, Folks

The next day, Porky is seen in his house, underneath his bed. He is awoken by his wife Petunia who is angry at him for not coming home the other night. He stumbles around and gets up, with the woman's bra still above his head. Furious, Petunia demands to know what had happened the night before. Porky explains the truth to her, saying that he had been out drinking and cheated on his wife. Devastated at hearing this news, Petunia leaves in tears, declaring their marriage to be over as Porky screams.

Later, Porky is seen with his friends desperately trying to call Petunia while clutching a Christian cross. Tom attempts to reassure Porky that things will be alright in the end, but Sylvester points out that things are not likely to happen as he hopes. Porky ends up leaving while Sylvester and Tom argue. The next time he is seen is at church, attending the funeral of the local pastor, Henry. He expresses his concerns with other members of the church over his belief in God before the ceremony begins. When he goes over to pay his respects, however, Porky accidentally triggers his Neutral powers and resurrects Pastor Henry, shocking everyone. The church then immediately turns against Porky and brandish weapons, intending to kill him after realizing that he's a Neutral.

Porky manages to evade his pursuers by hiding out in an alleyway's trashcan. With nowhere else to go, he decides to text his parents to ask them if he could hide out at their place. As he makes his way home however, he is mortified to see that the Christians had beat him there and have brutalized his parents, cooking them into bacon and leaving their mangled bodies on the table, scrawling "hugs @ kisses" and "GOD" on the walls in their blood.

In shock over what he had witnessed, Porky eventually finds his way to Coyote's group. Coyote, realizing that being a Neutral would make him an enemy to the church, urges Porky to come with him but he refuses. Porky begins to rage, blaming Coyote for all that had happened to him and punches him. Coyote fires back by stating that what had happened to Porky is entirely his own fault because he can be a huge pushover, but also manages to calm Porky down a bit by bringing up his son.

Right afterwards, Petunia appears with her son and speaks with Porky. She apologizes for her reaction earlier and asks for forgiveness, saying that their son needs both of his parents to care for him. Porky accepts her apology and swears not to drink again, but as he reaches out to hold his son, tragedy strikes once more. Coyote, noticing a bullet in the distance attempts to warn Petunia but he is too late. Porky watches as the bullet pierces through his wife and son, killing them both. As the Christians and the Satanists arrive to battle each other over the Neutrals, Porky, speechless, makes his way to a nearby tree, and uses his power to create a noose to hang himself with. Coyote and his friends would later build a monument in their new hideout to pay their respects to Porky's family.

A Reoccurring Fantasy

After his death, Porky continues to appear before Coyote in reoccurring visions. One is seen after Coyote concludes his battle with Demaro and Miladox. Porky appears to him in a vision, and in it, he urges Coyote to keep his powers as a greater, world threatening evil approaches, and warns him that a member of their group has died while he was battling Demaro. Before leaving, he tells Coyote to focus and abruptly reveals to him that there are four gods within the Tails Gets Trolled universe.


Porky is a strong believer in Christianity, as evidenced by his unwillingness to get wasted due to his beliefs. He also appears to regularly attend church and was a good friend of the local pastor before he is chased out for being a Neutral. However, as things fall apart around him, his faith in God begins to diminish. As he explains at Pastor Henrey's funeral, he begins to believe that despite his prayers for forgiveness, there may be things that God can't fix. He also questions if God truly exists while on the run from the Christians, wondering why is He not helping him.

As noted by Coyote during their argument, Porky can be a pushover, often letting himself be coerced into doing things he is initially against. This can be seen with the bartender and the woman easily convincing him into drinking and having sex despite him knowing better. Despite Coyote's harsh words to him moments before he commits suicide, Porky, while appearing in a vision to Coyote in Chapter 23: The conclusion - Part 3, still refers to him as his friend.


Porky, like his friends, is capable of using the Neutral's power to control the dead. At the end of Chapter 9, he is also shown using his strings to create a noose which he uses to commit suicide with.

Real Life Origins

Porky Pig is a character appearing in the Looney Tunes series. Alongside his fellow Looney Tunes characters, Porky and his friends tend to find themselves involved in shenanigans. Porky in particular tends to be the straight man of the group, contrasting his show mates' more vibrant personalities.


In Tails Gets Trolled, Porky is shown as being married to Petunia, while in the shows they are portrayed as only being in a relationship. He also possesses the power of necromancy in Tails Gets Trolled which he does not have in the shows. He is also not a Christian in the shows.