Mike Power

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Not to be confused with Embergram, Lazerbot's brother, who has used Mike Power as an online alias.
Mike Power

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Dog
Gender Male
Fur color Yellow
Eye color White
Personal information
Likes killing people for their asses
Weapons/powers Sword
First appearance Chapter 25.5, Page 8
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 19
In real life
Actual name Mikecrack / Mike
First appearance DIAMANTITO 2
Franchise Mikecrack
I'm going to kill them for their asses
Mike Power, Chapter 25.5, Page 8

Mike Power is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Mike Power appears as a small dog with yellow fur and blank, white eyes. He wears a green cape, tied around his neck, resembling a collar of sorts.


Mike Power first appears during Chapter 25.5: Wicked Influence Part 2, Page 8 where he enters the scene from a broken window. His appearance strikes fear into Sinu, who screams in horror as the remaining church members react similarly. He is then seemingly ignored as Sinu goes back to his previous demeanor and leaves the church with Narrow in tow. Mike Power then tags along with other survivors of the House of God as they walk to a camp. He suggests to the group that they should drop off the less capable members of the group and that he, Kit, and Boah should return to kill the "bad guys" for their asses. Unfortunately, the other members of the group do not understand what he is saying due to him talking in Spanish.


It is currently unknown what Mike is capable of, but he is seen holding a sword/spear like weapon with a blue tip. Mike appears to be powerful as he is both feared and recognized by Sinu.


Mike Power has a peculiar fixation on killing people for their asses, as he mentions doing so in many of his appearances thus far. It is unknown exactly why as to he wants the asses of the Satanists.

Mike Power also speaks Spanish, making conversations with his English-speaking companions difficult. He appears to know a limited amount of English as he speaks it during his first appearance and after Kit says he doesn't understand what he is saying.

Real Life Origins

Mike Power is based off of the Spanish YouTuber Mikecrack. Mikecrack had originally begun his YouTube channel using Jake the Dog from Adventure Time[1] as an avatar for himself, but in the process of redesigning his channel brand[2], he developed an original character from Jake's design that would go on to become his channel icon. Known as Mikecrack, or simply Mike, this character would star in various different videos, including Minecraft song parodies and his own animated series known as Las Perrerías de Mike.


Mike, in his original videos, primarily speaks Spanish, but in the Tails Gets Trolled series he is capable of speaking English. His official name in Tails Gets Trolled is also Mike Power whereas he is known as Mikecrack or Mike in the original videos.

Appearance wise, Mike Power wears a green cape instead of the teal cape that Mikecrack wears. Mikecrack also has black eyes with a white "shine", whereas Mike Power's eyes are pure white. Both of these differences are due to the fact that this is how Idiaz drew Mike (see below).


Mike's inclusion in Tails Gets Trolled is a nod to an incident on the official Tails Gets Trolled Discord where a Discord user known as Idiaz had joined, and requested for Mike to be included in the series. A wild and confusing series of conversations (in part due to the language barrier and terrified bystanders[3] watching the conversations) then erupted on the Discord. Idiaz was eventually banned after another user complained to CC[4], accusing him of being a troll/flooding the main discussion channel, and his messages were automatically deleted. As a result, the exact messages posted by Idiaz are difficult to cite beyond what other users had saved. Due to an overwhelming show of support from various community members (including CC later asking for Idiaz to rejoin after properly being informed on what had happened[5], and many users, Embergram included, sending friend requests to Idiaz after his banning) it was decided by Embergram that Mike would appear in the comic at a future point in time.[6]


  • The font and quote used for Mike Power's debut appearance is based off of one of Idiaz' original drawings.