The Book of Ryzel

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The book as it appears on Chapter 25, Page 29.

The Book of Ryzel is a mysterious sought-after book appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


The books origins are yet unknown at this point of Tails Gets Trolled, however, it is shown in Tails Gets Trolled Polished that Troll King (under orders from Mr. Clair) had tasked Mauller with finding the Book from a person named Toadrake. After receiving his mission, Mauller sets off for the Mushroom Kingdom.

During the trip, Mauller succeeds in obtaining the book from Toadrake, however, he is unable to resist the urge to see what lies within, causing his soul to be owned by Ryzel. Much later, Mauller is seen again during Coyote's assault on Troll Fortress, having blocked an attack with his powers. As he makes his way to the roof of Troll Fortress, a Coyote-controlled Magma Garry buries Mauller underneath a pile of magma. Mauller manages to survive using his barrier powers. After the chaos at the castle dies down, Mauller emerges and explains what had happened to Troll King before passing the book onto him. He also notes that only a few pages of the book appear to be translated.