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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Brown
Hair color Orange
Eye color Green
Personal information
Occupation Troll King's lackey
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies Troll King
Weapons/powers Creating barriers
First appearance Polished, Page 24
Chapter 24, Page 18
Last appearance Chapter 25.5, Page 11
In real life
Actual name Mauller
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled Polished
Page 24 (2017)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
We haven't seen this kind of power in several years.. Good, something to practice my new power on..
Mauller, Chapter 24, Page 19

Mauller is a character first seen in Tails Gets Trolled Polished.


Mauller appears to be a brown-skinned man wearing a black hat. He also appears to have light green eyes. A small section of his hair is also visible, revealing it to be orange.


Prior to the events of Tails Gets Trolled, it is mentioned by Mauller during Chapter 25: Wicked Influence that he had trained Alex. Mauller first appears alongside Troll King and Mr. Clair's meeting on Tails Gets Trolled Polished, Page 24. He is tasked by Troll King with finding The Book of Ryzel.

In the main series, he is first seen on Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath, Page 18, standing in a crater. He then expresses worry for Troll King as he could have died from their immensely tough enemies and rushes to the Fortress. He tries to climb up the fortress via a ladder, but is burned by Magma Garry (controlled by Coyote).

Later, after the attack has subsided, Mauller reappears, emerging from the earth unharmed using his powers. He meets up with Leon and Troll King where he then passes on the Book of Ryzel to his King. Mauller also mentions that during his travels he had looked into the book himself, and his soul has become the property of Ryzel's.


It is unknown if Mauller has any particular quirks or traits. He does appear loyal to Troll King, as seen by his immediate willingness to look for the Book of Ryzel. He does not appear to have much respect for Alex as he is brought to tears laughing with Leon over Alex's supposed inability to learn from him.


The exact extent of Mauller's powers before obtaining his barrier powers is unknown, but given that he is personally tasked by Troll King with retrieving the Book of Ryzel, it can be assumed that he possesses some unknown skills. This is confirmed when he appears in the main series during Chapter 24, where he is seen producing a barrier of sorts. His barrier powers are powerful enough to protect him from an attack from Blaze which was powerful enough to create a huge crater in the area. It is also strong enough to shield him from Magma Garry's lava, as he demonstrates during Chapter 25.


..Yes Sir?


  • The original version of Page 18 of Chapter 24 featured Mauller with a lighter skin tone.