Majin Buu

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Majin Buu

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Majin
Skin color Pink
Personal information
Allies Babidi
First appearance Chapter 22, Page 0.1
Last appearance Chapter 22, Page 0.1
In real life
Actual name Majin Buu
First appearance Majin Bū Appears?! (Dragon Ball #331) (1994)
Franchise Dragon Ball
Buu changes his mind again.. Buu want.... ? Strawberry candy KFC chicken!!
Buu, Chapter 22, Page 0.1

Majin Buu is a character cameoing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Majin Buu first appears during Chapter 22's Dragon Ball Z opener. Alongside Babidi, Buu emerges from a cave similar to the Retard Double Threat's, and the two confront Tails.


Majin Buu appears to be deranged, referring to himself in the 3rd person, and expresses a strong desire for food. Buu's desires for food seems to fluctuate in the spot.


Buu can charge and fire a pink laser from the antenna on his head. Though its exact effects are not seen, it is presumed that this beam is capable of transforming others into food.

Real Life Origins

Majin Buu is an antagonist appearing in the Dragon Ball franchise. He takes on various forms throughout in the series and, in Tails Gets Trolled, he appears in his "innocent" form.