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Biographical info
Age 12-14[1]
Place of birth One of Eggman's labs
Physical description
Species Fox
Gender Male
Fur color Brownish orange (formerly yellowish orange) and white
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Affiliation The Defenders
Allies Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Spyro, Hello Kitty, Cheeto Man
Enemies The Trolls, Eggman
Likes lollipops, water parks, nice feet, teddy bares
Dislikes villains, being trolled, patience
Weapons/powers Fists, Cheeto Ball, illusionist powers, rocket launcher
First appearance Chapter 1, Page 1
Last appearance Chapter 27, Page 3,
Chapter 27.5, Page 4 (flashback)
Alive, in hiding from The Defenders
In real life
Actual name Miles "Tails" Prower
First appearance Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)
Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog
Yes.. I believe that the world will one day be peaceful. And i know now that it's my fate to try to bring the new era of peace.. It's just something i feel in my chest.
Tails, Chapter 18, Page 13

Tails is one of the protagonists of Tails Gets Trolled. He was the first character to appear in the series, and was also the first character to be seen getting trolled. A close friend of Sonic, Tails' life takes a wild turn once he seeks advice on how to deal with trolls from Shadow.


Tails is a young fox, typically shown with two long tails. (In the beginning, he is drawn with three). He has blue eyes and yellow fur with patches of white. He is also shown wearing white shoes with a red pattern on them. After being kidnapped by The Defenders, he dons a black robe over his body, covering most of it except for his hands and feet.



Tails was originally found by Sonic in one of Eggman's many laboratories scattered around the world. He was taken in by Sonic, and together with Amy, the two raised Tails as if he was a son to them.

Tails, getting trolled.

Many years later, Tails is seen in an open field saying "lololololol". Soon, he encounters the Butter Tits and The Dick Taker, who troll him, making him cry. When he runs to Sonic and Shadow for help, Sonic suggests to become friends with the trolls, but Shadow objects to this idea, telling Tails that it will not work. Tails ends up going with Sonic's plan, which was futile, as the trolls just kept trolling them rather than becoming their friends. They both go back to Shadow, and Tails admits that he was right.

He then leaves with Knuckles and Shadow to try and deal with the trolls again. He watches as Shadow insults the trolls, and asks Knuckles if this is how to stop them. He replies that Shadow is just "baiting" them, and when Shadow pulls out a knife, ready to kill them, Tails tries to talk him out of doing it, only for Shadow to tell him that they're too oblivious. Tails watches as Shadow brutally kills both of them, and helps the two bury the bodies of the deceased trolls. He goes home afterwards.

The following morning, Sonic wakes Tails up from his sleep, asking him if him, Shadow, and Knuckles went beat up the trolls. Tails answers, saying that they didn't beat up anyone, much to Sonic's relief, only for Tails continue saying that Shadow killed them, which enrages Sonic. He leaves to go talk to Shadow, and Tails goes back to sleep.

When Sonic and Shadow get into a dispute, Tails tries to get them to stop fighting, but is ignored, until the other trolls attack them. The battle gets overwhelming quickly, and Sonic orders Tails to get Knuckles, and he does, only to miss the entire battle, much to Tails' and Knuckles' dismay.

The next day, Tails is enjoying himself once again when he spots Alex trolling Kirby. Tails decides to put Shadow's method of handling trolls to use and confronts Alex. He flies towards Alex to fight, but is easily overpowered and defeated by him. Alex nearly kills Tails but leaves him alive as a warning. An injured Tails is then discovered by Sonic, sparking the blue hedgehog's descent into darkness. Tails rests for the night but is awoken the next day by Knuckles, who was asked by Sonic to watch over Tails. Knuckles informs him that Sonic is now out for blood and is seeking the aid of Eggman to help him fight the trolls. Tails is then sent to a Water Park by Knuckles in an attempt to prevent him from getting more involved with further threats.

The Defenders

Tails as he appears in Pacman's vision.

As Tails returns from the water park, he is ambushed by a group of cloaked figures and kidnapped. When he awakens, he finds himself strapped to a metal table and interrogated by Doug who claims that Tails is a troll. Pori eventually appears and explains that he has been watching Tails from afar and that he is not a troll. He reveals the existence of The Defenders, a group of characters dedicated to battling the trolls in secret, and offers Tails an oppurtunity to join them. Tails agrees and is introduced to the rest of the group, and eventually, their leader, Pacman. Pacman introduces himself, stating that it was not a "Quintessence" (coincidence) that they would meet and that he has had visions of Tails being the key to stopping the Trolls. He reveals the power of the "Soul Bind" to Tails, and how he must use it with the spirit of Sonic in order to gain the strength needed to defeat the trolls. Unfortunately, due to the Soul Bind requiring the spirit of someone dead, Tails is shocked when he is also told of Sonic's death and bursts into tears. He swears that he will train to get the strength neccesary to fight the trolls.

Pacman explains that there is no need to train with Doug and Skeeter due to Tails already being stronger than them. Instead, Tails begins his training by speaking to Woodstock, as per Pacman's instructions. Woodstock explains that his training will help increase Tails' reaction times, and trains Tails through using an automatic gun/turret and having Tails dodge the bullets. Woodstock leaves and comes back to an exhausted Tails, and puts him to the test by firing a BB gun at Tails. Tails dodges the bullet, leading to Woodstock stating that his training was successful. Woodstock then leaves and Batman enters to introduce himself to Tails. He explains that he will be helping the fox improve his hand to hand combat skills through battle. Tails is at first unsuccessful in hitting Batman, but after advising Tails to focus on his opponent more, Tails is able to land hits on Batman, who remarks that he is a fast learner. The two continue training through playing Bloody Knuckles before Batman ends their session.

After training with Woodstock and Batman, Tails then trains with Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty trains Tails in creating a barrier to help reduce the damage he takes from foes. He is able to quickly master her powers. Hello Kitty then explains that Trix Rabbit would be next to train with, but he had refused to train Tails. Instead, Kermit appears to train Tails in patience. Kermit then begins to explain his entire backstory to Tails but is unsuccessful due to the young fox not wanting to focus. Annoyed, Kermit then passes Tails on to Spyro.

Spyro helps improve Tails' flying abilities by taking him to an outdoor area where they can fly. They are joined by Pori who watches them for the day. The two bond and decide to continue training the next day. That night, Tails wonders what would Sonic think of his situation before he is joined by Hello Kitty who explains to him Spyro's history of being trolled, and how the trolls trolled his entire race. The next day, Spyro and Tails continue their flight training while Hello Kitty and Kermit watch from the distance. The latter two discuss how Tails' training has gone and their worries regarding how Tails will handle a real battle with the trolls in the future. Spryo and Tails then finish their exercise and briefly celebrate, but they are stopped by Kermit who states that Pacman would like for Tails to finish training quickly. Tails then moves on to train with Cheeto Man.

Training Issues

Tails masters the Cheeto Ball with the assistance of weed.

Tails and Cheeto Man are introduced to each other. Cheeto Man explains his backstory and reasons for joining the Defenders to Tails before showing him a skill called the Cheeto Ball. Tails in unsuccessful at first in focusing his chakra to create the ball, leading to Cheeto Man hotboxing the room to help Tails focus. Later, Tails, incredibly high, manages to master the Cheeto Ball and moves on to train with Dexter. Dexter's "training" is quick, as he gives Tails a wristband capable of shooting rockets and Sonic's old blue Chaos Emerald which was sneakily taken by Pori after his death. Dexter then sends Tails to Vivian for the next part of his training.

Vivian teaches Tails how to manipulate the shadows but Tails experiences great difficulty in mastering the skill. Vivian suggests combining her body changing shadow techniques with Tails' already notable speed to increase his movement powers even further. Tails manages to successfully work Vivian's powers this way (though after crashing into many walls and injuring himself). In the end, Vivian jokingly asks Tails if he wishes to have sex with her before sending him to work with Ronald McDonald.

Ronald introduces himself to Tails and explains Trix Rabbit's trust issues, which is why the Rabbit refused to work with Tails. He then explains his powers as an illusionist, but adds that he will not train Tails due to him thinking poorly of the fox. Angered, Tails offers to fight Ronald but they are stopped by Pori. Pori asks Tails to leave while he talks to Ronald. 30 minutes later, Pori explains that he has cleared the situation and that he should continue training with Ronald. After quite some time, Tails eventually learns how to conjure clones of himself. Ronald explains the potential of illusions before congratulating Tails.

However, when Tails offers to be friends with Ronald, Ronald snaps and attempts to kill Tails but he is stopped by Cheeto Man checking in on the two. Hello Kitty, Kermit, and Trix Rabbit also appear to check what's going on. Hello Kitty, concerned, hugs Tails while Kermit reports to Pacman what had happened. Cheeto Man and Tails leave to smoke weed outside to cool down, and the two bond. Kermit eventually appears with Ronald, who asks for forgiveness, but Tails states that he does not want to. Tails and Cheeto Man then leave to smoke elsewhere.

The Weed Party

Pacman assigns Cheeto Man and Spyro to act as Tails' bodyguards. Spyro and Tails walk into Cheeto Man making a drug deal with Knuckles. Knuckles is ecstatic to see Tails safe and the two reunite. Knuckles then suggests that everyone get together to smoke weed. Doug appears and requests to also smoke with the group. During the party, Knuckles begins to joke about Hello Kitty sleeping around. Cheeto Man advises Tails to not get romantically involved with Hello Kitty due to others failing to get her. As they continue, Doug pukes much to Tails' amusement and is kicked out of the party. The group then moves over to Cheeto Man's crib to continue smoking. Knuckles also calls over guests to join them.

In Cheeto Man's room, the group gathers around a table which Cheeto Man uses to surround the members with walls of cheese, stating that they will need to eat their ways out. Some time later, Tails eventually eats all of the cheese (and pops a vein, causing him to bleed slightly from his eye) just in time for Knuckles' guests to arrive. Among them is Amy, who is also relieved to see Tails alive. Hello Kitty also arrives and is jealous upon seeing Amy hug Tails. Tails continues to smoke before he is pulled aside by Hello Kitty. She urges Tails to focus more on his surroundings while also asking if he believes in true love. Hello Kitty then asks Tails to follow her, but the two are stopped by Knuckles and Amy in the hot tub when Amy asks for Tails to join them. Hello Kitty begrudgingly agrees.

In the hot tub, Amy explains her tragic past to Tails and explains that Sonic would have wanted her to look out for him past his death. Suddenly, Amy moves to kiss Tails, angering Hello Kitty who was watching from the distance. The two get into a small fight before bring broken up by Knuckles, and both Knuckles/Amy and Tails/Hello Kitty part ways. Hello Kitty and Tails bicker when the former berates Tails for being friends with a "twat" like Amy, but the two eventually calm down and leave to go to Cheeto Man's bedroom.

Take It All In

Tails upon seeing the bodies of the girls killed by Cheeto Man.

Now alone with Hello Kitty, the two talk about Tails' past and his relationship to Sonic and Amy while smoking weed. Hello Kitty asks Tails if he has romantic feelings for her, but before Tails can give a proper answer, he is kissed and pushed onto the bed, and the two have sex. The day after, Tails is awoken by a nightmare of himself being trapped in a "black fog" before being rescued by Sonic. The pair heads outside to relax. Tails eventually walks in on Cheeto Man and Knuckles fighting and ends up stopping the two. Knuckles angrily leads Tails outside.

Knuckles rushes to get Tails away from the Defender's hideout. Confused, Tails asks what is going on in his mind. Knuckles angrily tells Tails that he needs to be paying more attention to his surroundings and berates him for not once questioning the situation he found himself in. Knuckles then explains the true nature of the Defenders and how they are actually forcibly in service to Cheeto Man, who is using the group as a way to create funds through a vast drug empire and prostitution ring.

Knuckles also explains that Hello Kitty is actually Cheeto Man's wife, and that the cheetah has a grudge against Shadow for sleeping with his wife. Tails explains that he did indeed sleep with Hello Kitty when asked, angering Knuckles even further. Still in disbelief, Knuckles leads Tails to see the "true Cheeto Man" and is horrified when Knuckles shows him a dumping ground containing the remains of the women Knuckles had called over (Amy included), who were killed due to having the clap.

Tails is pulled away from the scene by Knuckles, who urges him stay by himself and keep away from others before leaving. Now alone, Tails is stopped by a teary eyed Spyro. Instructed to bring him in for capture, Spyro explains that Tails was his only friend in the group, and that Cheeto Man has his son held hostage. He also states that if he does not capture Tails, then Cheeto Man will starve him and kill his son. Tails convinces Spyro to let him free and that he will return strong enough to fight Cheeto Man. Spyro leaves but not before stating that the next time they meet, they will be enemies.

All Alone in the Jungle

Tails upon hearing a creature "Woooo!!"ing in the distance.

Tails is then left to fend for himself, alone in the jungle. The trauma he had experienced is shown to have taken a toll on his mental state, leaving him slumped and his eyes bloodshot. Tails is also seen paranoid, as a tree branch snapping in the distance causes him to panic. He quickly escapes into a bush to hide, but leaves afterwards to find something to drink. He stumbles upon a swap and begins drinking the water.

After drinking up, he hears a noise in the bushes, causing him to panic again until a harmless fox appears. After a short sigh of relief, he panics again as a familiar alligator emerges from the swamp and scares him, causing him to run off. He take shelter behind a tree and begins to break down in tears before falling asleep. Tails begins to dream, and sees a younger version of himself playing with Amy. Amy toys with an ant hill, explaining their nature and how they react to an unfamiliar element appearing before them. Suddenly, the figure of Amy begins to rapidly decay into a form resembling the corpse Tails had seen in the pipe. The corpse refers to Tails as her "Dear Fox" before moving to "kiss" him, much to Tails' utter horror and disgust. Tails then wakes up in a panic, gasping for air.

Later, Tails is shown to have climbed a tree and is resting for the night on it. On the tree, he is visited by Vivian who provides him with a pack of medical supplies from Pacman. They discuss the current situation with the Defenders, with Vivian reassuring Tails that not all of the members are allied with Cheeto Man and that Pacman has a plan to liberate them from his grasp. Tails asks about the status of Hello Kitty, to which Vivian reveals she has been chained up in a well alongside Spyro for her actions. Tails expresses a desire to see Hello Kitty again but is advised not too in his current state by Vivian, who suggests that he should focus on his training once more. Later on, as the day starts anew, Tails takes the time to read through a note written to him by Pacman. The note inspires him with a desire to fuck up Cheeto Man for his crimes and Tails braces himself as the winter begins as Ronald spies on him.

A Brand New Challenge For Me

An angry bear appears before Tails.

As winter begins, Tails starts a fire using a lighter provided to him by Pacman. He also begins to smoke weed once more as he reflects on what had happened, and thinks about the status of his friends. He also curses Knuckles for leaving him alone instead of taking him with him. As the snow continues to fall, Tails flies away from his location and searches for a new place to shelter himself in. He finds himself inside a cave. Before he can settle in, a bear emerges from the darkness and scares Tails, causing him to flee. Tails finds himself back on a tree once more and begins to read through Pacman's Survival Book. He looks through the "Hunting food" section but fails to understand what he had just read, commenting that Pacman sounded as if he was high when he wrote it.

Tails grabs a knife from his sack of supplies but is triggered upon holding it as he recalls Shadow murdering The Dick Taker using a knife. A voice speaks out to him and taunts him over the fact that he will be forced to take a life. Tails almost pukes before he decides to hunt for food in a different way. He reminisces on a time in the past when Sonic showed him how to set a snare causing him to cry once more. Tails is then suddenly pounced on by a panther. Putting what he had learned to the test, Tails creates shadow arms to hold off the panther as Ronald watches in confusion. Using his hand to hand combat experience, Tails knocks away the panther, launching it into the air before taking aim with Dexter's rocket launcher wristpad and fires, obliterating the panther into a gory mess.

As Tails looks upon the aftermath in horror as a ghostly apparition of Sonic appears. The voice warns Tails that he will need "him" to survive but Tails denies this saying he doesn't need help from "him". After Tails recollects himself, he moves to the swamp lake to wash the blood off and encounters Alex once more, and the two prepare to square off. Tails and Alex approach each other, but Tails immediately attacks when Alex trolls him using the name of Sonic. Tails makes use of his training with the Defenders and thrashes after taking some blows himself, knocking him to the ground. Tails then hears a "voice", urging him to kill Alex. Tails pulls out his knife and points it at Alex who begins to laugh, telling him to do it. Tails then enrages, and threatens Alex to never speak of his friends again before knocking Alex unconscious with a single punch. He then grabs his belongings and walks off.

In Tails Gets Gay

Gay Tails, after receiving his first makeover.

Gay Tails appears in Tails Gets Gay: The Dickfenders. He is shown attending a gay weed party alongside other gay versions of characters. Gay Knuckles suggests that the group should give Tails his first makeover. Some time later, Gay Tails is seen with new additions to his outfit, including additional makeup and lipstick.

In Tails Gets Trolled Ultimate Alternate Reality

Tails in UAR.
See: Tails (Ultimate Alternate reality).


Tails idolizes Sonic, claiming that he wants to be as cool as he is while being raised. The two are very close, and the struggles that they go through significantly impact each other's lives (with Sonic's death motivating Tails to go through his training with the Defenders, or Tails injuries finally pushing Sonic over the edge).

Tails can also be described as an optimist as shown when he describes his viewpoints to Hello Kitty. Despite the constant villains in the world, he appears to firmly believe in a time of peace that he will help bring.

He also convinces Spyro that he will find his son no matter what and that he will be able to defeat Cheeto Man when the time comes, even after hearing how strong Cheeto Man is.


Initially, Tails possesses basic hand to hand combat skills and flight. However, after being trained by the Defenders, his repertoire of skills has improved immensely.

His training with each member has granted him:

  • Improved reflexes from Woodstock
  • Better hand to hand combat skills from Batman
  • A protective barrier, stated to reduce damage by 30%, from Hello Kitty
  • Better and faster flight abilities from Spyro
  • Sonic's Chaos Emerald and a wrist-mounted rocket launcher from Dexter
  • The ability to bend shadows in order to run faster, adapted from Vivian
  • Basic illusionist powers from Ronald McDonald


sweet like nice feet
—Tails, responding to Hello Kitty, chapter 10: silver's plan and tails training, Page 8

im not taking a break until i get this done and if over doing it kills me and pushes me to far then so be it
—Tails when being urged to take caution by Ronald, Chapter 15: The Guardians part 1, Page 15

...Really?! YAY! Get in there and fuck her, so hard!
—Tails expressing joy when Espio gives him permission to watch as he "fucks" Amy during Espio's fantasy, Tails Gets Trolled Polished, Page 26

Real Life Origins

Tails is based on the character Miles "Tails" Prower from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, who first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992).


In the Sonic games, Tails is eight years old and a mechanical genius, whereas in Tails Gets Trolled, he is of average intelligence (although he is a fast learner due to the experiments performed on him in Eggman's lab), and somewhere between the ages of 12 and 14.[1]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning Notes
English, etc. Tails
Japanese テイルス Tails
Russian Тейлз Tails



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