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  • Character count: ~8100
  • No spaces: ~6900
  • Character with most lines: Mario (72)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Knuckles, Shadow, Yoshi (1)

Page 1

MarioScript.pngMarioi had a feeling luigi was gonna slip up when the time came to kill you

TKScript.pngTroll Kingyour plan almost worked to.luigi managed to get my arm good but i got a replacement arm

MarioScript.pngMarioi will kill you. i will make sure your dead

TKScript.pngTroll King why do you hate trolls so much anyways? there must be a reason you would go through all this to kill me?tell me why? im curious

MarioScript.pngMario fine ill tell why i hate trolls. this goe's pretty far back in my past

(Flashback to the young Mario Bros, before their mustaches are grown. They travel through various locations resembling areas from Yoshi's Island.)

MarioScript.pngMario (narrating)it started acouple year's after yoshi defeated bowser and me and luigi was in our teen years

MarioScript.pngMario (narrating)after that we didn't see bowser until we was older. so in the time where there was peace me and luigi decided to find our birth parents

MarioScript.pngMario (narrating)so we traveled through the land seeking to find our parents

MarioScript.pngMario (narrating)and we found them. and there house

MarioScript.pngMarioummm should i knock on the door? im kind of afraid to

LuigiScript.pngLuigido it

(A large, obese man with a T-shirt that says Nascar comes out alongside a skinny woman with bruises on her face.)

KarioWifeScript.pngBleachkario there's these kids at the door

MarioScript.pngMario maybe we are at the wrong house

KarioScript.pngKarioget back in the house you bitch noob before i hit you in the eye again

KarioScript.pngKariowhat do you little faggot's want? i dont have candy

Page 2

MarioScript.pngMarioyour our parent's your our dad. we have been looking for you guys

KarioScript.pngKarioyou kid's can't be my son's? i told that stupid bird to drop them baby's in the middle of no where so they would die

KarioScript.pngKarioi also dropped your brother's wario and waluigi at the park acouple months ago nascar

KarioScript.pngKariowe wont see them again lol. hey give me a sec im gonna do a line real quick

(Kario snorts cocaine off of his arm.)

LuigiScript.pngLuigi does that mean you two dont care for us or love us?

KarioScript.pngKariooh my god you kid's actually think we would love you ahhaha hahaha ha i dont even love your mom


LuigiScript.pngLuigibut..... but your our parent's your supose to love us

KarioScript.pngKarioomg he's crying hahah kid i wouldn't have children if unprotected sex wasn't awesome. and i wouldn't need to keep dumping off not needed kids

KarioWifeScript.pngBleachtrolls be trollin

(Mario is angered.)

KarioWifeScript.pngBleachcome back next year or something

KarioScript.pngKarioyeah i would like to talk but cop's is about to come on

(Kario shuts the door.)

MarioScript.pngMario luigi stay out here ill be right back

LuigiScript.pngLuigii dont understand?

Page 3

MarioScript.pngMariothey dont even have a door on there back door

MarioScript.pngMarioi need to find something that can deal some real damage to someone

MarioScript.pngMariooh there we go

(Mario picks upa metal baseball bat, and sneaks in through the back door.)

KarioScript.pngKariobitch hurry up with my food damnit if you take any longer im gonna hit you.. and i need you to go back out there and hook some more

KarioWifeScript.pngBleach shut up asshole im working as fast as i can..

(As Bleach cooks, Mario sneaks up from behind.)

MarioScript.pngMarioim hope this hurts


(Mario swings at his mother, knocking her face into the food she is frying.)

Page 4

(Bleach's face burns and she slumps onto the floor, dead.)

KarioScript.pngKariobitch you better not be burning my food

KarioScript.pngKariowhat the fuck? oh shit

KarioScript.pngKarioyour fucking crazy kid

(Kario reaches into his pocket.)

MarioScript.pngMariodont fucking try it!!!


(Mario swings at Kario, knocking him to the ground.)

KarioScript.pngKariowhat do you want from me kid? you want a fucking hug?

MarioScript.pngMarioSHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

(Mario continues to swing at Kario on the floor.)

KarioScript.pngKariohahah trolls be trollin

MarioScript.pngMariowhy the hell do you keep on saying that shit? what the fuck does that mean?

Page 5

MarioScript.pngMarioTELL ME!!!!!

KarioScript.pngKarioi come from a group that is called the troll's the saying trolls be trollin is from there

MarioScript.pngMariothere' a group of people like you? that makes me sick

(Mario swings once more at Kario, crushing his face in.)

MarioScript.pngMario (narrating)so i burned down the house with my parents in it.

(A huge fire engulfs the house of Mario's parents.)

LuigiScript.pngLuigithis doesn't feel right

MarioScript.pngMariodeath happens alot get use to it

(Close up on Mario's eyes.)

MarioScript.pngMario (narrating)many years later after the battle's with bowser. i forgot about the troll's but then one day a toad was trolled. after i heard about it i seeked them trolls out and just kept a eye on the trolls.trying to see if they would lead me to the boss.. but then i saw shadow kill them troll's

(Flash back to Mario watching the scene from tails gets trolled, Page 10, where Shadow and friends bury Butter Tits.)

MarioScript.pngMario (narrating)i knew then that i could some how use shadow to reach the boss troll

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesman it took along time burring that fat guy. its really late

ShadowScript.pngShadowyea remind me next time to not kill such a fat person

MarioScript.pngMario (narrating)after i first met with shadow i left for awhile. and then i cameupwith the plan and i kept inccontact with shadow and even gave him my cell number

MarioScript.pngMario (narrating)that's when me an luigi seeked out different people for shadow's group which trully started from me. and me and luigi did the plan flawlessly to

Page 6

TKScript.pngTroll Kingthe only flaw in your plan was me

MarioScript.pngMarioluigi only helped me with this because he knew this was personal to me

MarioScript.pngMarioAHHHH HHHHH HHHHH HHHHH HH!!!!!!

MarioScript.pngMarioyou killed one of the only people that i ever cared about !!!!!

(Mario throws a green shell at Troll King.)

TKScript.pngTroll King get use to it

(Troll King punches the shell, shattering it to pieces.)


MarioScript.pngMarioI WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!

MarioScript.pngMariohere i go

(Mario is covered by a cloud as he uses a powerup.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingit doesn't matter what suit you use mario

Page 7

(Mario appears in Kuribo's Shoe.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingthey didn't tell me about this one?

(Mario leaps into the air and slams down on Troll King. He smiles as he seems to have crushed Troll King.)

MarioScript.pngMariowhat the hell im being lifted in the air?

(Troll King emerges from the hole and lifts the shoe with his robotic arm.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingpick a better suit

MarioScript.pngMariofuck you


(Troll King tosses Mario aside.)

Page 8

(Mario is covered by another cloud as he uses a powerup.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingwhats next?

MarioScript.pngMariotime to die!!

(Mario, using the Boomerang Flower, throws a boomerang at Troll King.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingcome one mario

(Troll King punches the boomerang, snapping it in two.)

MarioScript.pngMarioalright fucker here it comes now right all over your face

(Mario reaches into his satchel and uses another powerup, this time becoming Cape Mario.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingyou got nothing that can hurt me

MarioScript.pngMariowe will see about that

TKScript.pngTroll Kingtake this

(Troll King uses his wave.)

Page 9

(Mario deflects the wave using his cape.)

MarioScript.pngMarioi keep my word and i will kill you like i said

TKScript.pngTroll Kingkilling me? Thats impossible for anyone

(Mario begins to fly as Troll King launches another wave.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingyour no different from the rest

TKScript.pngTroll Kingi knew it

(Mario is uneffected by the wave and flips Troll King off.)


MarioScript.pngMariouse a better move retard

Page 10

TKScript.pngTroll King the good thing about this new arm of mine. is that i can do this

(Troll King uses Luigi's fire wave. Mario dodges to the side, but is punched in the face by Trol King. Troll King grabs Mario's leg and flings him aside.)

MarioScript.pngMariodamnit. i got to get up fast

(As Mario regains his posture, he sees another one of Luigi's waves coming towards him.)

Page 11


(Mario blocks the wave with his hand. The fire expands around him.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kinghahahaha this is over he can't live from that

(Mario emerges from the flames, his hand burned.)

MarioScript.pngMariosigh...... ah you can't kill me with my brother's power

TKScript.pngTroll Kingahhh i see now. you was able to take the damage that fire had to give

(Mario's eyes are covered by the shadow of his hat.)

MarioScript.pngMarioyou have no right using any of luigi's moves after what you did to him.. i will make you pay if it's the last thing i do.god damnit

(Mario reaches into his bag and pulls out a Metal Box. He is covered in smoke as he turns into Metal Mario.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingthat wont work mario. my fist are harder then metal

Page 12

MarioScript.pngMarioim done with this shit. FUCK YOU troll !!

TKScript.pngTroll KingBRING it ON!!!!!

(Mario rushes at Troll King but is punched in the face, sending him flying back.)

MarioScript.pngMario shit even in metal that hurts like fuck

MarioScript.pngMarioi cant afford to lose now. Not after all this. i will use every bone in m body to make sure you die!!!


TKScript.pngTroll Kingwhen will you realize there's no point in try ing

Page 13

(Mario runs at Troll King once more, kicking him. Troll King evades.)

TKScript.pngTroll King (thinking)he's a little stronger then sonic was but he's not nearly as fast. but he can take a lot more pain then sonic could as well..

(Troll King blocks one of Mario's punches with his arm and punches Mario in the face, cracking his metal nose.)

Page 14

MarioScript.pngMarioalright you asked for it. im gonna use my new move on you

TKScript.pngTroll Kinghmmmmmm your fire is blue? this is different from the fire you normaly use

(A blue flame emits from Mario's hand, which grows into a larger flame.)

MarioScript.pngMarioyou are right this fire is different. i can only use it every 24 hours. this fire is much stronger

MarioScript.pngMarioand you will learn why this fire will kill you soon enough

TKScript.pngTroll Kingi doubt it..

(From within the blue flame, many small fireballs are launched. Troll King catches them in his hand.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingwhat the? the fire is getting bigger?

(The fires gather, creating a large inferno.)

Page 15

MarioScript.pngMarioyou cant escape this fire because this fire becomes stronger and bigger with peoples body heat


(Mario throws the blue fireball he is controlling at Troll King, who is in the inferno.)

MarioScript.pngMarioahaha this move can only be used in metal form because its known to kill the person using it. because of the user's own body heat

(The fire rages.)

MarioScript.pngMariothis fire can kill people ten times stronger then the person using the move because. it's getting stronger as it makes the Victim's body even warmer from the fire, making the fire stronger

TKScript.pngTroll Kinghahahah i should really be thanking your brother luigi if it wasn't for him knocking my arm off i wouldn't of had this arm. this robot arm is fire resistence and cools it self down when under alot of heat. and the best part about this arm is that it absorbs fire damage protecting me from all the fires damage and effects. so your plan to kill me with luigi actually turned out to help me vs you mario HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

(Troll King's robotic arm sizzles.)

Page 16

MarioScript.pngMariodamnit my metal form is out of time

(Mario depowers.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingok mario ill give you a free shot hit me as hard as you can

(Mario punches Troll King in the face, causing him to bleed slightly.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingis that all you got?

Page 17

TKScript.pngTroll Kingnow do you see the difference in our power mario. dont be stupid it's obvious

MarioScript.pngMariohmmmmm m you...... BASTARD!! ! YOU BASTARD! YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!


(Mario pulls out a star.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingthat star ive seen it before?

(Flashback to Luigi using the star before Star Mario runs towards Troll King.)

TKScript.pngTroll King (thinking)yes i remember it now. luigi threaten all of the trolls with that star. it must be powerful i better be careful with this item of there's. this is there ace in the hole

TKScript.pngTroll King (thinking)he almost got me..

TKScript.pngTroll King (thinking)he barely touched my skin

TKScript.pngTroll King (thinking)and it's burning like hell

Page 18

(Star Mario chases Troll King.)

TKScript.pngTroll King (thinking)i can't let him touch me in this state he's in. he could kill me if he would hit me with a clear shot

MarioScript.pngMariohere we go!!

(Star Mario hits his max speed and rushes towards Troll King.)

TKScript.pngTroll King (thinking)damn he's fast in this form. i wont be able to out run him

TKScript.pngTroll King (thinking)think.... hmmmmm.? i might be able to slow him down or at least keep him off if i use my robot arm as a defence

(Troll King blocks Star Mario's punch using his robot arm, catching his fist. Troll King's robot arm sizzles slightly.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kinghuh? ahh i see now your star form is powerful but it has a time limit which is very short hahahah

MarioScript.pngMariocrap... well no matter i still have something left that will hurt you

Page 19

TKScript.pngTroll King (thinking)he has more? damn he has to be the craftiest person ive fought

(Mario pulls out a second star.)

MarioScript.pngMarioAHAH AHAA H!!!

TKScript.pngTroll King (thinking)damn if he uses that star im dead.. i have no choice but to use one of the ten deadly words

TKScript.pngTroll KingNi** ER

(Mario's eyes go white as he begins to bleed from the eyes.)


(Mario reaches for his eyes.)



(Mario drops the star he is holding.)

MarioScript.pngMarioAHHHHHHHHHH!! MY EYES

Page 20

MarioScript.pngMariowhat is this ahhhh!!

TKScript.pngTroll Kingthe words of death is like your star in ways. each word's effect has a time limit of it's own

TKScript.pngTroll Kingeach word shut's down a part of the person. eye's. ear's. in luigi's case i shut down his brain long enough for him to be fucked to death.. each word has a different effect. you should be lucky really. i used one of the weaker words on you mario


(Troll King grabs Mario by the throat and begins punching him in the face.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingim going to beat the fuck out of you!!!

(Troll King knees Mario.)




(Mario is punched back by Troll King.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kinghahahahahah!!!!

(Troll King lets off an evil smile.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingim going to enjoy this more then i should

(A green blur suddenly circles around Troll King.)

Page 21

(Mario dissappears.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingive just had enough of all mario's tricks

MarioScript.pngMarioyoshi hurry and get me out ofhere

YoshiScript.pngYoshiYOSHI !!!!!!!

(Troll King uses his wave on Yoshi, knocking him down from the air.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kinghahaha as i thought. you might have a chest plate to block my move but your pet doesn't

TKScript.pngTroll Kingnow your time has come mario!!

(Troll King runs towards Mario. Yoshi extends his tongue.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingstay out of my way yoshi AHHHHHHHHHHH!!

(Grabbing Yoshi's tongue, Troll King swings and throws Yoshi aside.)

MarioScript.pngMariodamnit leave yoshi alone

TKScript.pngTroll Kingim just getting him out of my way so i can kill you