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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles the firepower (Troll Slaiyers title)
Marmar (Dickfenders)
Place of birth Kario's house
Relatives Kario (father)
Bleach (mother)
Luigi (brother)
Wario (brother)
Waluigi (brother)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Affiliation Mushroom Kingdom,
The Troll Slaiyers (formerly)
The Troll Slayers (UAR)
Allies Luigi, Yoshi, Toad
Enemies Shadow, Kario, The Trolls,
The Troll Slaiyers
Likes Luigi
Dislikes his parents, Luigi's gay "Mr. L" outfit, The Trolls
Weapons/powers Pyrokinesis, hammer, suits, items
First appearance Chapter 1, Page 13
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 15
In real life
Actual name Mario Mario
First appearance Donkey Kong (1981)
Franchise Super Mario
death happens alot get use to it
Mario, Chapter 7, Page 5

Mario is one of the major characters in Tails Gets Trolled. He is the older brother of Luigi, and together they work to fight The Trolls.


As a young man, Mario appears similar to how he appears in the modern day but without a mustache. His appearance remains mostly the same in his adulthood. Mario typically wears blue overalls over his red shirt, and a cap with his trademark "M" on it.


Early Life

A young Mario and Luigi.

After the defeat of Bowser, Mario and his younger brother Luigi decided to search for their parents. They traveled far and wide before eventually finding their father's home. Upon seeing the face of their mother, Mario shows doubt over whether or not they have the right place but explains that he and Luigi are their kids. Kario explains the truth, stating that he intended on killing off Mario and his siblings (Wario and Waluigi included) by having them dropped in the middle of nowhere by a bird (assumed to be the stork from Yoshi's Island), and that they never truly loved them, going as far to say that he would not have had children to begin with if not for the joys of unprotected sex.

As Luigi is left in tears, Mario sneaks around the back of the house to exact vengeance. Using a metal bat, he bashes his mother's head into a frying pan, killing her, before confronting his father. Mario easily knocks him down and learns about The Trolls from his father, igniting his son's hatred for The Trolls. After leaving, he then burns his parents' house down and the brothers leave.

Many years later, Mario is reminded of The Trolls when a Toad is trolled, and decides to take action. He and his brother Luigi lay low to search for the boss of The Trolls. After seeing Shadow kill two trolls, the brothers decide to temporarily ally themselves with Shadow in order to complete their own plan involving Luigi eventually betraying the team in order to gain the trust of the Trolls to infiltrate their ranks. Later, Mario interrupts a stand off between Pori and Shadow, while looking for the one responsible for trolling Toad. Pori escapes and Shadow explains himself before Mario leaves, determined to find a way to stop the trolls on his own.

The Firepower

Mario is eventually called over by Shadow to join the Troll Slaiyers. Together, they create the Awesome Fucking Plan, but as the day of the plan arrives the group is suddenly "betrayed" by Luigi who reveals that he has been in contact with The Trolls and has been providing them with info. He rants about his secret "hatred" for Mario and the two duel. Mario loses the fight but is saved, and retreats with the rest of the Slaiyers. As the group returns to their hideout, Mario reveals his true plan to Shadow, and how the Slaiyers are nothing but tools for himself and Luigi, enraging him. Mario and the Slaiyers fight, (with Bowser also appearing to aid the Slaiyers) but Mario manages to escape using Yoshi. After some time, he is next seen at an undisclosed location where a Toad gives him a package containing a ripped shirt containing a scent and a message that will allow Mario to find the base of the trolls.

Mario is blinded by a word of death.

Some time later, Mario appears just outside Troll City ready to confront the Troll King. He explains his backstory to the King and how his hate for The Trolls was born (as well as his knowledge of Luigi's death), and the two begin to battle. Mario uses many different power-ups (such as shells, Metal Boxes, flames, and the cape) to fight but is overwhelmed by the Troll King's immense power. Left cornered, Mario makes use of a star to become invincible and manages to singe the Troll King before his power wears out. Unfortunately for the Troll King, Mario reveals that he has a second star. Before he can use it, however, the Troll King makes use of a Word of Death to blind Mario and give him an advantage. The King beats Mario around for a while, but Mario manages to escape using a Warp Whistle to get away.

Much time passes before Mario is seen again. After recovering from his battle with The Trolls, Mario is seen with various Toads and Professor E. Gadd. E. Gadd reveals that they are working on the "Holy Star", a super-powered star with a longer duration that should allow Mario a greater chance at killing the Troll King. Toadsworth also provides Mario with a potion that deafens the drinker so that he can counter the Words of Death. A Toad informs him of someone approaching, who is revealed to be Pori. Pori speaks to Mario and explains his true nature as a mole for the Trolls, as well as giving some information on Shadow's background. Before leaving, Pori gives Mario a photo of Shadow and his own father (Kario) posing together, revealing that Shadow was the person who had recruited his parents into the Trolls. Mario is left furious, now knowing the actual truth behind his parents' trolling.

Return to the Mushroom Kingdom

Mario, aboard Yoshi, then makes his way back to the Mushroom Kingdom in order to speak with Peach. Along the way, they run into Daisy who cheerily asks about Luigi's status. He hides the truth from her by saying that the two went their separate ways on their journey before moving onwards. As he approaches Peach's castle, the Toad guards fill him in on what had gone on while he was away, noting that Peach has been prohibited from leaving the castle by her father due to rising tensions with The Trolls.

As he approaches Peach, he is suddenly grabbed by the princess who demands to know what had happened in his absence. Mario confirms to her that Luigi was in fact killed during their expedition which causes Peach to tear up. He reaches out to try and console her but is slapped away. Peach then asks Mario to abandon his grudge with The Trolls for both the sake of the Mushroom Kingdom and the lives of the people within it.

Furious, Mario refuses to give up, saying that he must avenge Luigi and that his campaign will be worth it in the end. He angers Peach by claiming that she has no idea of what he has gone through and that she has not seen death as he has. In his anger he calls Peach a whore, causing her to reveal that while he was away, she had sexual relations with both Bowser and Donkey Kong. Mario is decimated by this news and slaps Peach in the face. Peach then summons her Toad guards to arrest Mario. Toads armed with spears then storm the area and move towards Mario, who begins to escape. In his panic, he wrestles a spear away from a guard and impales the Toad in the head on accident. In shock, he runs off and hides in a corridor where another Toad approaches him.

Mario in the bathroom doing drugs.

The Toad, unaware of what had happened in the princess's chambers, greet Mario. Mario then asks for their help and leads them to a spot outside the castle. He then asks them to join his cause against the Trolls, to which they agree, revealing themselves to be loyal to the plumber. Mario then spends the rest of the night drinking and makes his way to a pub where he is given heroin by Tony the Tiger, and shoots up in the bathroom.


Mario's personality before learning of the trolls is unknown, but he is shown to be somewhat virtuous when he confronts his parents. He is disgusted by their lack of care and respect towards himself and Luigi and shows no hesitation in murdering them after they brush him off. Since then, Mario would develop an extreme hatred for the Trolls that dies down over the years but is re-kindled when he learns of a Toad being trolled.

Mario is also shown to have an immense amount of care for the Mushroom Kingdom and his brother Luigi. Mario refuses to return to Peach's Castle in fear of letting the battles come close to the area, endangering others. He also describes Luigi as "one of the only people he ever cared about" and he is incredibly hurt over his death, even taking offense to Troll King using one of his attacks.

His hatred for trolls also has made Mario quite unhinged. He laughs crazily when betraying Shadow and even trolls him before leaving. During his battle with Troll King, he After escaping from his battle with Troll King, he is left angry and very focused on his mission in destroying the King and the trolls. Mario is also quick to resort to violence when talking to Pori under the assumption that he is a troll, and is initially unwilling to hear him out.

Abilities & Arsenals

Mario flees using the aid of the Warp Whistle.

In combat, Mario is shown to be a particularly tough opponent overall. Notably during his fight with Troll King in chaper 7: mario vs king troll, he is able to sustain several direct hits that have been shown to be otherwise fatal against most characters, such as Troll King's brute force and Luigi's flames, something Troll King himself points out and is surprised by, as he expected Mario to drop much sooner during the fight. He is also implied to be physically very powerful as stated by Troll King when comparing him to Sonic in his super form in chaper 7: mario vs king troll, Page 13, and alongside Luigi has been shown to kill average trolls easily by slamming them with his hammer, though the extent of that wasn't shown in detail and just stands as "a little stronger then Sonic".

Mario's signature abilities however come from his power-ups and items. He is shown using hammers, various suits/forms, and stars to fight against his opponents. Mario is also able to call Yoshi to assist him by flying away. Similar to his brother, Mario is capable of creating waves of fire to blast his foes with. As shown during his fight with the Troll King, he also has a special blue flame that is more destructive but has restrictions to its use (namely, a 24-hour limit and requiring the Metal Box).

The full list power-ups and forms seen throughout Tails Gets Trolled include:

  • A Hammer, as seen in tails gets trolled, Page 21
  • Racoon Mario, as seen in chapter 3: the truth, Page 2, which grants flight
  • Frog Mario, as seen in chapter 3: the truth, Page 5. It enables Mario to jump further, and in this form, Mario primarily attacks by kicking.
  • Shells for granting Yoshi flight or for simply throwing
  • Goomba's Shoe/Kuribo's Shoe, as seen in chaper 7: mario vs king troll, Page 7, which allows Mario to stomp with greater power
  • Boomerang Mario, as seen in chaper 7: mario vs king troll, Page 8, allowing Mario to throw boomerangs
  • Cape Mario, as seen in chaper 7: mario vs king troll, Page 9, giving Mario the ability to deflect the Troll King's shock wave attack, as well as flight
  • Metal Mario, as seen in chaper 7: mario vs king troll, Page 11, granting Mario increased endurance as well as the ability to use his special "blue flame" attack
  • Star Mario, as seen in chaper 7: mario vs king troll, Page 17, allowing Mario to move quickly, become invincible and cause major bodily damage by getting near his enemy. Is shown burning Troll King from just being near him. Has a limited time before wearing off.
    • Mario is also in possession of the Holy Star, a fusion of 20 normal stars together. This star is said to be much more powerful and lasts for a longer amount of time than a normal star.
  • The Warp Whistle, as seen in chaper 8: the neutral's, Page 1, allowing him to escape battle. The winds summoned are also capable of preventing his opponents from moving.


but i dont really give a fuck about your freiends you guys are no different then daffy and bugs. Disposable items to use to reach our goal
you have no right using any of luigi's moves after what you did to him.. i will make you pay if it's the last thing i do.god damnit
No i haven't Trolled before! It doesn't matter if you're a Troll or not, you're still apart of the Trolls group, which means i will never take assistance from you.

Real Life Origins

Mario is the main character of the Mario franchise, and has starred in many different games playing many different roles such as that of a doctor, kart racer, or tennis player.


Mario is typically shown as a mostly silent protagonist, only speaking in different voice grunts and occasionally speaking in full sentences to thank the player for playing his games, for example. In some cases such as in the Mario & Luigi series, he is shown speaking gibberish to communicate with other characters. In Tails Gets Trolled, however, he can speak full sentences and talk normally.

Mario is also more aggressive in Tails Gets Trolled and is shown to to be willing to murder others in order to achieve his goals.

In the main series, Wario and Waluigi have an unknown relation to the Mario Bros. whereas in Tails Gets Trolled, they are explicitly stated to be his brothers.

Appearance wise, Mario's mustache is colored brown instead of black, which is how it usually appears in the main series. His overalls are also missing the yellow buttons in his early appearances, most notably during Chapter 7.