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  • Character count: ~13400
  • No spaces: ~11500
  • Character with most lines: Silver (30)
  • Character with least lines: Markus (1)

Page 1

(Yoshi hits the ground a distance away.)

MarioScript.pngMariodont worry yoshi i will get us out of here.

TKScript.pngTroll Kingi dont think so mario

TKScript.pngTroll KingIve wasted enough time as it is now you die

MarioScript.pngMarioi got one last hope to survive this

(Mario reaches into his bag.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingif you grab another star ill just use another word of death

MarioScript.pngMarioit's not a star dumbass

TKScript.pngTroll Kingdosen't matter what item it is mario

MarioScript.pngMarioi got it

(Mario grabs the Warp Whistle.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingit's not the time to play music mario!

(Mario plays the whistle.)

Page 2

MarioScript.pngMarioit's over now

TKScript.pngTroll Kingfor once your right.

TKScript.pngTroll Kingthe wind is getting stronger?

TKScript.pngTroll Kingwhat the hell? where that come from? this is from that flute?

(A tornado scoops up Mario and Yoshi.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingdamnit i cant move..

TKScript.pngTroll Kingdamnit it's taking him away

TKScript.pngTroll Kingfuck he got away after all

AlexScript.pngAlexthat flute took him and his pet away

TKScript.pngTroll Kinghe better hope we dont meat again because next time

TKScript.pngTroll Kingi will destroy him

Page 3

WoodstockScript.pngWoodstockmy story is simple. they did to snoopy what they did to pork chop. they fucked him to death. thats my story i dont feel like putting it in more detail then that. now that we are past that we will start your training

TailsScript.pngTailswhat are you gonna teach me?

WoodstockScript.pngWoodstockwell im not vary strong and my speed is limited but my reaction time is great and even though your fast you need work on your reaction speed

(A large gun emerges from behind Woodstock.)

WoodstockScript.pngWoodstockthe faster you react to danger the better. im gonna set thiS gun on random speeds so you wont know how fast or how slow it will come at you next your training is to dodge all of them

(The gun fires a bullet a Tails, which he jumps over.)

TailsScript.pngTails how long do i have to do this for?

WoodstockScript.pngWoodstockuntil i say so. now im gonna go fix my self a hot pocket.

TailsScript.pngTailshey aren't you supose to watch me?

(Tails dodges another bullet.)

WoodstockScript.pngWoodstockill check back here later im hungry and im to lazy to watch you all day

TailsScript.pngTailsalright then woodstock

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

(The scene moves to Underbite Troll's apartment.)

Page 4

(Rob, Underbite Troll, and Markus sleep on the couch. Fudd sleeps on the floor next to his bodies. Silver makes his way to Blaze's room.)


SilverScript.pngSilverok im gonna tell her now. i can do it. be a man damnit

SilverScript.pngSilverhey blaze can i come in?

BlazeScript.pngBlazehey silver whats up?

SilverScript.pngSilverthere's something i want to tell you... umm......

BlazeScript.pngBlazewhat is it?

SilverScript.pngSilverwell.... i ummm.......

BlazeScript.pngBlazesilver can you hold my hand?


(Silver and Blaze almost hold hands.) (SLAM!!)

SilverScript.pngSilverwhat was that bang noise

SilverScript.pngSilverit might be danger stay in here. the trolls like to rape its safer in here

Page 5

SilverScript.pngSilverhmmmm i hear crying this can't be good at all

JackoScript.pngJackonow give us a real answer

(Underbite Troll is being held at gunpoint by a troll with a thin mustache and beard.)

MustacheScript.pngChinese Johntell us where the other one is

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trolli dont know what your talking about?

JackoScript.pngJacko maybe we should kill his gay love. talk fucking noob or he die's hahah badie talk damnit

(Jacko points the gun at Markus, who is crying.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusi dont even know whats going on?

SilverScript.pngSilverlet them go or i will kill you with my powers

UnknownScript.pngTrollif you try anything i will shoot your friend in his sleep

(A troll holds a gun at Rob's head.)

BlueGuyScript.pngBlueberta way to go out if you think about it. in our sleep


(Rob continues to sleep.)

GaryOakLookinGuyScript.pngThe Man with No Plangreat now we have all of them. all we need to do is keep them here until he arrive's

GaryOakLookinGuyScript.pngThe Man with No Plannow hands up and face first in the ground now silver

SilverScript.pngSilver (thinking)fuck even with my power's i wouldn't be able to stop the bullets from killing them

FuddScript.pngFuddwhats going on?

Page 6

JackoScript.pngJackoput your hands up or we will kill your freinds. do as we say now retard

FuddScript.pngFuddwhat was you saying i wasn't listening?

BlueGuyScript.pngBluebertdo you not care that we have guns? he thinks we wont do it. kill one them. you see this noob

SilverScript.pngSilver (thinking)the guns are to close to there heads i wouldn't be able to stop the guns in time. i need something to get there Attention first

(Markus is executed.)

FuddScript.pngFuddwho was that again?

UnknownScript.pngTrollyou want to play like that? ill kill all of them starting with him

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trolloh GOD.

(Chinese John and Jacko are suddenly confused.)

MustacheScript.pngChinese Johndose this guy have a brain tumor or something?

JackoScript.pngJacko............... wha..... what the fuck is with his hands?

(Fudd reveals his hands to have Satanic like symbols on them.)

Page 7

SilverScript.pngSilverheres my chance

(Silver uses his powers to steal the guns away from the trolls.)

MustacheScript.pngChinese Johndamnit he's got our guns

FuddScript.pngFuddthis is why i wanted that wabbit

(Fudd puts his hands together and releases strings.)

SilverScript.pngSilverwhat in the world are you doing?

(The strings reach for Fudd's bag and reanimates the corpses of Daffy and Bugs.)

Page 8

FuddScript.pngFuddalright first thing's first i must dig into there Memories

(Fudd takes a piece of Daffy/Bugs brains and eats them.)

FuddScript.pngFudd bug's Memories first

(Fudd experiences a flashback between Bugs and Daffy.)

BugsScript.pngBugsdaffy i need your help. these people keep on insulting me calling me name's and i can't stop them and i dont know what to do there so hateful to me and i dont know why?

DaffyScript.pngDaffybugs i can help you but i need you to do something first

BugsScript.pngBugswhats that? daffy

DaffyScript.pngDaffystop crying like a pussy. ok them people are ass hole's. the way to get them back. is to be more of a ass hole back. out do there dickyness with more dickyness

FuddScript.pngFuddhmmm bugs Memories are out of the way now. now its daffy's turn

(Fudd eats Daffy's brain.)

DaffyScript.pngDaffywhere am i? where's bugs?

AlexScript.pngAlexsir can i have the honors.... pretty please with duck on top

DaffyScript.pngDaffywait..? what are you gonna do to me?

Page 9

TKScript.pngTroll Kingyes alex the honor is all yours. i want you to beat him near death. i want you to crush his spirit. i want him to wish for death. break as many oh his bones as you can

DaffyScript.pngDaffy........ what!?

AlexScript.pngAlexyes sir. im going to fuck him

DaffyScript.pngDaffyAHHHHHHHH SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!

FuddScript.pngFuddim starting to get sad

BlueGuyScript.pngBluebertthis is some kind of trick. your trying to trick us with these fake zombies

BlueGuyScript.pngBluebertim not falling for it!!! tit face

(Daffy Peter Pan kicks the Bluebert, knocking him to the ground.)

MustacheScript.pngChinese Johnill kill him you satanic freak

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollno!!!

(Underbite Troll is beheaded.)

Page 10

FuddScript.pngFuddhey i have a bigger gun and thats not the only thing thats bigger

(Fudd aims his shotgun while Bugs wakes up Rob.)

RobScript.pngRobhuh? ...... what time is it?

MustacheScript.pngChinese Johnnoooooooooooooooo!!!

(Fudd kills the Chinese John.)

SilverScript.pngSilverelmer fud forget about the other trolls there isn't enough time for that. im sure theres more trolls on there way. we got to get out of here. ill go get blaze


FuddScript.pngFuddokie dokie silver

(Fudd's corpses retreat into the bag.)

FuddScript.pngFuddi got my wabbit and ducky

SilverScript.pngSilveri should of expected this. and all my planing wont be any good if i die before it even starts taking action

Page 11

(The scene moves to Eggman and the Man in the Ice being frozen.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingdamnit egg man. even now you manage to mess up my plans

HindoScript.pngHindosir we just heard some news you might want to know the one called elmer fud can resurrect the dead

TKScript.pngTroll King.........................

TKScript.pngTroll Kingfate has just put this back in my favor this is even better then i would of imagine

TKScript.pngTroll Kingforget about silver. bring me elmer fud

HindoScript.pngHindosir there's no need to send a bunch of your people after fud. and waste resources

(Hindo takes on his electric form and travels through power lines, ending up at the housing area Silver is in.)

HindoScript.pngHindoi can get them in about five minutes.i can traval faster then any of our people with the electric lines

BlazeScript.pngBlazesilver i know your just looking out for me but you can let go of my arm now

SilverScript.pngSilverim sorry

(Silver lets go of Blaze's hand.)

RobScript.pngRobwhat is that smell?

Page 12

SilverScript.pngSilverwe need to find a hidding spot

RobScript.pngRobthere's something sparking? i can smell it

RobScript.pngRobWATCH OUT!!

(Hindo leaps from the wire and knees Fudd in the face, knocking him out.)

SilverScript.pngSilverwhat the hell!?


SilverScript.pngSilverdamnit that was to fast for me to react

HindoScript.pngHindoi got what i was after

RobScript.pngRobi dont know who you are but get the fuck away from him now!!!

Page 13

HindoScript.pngHindoso your the dragonborn? huh guess alex was lieing when he said he was strong

RobScript.pngRobi dont know what your saying but for some reason the sight of your face is pissing me off

HindoScript.pngHindofighting you three would be a waste of my time i have my target

HindoScript.pngHindoanyways. after i bring fud back with me i might just spend some time out of my day to find and fuck your moms hard

(Rob uses Unrelenting Force. Hindo escapes.)

HindoScript.pngHindomaybe next time dragonborn

(Hindo takes Fudd with him through the power lines.)

RobScript.pngRobhe's gonna take him with them lines huh?

SilverScript.pngSilveri was afraid this might happen. fud only made this harder when he did that satanic zombie thing with bug's and daffy. we need to get a hide out so i can get my plan started. this is taking longer then i wanted it to be

BlazeScript.pngBlazesilver i dont know if we have a chance of winning this fight. i dont have a good feeling about whats gonna happen next what ever it might be?

RobScript.pngRobi promise i will save you friend

Page 14

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

(The scene moves to Tails.)

TailsScript.pngTailshey woostock?

TailsScript.pngTailsi have been doing this all day. where the hell have you been?

WoodstockScript.pngWoodstockoh sorry i forgot about this and took a nap and then took a shit. im so sorry i forgot but no worries man im here now

TailsScript.pngTailsyou got to be the worst teacher i have ever seen in my life. your not here most the time

WoodstockScript.pngWoodstockchill your vag man. i know. now to see if you learned anything I must really test how you react to real danger which means no more testing

(Woodstock suddenly pulls out a gun and shoots at Tails.)

WoodstockScript.pngWoodstockgreat you passed my training well done tails. he's all yours batman im gonna go now

TailsScript.pngTailshey guns aren't toys you could of really hurt me with that thing

WoodstockScript.pngWoodstockit's a bb gun dumb ass. so it is a toy after al


BatmanScript.pngBatmannow your real training starts

BatmanScript.pngBatmanim gonna teach you the fine art of hand to hand combat

TailsScript.pngTailsoh yeah i was waiting for this

Page 15

BatmanScript.pngBatmanbefore we train i feel the need to tell you my story so you will understand. my story started after i finally killed the joker

BatmanScript.pngBatmanlaying there with his last breath. he cleaned off his face and showed me his real face. which it turns out he was my long lost uncle. after he died i found out the truth about everything. about the deceit of my own love ones

(Tails appears sad/disinterested.)

BatmanScript.pngBatmanit turns out the reason joker was crazy was because my city the one i worked so hard to pertect was filled with the true bad guys he was trying to stop there evil ways.robin and the rest of them

(Tails looks down.)

BatmanScript.pngBatmanwas lead by the true villian alfred

(A vision of Alfred appears behind Batman.)

BatmanScript.pngBatmanso then i had to kill all the people that i once called friends and then i was face to face with alfred and he told me how he payed them people to kill my parents. right before he died he told me he was in the group called the trolls

TailsScript.pngTailsso thats why you joined the defenders. that sucks

BatmanScript.pngBatmanthats my story and thats why i hate the trolls. now lets get your training started

(The scene moves to Rob, who is looking down at the ground.)

SilverScript.pngSilverhmm i know rob it doesn't feeL right with out him

SilverScript.pngSilverhmmmmmm!!! this is all my fault

SilverScript.pngSilverif i would of tried harder i could of saved him. im no better then shadow at least he's not a coward

(A voice emerges from a nearby alleyway.)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyoteseeing fuds powers. you have now enter something you dont understand

SilverScript.pngSilverwhos there. get out of the shadows stranger

CoyoteScript.pngCoyoteyou guys have to come with me now

Page 16

SilverScript.pngSilveri remember you. knuckles and shadow helped you get the road runner and in return you helped us with the consert.

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote you need to come with me through this secret tunnel. someone could be hearing us talking right now. lets go

RobScript.pngRobwait you have a bag thats just like his bag?

(Coyote grabs a trash bag.)

SilverScript.pngSilverrobs right. so im guessing you have the same satanic power as elmer fud


CoyoteScript.pngCoyotewe must hurry

BlazeScript.pngBlazewell i guess we follow him?

(The group enters a dark hallway with small candles lighting the path.)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotewe have lots to explain to you. silver. fuds capture gave us no choice but to interfere

SilverScript.pngSilverwhen you say we? you must mean there are more of you huh?

CoyoteScript.pngCoyoteyes our secret base is up ahead. ill eplain everything there

(A small hole in the ground is shown with a ladder going down.)

Page 17

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterhey Coyote fud was a bit on the slow side i am not really shocked that he was captured

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterhey im why are we gonna waste our words on these outs siders? i mean its not like they would care

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotewe are the neutral's. we are called that because to use this power your emotions must be neutral. its not that we are to worried about his life but we cant let that kind of power in the wrong hands

SilverScript.pngSilverwell thats fucked up

CoyoteScript.pngCoyoteto use this power you must not hate or care to much or we wont be able to control the corpses and all the powers the bodies have. so we dont care that much if we live or die but we must make sure this power is not in the wrong hands

(The scene moves to a monument marked with the symbol of the Neutrals.)

TomScript.pngTomwe neutral's dont take sides in childish battles that normal people do. to pick sides is fullish

TomScript.pngTomthe world shouldn't be a battle feild for them ummm childish battles. our goal is to keep this power safe.

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotethere's no telling how strong a neutral can be with the right bodies but there's a ketch

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotewe can only bring back bodies that have the head connected to there bodie. if the head happen to be severed the body would be useless. and it has another ketch other then that. your controlling the bodies with your spirit lines. to have full control we must eat the there brains to know all they know.

SilverScript.pngSilverhow did you get this power?

SylvesterScript.pngSylvestersigh......... man questions


CoyoteScript.pngCoyotei guess it is relevant to explain everything to you. it was years back stuff like this people never forget

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotei remember when the five of us went out that day drinking to celebrate sylvester finally killmg tweety bird

(Flashback to a sunny day in the past.)

FuddScript.pngFuddi cant wait until tonight we are gonna get so wasted

Page 18

TomScript.pngTom why are we going to have this celebration anyways sylvester is such a dick. he gets on my nervs with his Attitude

FuddScript.pngFuddhe doesn't bother me at all. are you sure?

TomScript.pngTomyou cant see it's fuck am i the only one? he's a ass hole dude

FuddScript.pngFuddyour just mad at him because he killed that birdy before you killed your mousey hahah

(Fudd and Tom knock on a door.)

FuddScript.pngFuddlets go

TomScript.pngTomwhatever man thats not why. did he tell you to say that? fuck him i will kill that mouse assholes

FuddScript.pngFuddhahaha hah be nice we are at his house

(Coyote greets the two and lets them in.)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotehey guys i was just telling him the plan. we are gonna do a all nighter and get fucked up hahaha its gonna be sweet

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotecome inside

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterhey tom shouldn't you wait until tonight before you start drinking. i dont want you to get wasted before its even time

TomScript.pngTomhey you have nothing to worry about. i can handle my booze alot better then you can. ill be fine.

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesteroh really

(Coyote facepalms.)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote oh my god. can you guys not argue like you always do, this is supose to be a fun night

FuddScript.pngFuddummm guys if we are gonna be drunk then how will we drive home? we need a designated driver

(The scene moves to another house with sign outside it, reading "welcome to the house of god".)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotecome on. im not asking you to drink with us im asking you to make sure we dont crash into something

PorkyScript.pngPorkybut. but but but. i... i.... dont. i cant.. i dont want to help yo.... you kill your brains.. but.. i can't i.........its not goods

Page 19

CoyoteScript.pngCoyoteman there is nothing wrong with this. it doesn't say in thebible that you can't drive your freinds to a bar so they can get fucked up

PorkyScript.pngPorkyw......why.... why can... can't..... you. ...... you ask..... bu......bu..... bugs ....... or daffy to drive ...... you.. gu.... guys

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotedude bugs and daffy are always weird when we drink with them. they always going to the bath room at the same time and stay in there for hours. besides fud would try to kill them. just stop being a pussy

PorkyScript.pngPorkyo..... ok ill drive you guys


TomScript.pngTomHELL YEAH!! there both coming out side. thats so fucking cool

PorkyScript.pngPorkyge.......get... ge...... get in the car

FuddScript.pngFudddrive us to the bar on 24th street

UnknownScript.pngUnknown speakerput on your seat belts

(The characters appear in a car. Fudd is spaced out. The camera suddenly shifts to a closeup of Tom's face.)

TomScript.pngTomdid you know that even with seat belts people die all the time in car crashes? i thought that was interesting

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorafter the drive

(The group arrives at the bar. The sign reads "open".)

BartenderScript.pngBart Enderhey guys

BartenderScript.pngBart Endergo ahead and pick a table but if tom and sylvster fight in my bar again ill kick you all out

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterthat wont happen again

Page 20

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotealright lets skip the sissy drinks and start with some shots

(Several shots of alcohol are on the table.)

TomScript.pngTomI want to make a toast to our great friend sylvester for his accomplishment killing a bird, I mean its no road runner or jerry and not nearly as hard to kill but none the less a miracle of its own. that he finally was able to kill a tiny bird in a cage

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterhmmm mmm

FuddScript.pngFuddthat was a beautiful speach man

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratortwo hours later

(The characters all appear drunk, cheeks red.)

TomScript.pngTomim sorry man i dont hate you personally. i just hate your smug face

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterhey im sorry to. i shouldn't of fucked your sister and never told you about it. that was wrong of me, us cats must stick together

(Fudd and Coyote are holding microphones, singing together.)

FuddScript.pngFuddi ahhhh. umm love...... loooovvve you baby always


(Porky sits alone, irritated.)

PorkyScript.pngPorkyhe.... he...... hey ca...... can i get another. apple ju......ju ..... ju.... juice

BartenderScript.pngBart Enderhey why aren't you drinking with your friends? they look like there having lots of fun

PorkyScript.pngPorkythey do dont they? we.... wel....... well i guess it wont hurt if i drink one beer

(Fudd throws up, Coyote comforts him.)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyoteyeah man get it all out man

(Coyote smiles before throwing up himself.)

Page 21

TomScript.pngTomhey whats in that bag you keep on messing with?

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterits nothing

(Sylvester messes around with a bag.)

TomScript.pngTomcome on whats in it?

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterfine ill tell you. but you got to be cool about it and not tell anyone this, i got some cat nip

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesteri guess ill give you some of it

TomScript.pngTomoh..... yeah this is gonna be fun

(Tom and Sylvester exit the bar. Elsewhere, Porky is now drunk.)

PorkyScript.pngPorkyok it wont hurt if i drink some more

(A drunk, busty woman approaches Porky.)

BadWomanScript.pngLemon Stealing Whore hey what are you doing here all alone? do you need company

BadWomanScript.pngLemon Stealing Whorei wont lie. ive always had a thing for pigs.i like a man with some meat on there bone

(Porky flashes his marriage ring.)

PorkyScript.pngPorkyfu......f u..... f.... fuck off

(The woman gets close to Porky and begins feeling his lower body.)

PorkyScript.pngPorkyummm. that..S my ..... pen..... p. p....penis

BadWomanScript.pngLemon Stealing Whoresometimes its good to share. she doesn't have to know piggy man

BadWomanScript.pngLemon Stealing Whorethis wont take to long if you follow me. i know you want to

PorkyScript.pngPorkybu.... but.... bu...b but but..but

BadWomanScript.pngLemon Stealing Whorecome on

(The woman drags Porky away.)

FuddScript.pngFuddummm i....... some.... one help me up .... please

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotei got ya

(Coyote helps Fudd up.)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotewe need to find everyone and get home.

FuddScript.pngFuddwheres our driver? ahhh............. ah your nice......