chapter 6: silver's mission/Script

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  • Character count: 13700
  • No spaces: 11600
  • Character with most lines: Silver (78)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Hulk, Mario (1)

Page 1

PacmanScript.pngPacmanso i think you should train with each member one at a time so you will be strong enough for the soul bind wakka

TailsScript.pngTails the what?

PacmanScript.pngPacmana soul bind is when you fuse your self with someone thats dead it can only work with close freinds that have a bond wakka

PacmanScript.pngPacmani could never do it. but i think you and sonic might be able to wakka wakka

TailsScript.pngTailshow could we do that? both being alive

PacmanScript.pngPacmanoh shit you dont know? no one told you ? wakka wakka

PacmanScript.pngPacmanyou friend sonic was killed by the boss of the troll's. pori saw it wakka



PacmanScript.pngPacman tails i believe you might be able to defeat the boss if you become strong

TailsScript.pngTailsyour right i must become stonger

PacmanScript.pngPacmanhere's your robe

PacmanScript.pngPacmanwelcome to the group tails wakka .. you will first train with woodstock then you will move up to the next member. there's no need for you to train with doug or skeeter because you are already stronger then them wakka


Page 2

PoriScript.pngPoriwhat is it vivian?

VivianScript.pngViviani heard you saw mario and luigi. how are they doing?

PoriScript.pngPorii wouldn't consern your self with them. they have lost there way. there no different from the trolls now

VivianScript.pngVivianwhat did they do?

PoriScript.pngPorii told pacman everythi➞
➞ng. if you want to know ask him i go to go

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

SilverScript.pngSilveralright guys. ill try to explain it again even though you guys was there. focus this time so i dont have to keep telling you retards what happened. it started when we were at the consert witch was a pretty dumb plan and was destined to fail

SilverScript.pngSilverso after we watch them fail. we followed the trolls back to watch sonic get killed

(Rob and Silver are dumbfounded.)

SilverScript.pngSilverwich we all wanted to help him but knew if we would of jumped in we would die as well.

SilverScript.pngSilver wich the worst part was what troll face did to sonic's corpse after word's wich was rape it. at that point i looked away

SilverScript.pngSilverthen atter that we got a front seat to see luigi get put into this seizure thing as he was also raped to death

SilverScript.pngSilver even though i didn't look. i will have that shit in my nightmares years to come. ok then after that. we followed them back here to there city. wich we are out side of . all im really sure of is ive been near to much rape for my life time

SilverScript.pngSilverok did you guys get that?

Page 3


SilverScript.pngSilveroh my god would you two fucking listen!! its easier talking to a child then you two fucks.

FuddScript.pngFuddim sorry what was you saying i wasn't listening

SilverScript.pngSilvergod why me?. ok look ill keep all the plans to my self andyou guys just follow me

SilverScript.pngSilverand elmer can you eat bug's and daffy already or atleast get rid of there bodies they smell like shit

FuddScript.pngFuddim not hungry for duck and wabbit

SilverScript.pngSilverwhat ever.. alright guys put on your troll face mask. i think if we have them on they will mistake us for troll face fans


SilverScript.pngSilverto the city awaaaayyyy

(Elmer grabs his bag and the group sets off. They find a group of trolls buying Troll Face goods.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollthats so killer

JayceScript.pngJaycehey i am selling the best in troll face good's. i got book's sex toys mask and much more

Page 4

SilverScript.pngSilveralright we are here finally about fucking time

RobScript.pngRobwhat the fuck is on my face i cant see anything?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trolllook at those guys

MarkusScript.pngMarkusthey have killer mask

JayceScript.pngJaycehey i see you take a liking to the troll mask. alittle different from mine

SilverScript.pngSilverok we just got to act troll wich means be a dick

SilverScript.pngSilverhey fags

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollhey guess what. i have two dicks and 4 balls what do you got to say to that

SilverScript.pngSilverjesus thats one dick to many


MarkusScript.pngMarkusi know its super dooper kooper cool like up the bitches snitches

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Troll hey you guys seem pretty cool. i challenge you to a friendly troll off what do you say

SilverScript.pngSilverill pass i got places to be

RobScript.pngRobi am lost?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollyour too pussy

SilverScript.pngSilverfine ill do it

FuddScript.pngFuddkick his ass

MarkusScript.pngMarkusTROLL OFF!!!

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratortroll off silver vs this guy

Page 5

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trolljesus christ you must be an autismal man child. you are I ucking terrible. Just looking at you makes me want to shove rocks in my asshole. kill your self.

SilverScript.pngSilverSo anyone smarter than you should be killed? and You have a weird flower shaped dick and a gross face

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYou literally made Adolf Hitler get off his dick-throne in the midst of the flames of Hell, walk into the bathroom, and sob quietly in the corner of a shower. He held a bottle of cheap whiskey in his shaking hand, no longer secure in his position as world's least likable human being.

SilverScript.pngSilverimplying that i give a fuck. Were your parents brother and sister?YOU BUTT LICKING COCK MUNCHER!

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trolljesus christ your face is terrible and We all know you like to take it up the ass, you cock sucking manwhore.

SilverScript.pngSilverYour dick is so short, that your slutty girlfriend had to have sex with a fucking donkey to be finally satisfied! and You're such a fucking failure that you can't even stand on your own stupid legs!"

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trolldickbutt. you FAGGOTRY FAG homo face with a shit load of aids and ci abs you dick sucking butt hurt

SilverScript.pngSilverkeep telling yourself that so you can wack off over the idea later you dam retard.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollgoons goons goony ass goons

FuddScript.pngFuddget him silver booyah

SilverScript.pngSilveri got one word for you virgin

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollwrohfofns knfsofnios n fofksn k o fag fag fag fag fag sfs s„vnskjnvj smovjsldjn vlsmclskd meklsmekl smlfdd

MarkusScript.pngMarkus omg he's spaming now lol wow dude you gotta spam that shit like hell

SilverScript.pngSilveryour like a used tampon your no longer good

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollfine fine fine you win dude. ill admit that your trolling is impressive no lie about that. how did you get so good at trolling my brother?

SilverScript.pngSilverwell lately ive been reading alot of troll fight's on facebook and shit like that. it turns out reading is good hard to believe

Page 6

SilverScript.pngSilveralright ill be leaving now

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollwear that mask with pride

SilverScript.pngSilvereat dick

MarkusScript.pngMarkusman hes cool

FuddScript.pngFuddso how did you get so good at trolling anyways ?

SilverScript.pngSilverwell unlike shadow said i am the smart guy. im not like shadow i dont act out of anger and impulse. i research alot and actually plan and i have back up plans if my plan goes south

SilverScript.pngSilveri researched. shadow and the rest of them was coming up with there plan in like one sitting. i actually took time on my plan and my plan is gonna flicking work

SilverScript.pngSilveralright there's the troll castle where the boss lives

SilverScript.pngSilverwe will wait here until my friend gets here

SilverScript.pngSilverthis will be perfect


SilverScript.pngSilvergreat she's here

(Blaze appears.)

BlazeScript.pngBlazehey can you take off that ugly mask i perfer your actual face

SilverScript.pngSilverheres the first part of the me going in there to get info im not gonna try to kill someone thats clearly stronger then me like luigi did

Page 7

FuddScript.pngFuddso chick what guys are you into i ask because i need a quick fix on this boner im having

SilverScript.pngSilverelmer what the fuck man?

BlazeScript.pngBlazeoh you want to know whets my type of guy well ok. i like guys that are colored silver that are cool and that needs to grow some balls and tell me bow they feel already

SilverScript.pngSilver... really?


FuddScript.pngFudddude i think shes talking about me

SilverScript.pngSilverhow the fuck is she talking about you? your not silver and shes never met you before dumb fuck

FuddScript.pngFuddsilver you worry to much its not like i want a relationship. oh you should be going

SilverScript.pngSilverok ill be back after i learn some more about these trolls. by sneaking in there castle

BlazeScript.pngBlazeis there somethin➞
➞g you want to tell me?

SilverScript.pngSilverummm m..... no

FuddScript.pngFuddshe so wants my shot gun inside of her


SilverScript.pngSilverfuck im such a pussy. i should of said something.. you pussy

SilverScript.pngSilveri mean shit she pretty much told me she new my feelings and just wanted me to be a man and all i do is be a pussy face ahhh

UnknownScript.pngFudd or Blazewe can hear what your saying

SilverScript.pngSilveroh shit no you cant ummm

Page 8

SilverScript.pngSilverok i just got to keep my mind off the embarrassment and keep my mind on this task

SilverScript.pngSilverhmmm this might take awhile this place is really big

AlexScript.pngAlexdam troll face is fucked up

AlexScript.pngAlexi mean even for me that's just to much. troll face keeping luigi's body as a sex toy

SilverScript.pngSilverwhy is he smoking the cigarette backwords?

SilverScript.pngSilverthis is a good spot

SilverScript.pngSilveroh this room looks like its top secret

SilverScript.pngSilverjack pot..


Page 9

HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdingerwho are you? what are you doing in here?

SilverScript.pngSilverwho are you? and why are you chained up in here?

HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdingerthere forcing me to build weapons here and there after my two friends as well.. its not good for you to be here, that mask wont help you in here. they will kill you if they find you here. mask or not

SilverScript.pngSilver what exactly are you building here?

HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdinger im building a robot army for them. nowhidequick i here someone coming

TKScript.pngTroll King how is it going was you able to copy the design from the robots body?

TKScript.pngTroll Kingyou need to hurry up with the testing so you can get started making the troll bots

HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdinger if i had some workers . this would be so much faster

(Troll King brings Emerl's parts.)

HindoScript.pngHindosure we have a problem.we found egg man as you asked but he's dead

TKScript.pngTroll Kingshit this isn't good. we can't do it with out all 3 of them.

HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdinger no this can't be. he was supose to break me out of here

TKScript.pngTroll Kingthis may not work but bring his body here now

Page 10

HindoScript.pngHindowe are already a head of you

GarryScript.pngGarryhere's his body

SilverScript.pngSilveri remember him

(Flashback to Garry after being burned by Emerl's copied-fire beam move.)

GarryScript.pngGarrystop laughing!!

(Eggman's body is dropped.)

TKScript.pngTroll King make him a android heimerdinger

HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdingeri cant make a dead person a android. i can't rise the dead im not god. even if i could make him a android he wouldn't be egg man. he would be would a dumb robot

HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdingerthis task is impossible for anyone. i might be a genius but i cant do this

TKScript.pngTroll Kingshit. who ever killed egg man really fucked up my plans

(Silver steps on a wrench.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kingwho's there?


HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdingerhurry get out of here

(Heimerdinger throws a wrench at Troll King.)

Page 11

SilverScript.pngSilvershit which way do i go

SilverScript.pngSilvergreat there's my exit

SilverScript.pngSilverout the window it is

(Silver leaps out the window using his powers.)

TKScript.pngTroll Kinggo after who ever that mask person was now damnit. no one must know of this room

HindoScript.pngHindoyes sir

TKScript.pngTroll King your lucky i need you or i would slaughter you right now.. who the fuck was that!!!

HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdingereven if i knew i wouldn't tell you

TKScript.pngTroll Kingcut off his leg

(The locks holding Heimerdinger's legs are pulled, tearing off one of his legs.)


Page 12

TKScript.pngTroll Kingand who ever was the dumbass that forgot to lock the door. im gonna fuck you up

SilverScript.pngSilverthose retards should probably get rid of that window next time but it does hurt bit

BlazeScript.pngBlazesilver seems to be in a rush

FuddScript.pngFuddi dont know why? oh maybe he's having a race with the group of people behind him

SilverScript.pngSilvereveryone run!!!

SilverScript.pngSilverwe got to hurry now

(Rob runs towards the troll.)

SilverScript.pngSilverdude your going the wrong way

RobScript.pngRobgo ahead ill be right there.. ill hold them off

Page 12

(Rob braces himself as a group of trolls apppear.)


RobScript.pngRobUnrelenting Force!!!!


AlexScript.pngAlexwhat the fuck?

(Varic is blown back. Rob prepares to leap.)

AlexScript.pngAlexholy shit he's dragonborn

(Rob jumps into the air.)

RobScript.pngRobfire breath!!!!

(Rob breathes fire onto the trolls, incinerating two of them. The rest run.)

Page 13

SilverScript.pngSilverdamnit i can't turn my back on a teammate like shadow.

FuddScript.pngFuddok lets kick some balls

SilverScript.pngSilverblaze stay back i dont want anything to happen to you

(Silver uses his powers on rocks to launch them towards the trolls.)

RobScript.pngRobFROST BREATH!!!!


(Fish and Pork are frozen in place.)

FuddScript.pngFuddhere take the power of my 2nd cock

(Fudd headshots a troll.)

FuddScript.pngFuddi blew off his head with my man juice haha

AlexScript.pngAlexahhh i remember who you are now.silver hows your hand treating you?

Page 15

SilverScript.pngSilverfuck you trolls i haven't seen one dam girl in your faggot group of your's. so why dont you shut your faggot mouth about me. you fucking group offags that are all gay and just call other people gay because you just want to suck our fucking cocks you faggot's

(Alex is surprised as he is lifted into the air by Silver's powers.)

AlexScript.pngAlex what the fuck?

AlexScript.pngAlexdamnit i can't move?

SilverScript.pngSilverill give you room to talk shit about people when you trolls actually get a fucking life

(Alex is tossed across the landscape.)

SilverScript.pngSilver i think you trolls are a bunch of looser's and guess what? i actually got room to talk.. i dont get why trolls aren't the ones being trolled?there the bigest looser's

AlexScript.pngAlexshut your fucking mouth

AlexScript.pngAlexyou dont know shit about trolls

AlexScript.pngAlexyou know nothing!! about us

SilverScript.pngSilverand i dont care to and you can't lay one dam fingure on me

AlexScript.pngAlex oh yes i can. you are running out of mana i can see that clear as day

(Silver stares at his hand.)

Page 16

AlexScript.pngAlexit looks like my back up has arrived

AlexScript.pngAlex there over here!!

SilverScript.pngSilverhmmm there gonna keep on coming this changes my plans alittle bit

SilverScript.pngSilveroh shit!!

(Troll King appears behind Alex.)

SilverScript.pngSilverthe boss is here we got to get the fuck out of here now!!

FuddScript.pngFuddpeace bitches

(Fudd shoots a smoke bomb from his shotgun.)

AlexScript.pngAlexdamnit it's a smoke screan . go after them now there escaping

TKScript.pngTroll Kinghmm there smart enough to not face me

(The smoke clears, revealing that Silver has escaped.)

AlexScript.pngAlexthey wont be able to stay hidden in this city for to long.sir i got something i need to tell you

Page 17

AlexScript.pngAlexsir one of the people in silver's group is a dragonborn its the human in the group

TKScript.pngTroll Kingdragonborn? but i thought we wiped them all out years ago?

TKScript.pngTroll Kingthere's only one other person i can think of thats dragonborn and hes well you know....

(The Man from Pacman's flashback is encased in ice. Heimerdinger is also seen making a robotic leg for himself.)

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorthe ice chamber's

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

SilverScript.pngSilversigh..... dam that was one hell of a run i think we lost them for now

SilverScript.pngSilverok they know we have troll mask on and they will expect us to have them on so elmer take your's off. it will be harder to find us with out them mask on sigh dam that was one hell of a run i think we lost them for now

FuddScript.pngFuddoh ok i was starting to like this mask but ok

FuddScript.pngFuddwhere the mask go? i didn't want to loose it?

SilverScript.pngSilveralright lets go

SilverScript.pngSilverwhat the fuck?


UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollim telling you guys this dude was the best troll i have ever seen. he is legendary man

SilverScript.pngSilverok put your mask's back on

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollok that will be 5 bucks for the legendary mask of the legend. i mean every time i think of how awesome he is and how good at trolling he is i cum in my pants

Page 18

SilverScript.pngSilveri got a idea follow me

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trolland he was like tampon and i was like no way hahahh it was super killer


UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollomg hey its you


SilverScript.pngSilverhey me and my friends actually need somewhere to crash for awhile

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollsure man

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

ShadowScript.pngShadowno that wont work

BowserScript.pngBowseryour right he would get out of that

ShadowScript.pngShadowok any other idea's?

TeemoScript.pngTeemowell if we do plan to defeat mario bowser needs to make a list of all mario's powers

BowserScript.pngBowserill get that started

HulkScript.pngHulki know mario is a problem but we also need to get the trolls to

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesvictor told me about sonic

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckleswe went to sonic's body and the trolls took it away

Page 19

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesso sonic being dead and all. does that mean amy is single now?

ShadowScript.pngShadowreally dude? sonic hasn't even been dead that long and your gonna be that guy. you dick

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckleshey i would be helping sonic and amy out. i know sonic wouldn't want amy to be alone and i can comfort her in her time of need and if im lucky ill help my self out to. its a win win

ShadowScript.pngShadowwhat ever i dont have time for this. go away

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles dude i have a plan to stop the trolls once and for all and this may sound stupid but follow me with it. ok you know that teemo is able to get penta kills. so why dont we put him in a cannon and shoot him into the trolls base where ever it is and let him kill all of them.its so perfect that it can't go wrong

ShadowScript.pngShadowyou know what knuckle's that doesn't sound stupid at all.. it is fucking stupid

TeemoScript.pngTeemoi think its the best plan i have ever heard in my life

ShadowScript.pngShadowof course you do the plan has to do with you!! man this plan is retarded

ShadowScript.pngShadowfuck it.go ahead but im not gonna waste my time doing your dumb plan' gonna keep on working on a real plan

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesshadow you will thank me when this plan work's. hulk bring that canan over here. it's right there

ShadowScript.pngShadowhow's that list going bowser

BowserScript.pngBowser im still working on it shadow he has alot of power's

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesright there would be good

(Hulk drops the canan.)

Page 20

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesalright teemo get in the cannon

VectorScript.pngVectorlisten to me knuckle's there is 0% chance of this working. your just gonna kill teemo

ShadowScript.pngShadowif we had bullets for this cannon i would shoot you in the face for coming up with such a retarded idea

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesyour just mad you didn't come up with it first

TeemoScript.pngTeemohell yeah!!!

VectorScript.pngVectorno were not!! your being stupid right now knuckle's

(Teemo is launched from the canan.)

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles wow he's flying like crazy this is so gonna work


TeemoScript.pngTeemo wait how is this gonna work if knuckle's doesn't even know where the trolls are?

(Teemo crashes into a mountain.)

Page 21

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesoops im so sorry i didn't mean for that to happen? ahhh sorry teemo

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesok guys i know i fucked up but i know i can make up for it with a even better plan that wont get anyone else killed

ShadowScript.pngShadowno more of your plans

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles shadow trust me this plan will be better because im gonna smoke my smart weed. im smarter when im high..

VectorScript.pngVectorknuckles no.. no more

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles ok ill be back after i smoke acouple blunts

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean whie

TKScript.pngTroll Kingso how was your trolling spree pori?

PoriScript.pngPorii got those noobs good

HindoScript.pngHindosir mario is out side the town calling you out

TKScript.pngTroll Kingbring me there

AlexScript.pngAlexhes over there sir

TKScript.pngTroll Kingno one will jump in this fight he's mine

MarioScript.pngMarioim gonna finish what me and luigi started