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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles the sissy
Place of birth Kario's house
Relatives Kario (father)
Mario (brother)
Wario (brother)
Waluigi (brother)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Hair color Black, Gray (sometimes)
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Affiliation Mushroom Kingdom
The Troll Slaiyers (formerly)
The Trolls (formerly)
The Troll Slayers
Allies Mario, Yoshi, Toad, Fudd
Enemies The Trolls, Troll Slaiyers, Bowser
Weapons/powers Pyrokinesis, hammer, suits, items
First appearance Chapter 1, Page 21
Last appearance Chapter 24, Page 30
Dead (raped to death by Troll Face), currently in possession of Fudd as a corpse
In real life
Actual name Luigi Mario
First appearance Mario Bros. (1983)
Franchise Super Mario
no hard feelings but me and my brother wanted you for sometime way before the time you r people trolled toad
Luigi, Chapter 5, Page 6

Luigi is one of the characters appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He is the younger brother to Mario.


Initially, Luigi is seen wearing blue overalls with a green shirt and cap marked with an "L". Like his brother, he also has a large mustache under his equally large nose, though during his youth, he did not have one as grand as it is now.

After joining the Troll Slaiyers, Luigi trades his overalls for an outfit resembling Mr. L from Super Paper Mario. In this outfit, he wears a black jumpsuit and a mask over his eyes. His cap also changes slightly, reversing the "L" on it and exchanging the white for black in the space around the "L".


The Sissy

Luigi learning a harsh life lesson in his teenage years.

During his teen years, Luigi and his brother Mario set off to find their birth parents. Together, the two traveled until they found the house of their father, Kario, and their mother. Mario explains that he and Luigi are their sons, but they are not recognized by Kario. Kario gleefully admits to not loving or caring for their sons (in addition to dropping off their other brothers Wario and Waluigi at an unnamed park, never to be seen again), angering Mario and bringing Luigi to tears. Mario murders his parents and sets their house ablaze, and the brothers leave.

Years after another battle with Bowser, the Mario Bros. hear news of a Toad who was trolled. This reminds Mario of his parents, as his father mentioned he was part of a group called the Trolls, and he begins to plan out revenge against them. The brothers form a plan to work with Shadow.

After meeting with Shadow, Mario and Luigi work to gather a group of the best troll fighters they can find, and become the Troll Slaiyers. The group gathers in Bugs' hole to devise a plan of attack. Luigi, ditching his plumbing overalls for what Mario refers to as "gay shit", comes up with the idea of staging a fake Justen Bever concert. The plan works fine until Alex reveals that they have captured Daffy and are using him as a hostage. Shadow deduces that there must be a traitor among their group, seeing as the only reason the trolls would capture Daffy is because someone had told them that his lover Bugs was on their team. Alex then reveals the identity of the traitor -- Luigi.


Luigi reveals his betrayal of The Troll Slaiyers.

Luigi explains his supposedly true feelings of jealousy towards Mario getting the all the better games and women, and challenges him to a fight. The trolls and the Troll Slaiyers step aside to let the brothers battle. Mario and Luigi, making use of various power ups, battle it out. After surprising Mario with a star, Luigi manages to seize victory. Just before he is able to finish off Mario, Shadow steps in and kills Daffy in order to stop the hostage situation and bail Mario. After a short altercation between Shadow and the trolls, the Slaiyers retreat when backup for the trolls arrive. Luigi joins with the trolls in going back to their base.

Luigi and his newfound allies return just in time to see their leader in a battle with Sonic, who his shortly joined by allies (Espio, Vector, Cream, and Emerl) of his own. Luigi then joins the battle, using a beam of fire to torch Cream, leaving her body burnt and nearly unrecognizable, and splattering Espio using his hammer. After the king beheads Sonic and allows Vector to leave, Luigi is welcomed by him as a new member of the trolls.

While at their base, Luigi speaks to the Troll King about his battle with Mario. He notes that he felt as if Mario held back, confusing the King for a small moment. Luigi uses this opportunity to strike with his hammer, removing the King's arm in the process. He reveals his loyalty to Mario (and as Mario reveals to Shadow, how his battle with his brother was staged so that Luigi would be able to infiltrate the trolls), and battles the King. He gains the upper hand by using Emerl's body armor to stop the Troll King's "weakening wave attack", but faces trouble when other trolls arrive. Luigi pulls out another star, but is unable to use it when the Troll King uses a Word of Death to stop his brain from functioning. He is then raped to death and used as a sex toy by the Troll King's son, Troll Face.

Luigi is not seen again until Chapter 14, where Fudd comes across his body in a morgue during his escape from Troll Castle. Luigi's corpse was kept in pristine condition in order to be used as a sex toy, making him a powerful tool for Fudd. Fudd reanimates his corpse using his powers of necromancy, and uses Luigi's skills to fight his way out.

In Tails Gets Gay

Luigi makes a brief appearance in Tails Gets Gay. Gay Silver approaches Gay Elmer Fudd, revealing his romantic feelings for Fudd. He is turned down, however, when Gay Fudd reveals that he has feelings for Gay Luigi instead.


Luigi in his early life is shown to be somewhat innocent, as he cries over realizing that their parents never cared for him. He is not comfortable with Mario killing them, but Mario teaches him that "death happens alot" and to "get use to it". He is very loyal to Mario, as Mario states that the only reason he went through with his plan was because he knew how "personal" the trolls are to Mario.

Interestingly, before fighting Mario, he lashes out stating that he is tired of being in Mario's shadow and that he always gets the better games and women compared to himself. It is unknown if this is part of his act to make the other Slaiyers believe that he has truly betrayed them, however.


Luigi possesses similar powers to his brother, Mario. Like Mario, he is able to conjure a wave of fire to use against his foes, though unlike Mario, his fire is colored red and green (occasionally just green) rather than red and orange. Luigi also has access to power-up suits (such as the Feather Cape granting him flight, and the Tanooki Suit allowing him to turn specific parts of his body to stone).


no one thanks me!!! its always mario! you get everything you get the good games the better women!!
Luigi before fighting Mario, chapter 3: the truth, Page 1

Real Life Origins

Luigi's typical appearance in the Super Mario series.
Luigi's Mr. L outfit in Super Paper Mario.

Luigi first debuted as a palette swap of Mario in Mario Bros. (1983). He would soon grow to have characteristics different from Mario, such as being taller and more cowardly. He's significantly less cowardly in Tails Gets Trolled (despite Shadow nicknaming him "the sissy"), though his dedication to his older brother is the same.

Luigi's outfit from Chapter 2 onwards is taken from his appearance in Super Paper Mario as "Mr. L", who was a brainwashed Luigi working for the forces of evil.


Luigi's trademark cowardice is not present in Tails Gets Trolled, aside from a moment of sadness during his younger years. He is quite brave, willing to battle Mario and the Troll King and nearly succeeds in killing Troll King.

The characters in Tails Gets Trolled are also able to identify him as Luigi even after he dons his Mr. L outfit, whereas in the original game no one was able to figure out his identity.

In the Mario games, Luigi has brown hair like his brother, but in Tails Gets Trolled, he has black hair, which (coincidentally?) is also the case in the Super Mario cartoons produced by DIC. The Mr. L outfit in TGT lacks the belt and buttons of the original as well, and has differently colored gloves and shoes, being white and black (originally brown) instead of gray and dark gray, respectively.