Lazerbot (character)

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Also see: Lazerbot for more information regarding the background of Tails Gets Trolled.

Biographical info
One-off names CHEAP ASS MOTHAFUCKA (Chapter 26: Anguish, Page 2)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Hair color Brown
Personal information
Position Possible god
Allies Bugs
Enemies The Narrorator, Copy pasted troll from TAoUT, Grapeface, Something Awful / Lowtax, abusers
First appearance Chapter 22, Page 17
Last appearance Chapter 22, Page 17
Unknown (may be omnipresent)
In real life
Actual name Camrey Blankenship
First appearance December 3rd, 1991
Franchise Real Person
Grapeface, Chapter 22, Page 17

Lazerbot is a character mentioned by others in Tails Gets Trolled and its spin-offs.


Lazerbot has only appeared in person very briefly, manifesting himself before Grapeface, who then proceeds to punch him. He appears to be a white man with short hair.

According to the Narrorator, he also has a bald spot.


It is unknown how Lazerbot came to be in the world of Tails Gets Trolled or how various characters seem to know of him. Like the Narrorator, he is implied to be omnipresent, watching over the characters actions and dictating what they do (to the point where he commands the Narrorator). Lazerbot also appears to be a friend of Bugs as his name is shown in Bugs' contact list.

He is responsible for the creation of some characters, as Underbite Troll seems to be aware of when speaking to NFTs on The Adventures of Underbite Troll, Page 22. For chapters 1-21 of Tails Gets Trolled, he appears to have established a rule that each chapter is 21 pages long, although he breaks this rule in chapters beyond that.

From the characters that have mentioned him so far, he appears quite disliked by them with the exception of Underbite Troll who does not seem to have much of an opinion on Lazerbot.


Lazerbot is apparently lazy at times, at Underbite Troll mentions that he is did not bother giving a particular troll a different appearance in each of his panels, instead opting to copy and paste him between each one. He is also a tyrant according to The Narrorator, as he mentions that Lazerbot refuses to pay him for his hard work in providing the narrorations of the comic.

He has some liking to Lord Thunder Claw, as the Narrorator mentions Lazerbot being disappointed in not including the character sooner in the comic.


According to Grapeface, Lazerbot may be able to control the ultimate fates of each character. Grapeface blames Lazerbot for shattering his vision of a dickplant utopia and making him believe that he is important to the overall plot. This is also made apparent when Rob is killed by Hindo only to be brought back after a spiel of text, seemingly from him, makes it clear that some characters can die if a higher force demands it.