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  • Character count: ~4700
  • No spaces: ~3900
  • Character with most lines: Narrorator, Rob, Hindo, Demaro, Coyote (3)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Silver, Fudd, Luigi, Garry, Sonic (1)

Page 1

NarroratorBack to Rob

Rob damnit i can't get anywhere near him and his Electricity, that bastard. he is getting on my nerves ith his face, i don't know what hes saying but dam he gets under my skin

Hindowhats wrong faggot can't keep up with me dragonborn hahahahaha hahahaah hahahaha HHHAHAHA HAHAH!!

(Rob and Hindo rush each other down. They collide, and a massive explosion happens. When the smoke disappears, Rob and Hindo appear with enlarged, cute anime eyes with blush stickers. They then hold hands and pull out pillows.)

Gay Roboh my god, we should so have a pillow fight, like totally uber awesome :D why fight when we can tickle each other

Gay Hindo aww. that is so sweet of you honey, i so totally want to tickly your mushy tummy, i just want to take a huge bite nom nom nom nomn nom

(Rob and Hindo smack each other with pillows.)

Gay Rob ahahaahah stop it that tickles... hahahahahahaahahah

Gay Hindo hahahaha this is so much fun, i am so happy right now oh my jesus this is funner then playing with barbies

NarroratorBack to Coyote

(Gay Coyote and Gay Demaro stare each other down.)

Gay Demaro dang you coyote. you are way to cute and i must end you because you are too cute, and i am so jealous of you it makes me cry. you are so uber lucky. and your really nice and stuff :D

Gay Coyote no your cute

Page 2

(Gay Dusk Hunter and Gay Demaro stand together, smiling.)

Gay Demaroawww no your just saying that to make me feel better

Gay Coyote alright demaro you win i am clearly no match

(Gay Coyote points a gun at his head and shoots himself. A rainbow spews from the bullet hole left in his head. He falls backwards into a field of flowers.)

Gay Demarocoyote is in the land of rainbows and unicorns now

NarroratorBack to Silver

Gay Blazesilver i've been waiting fo you to make a move but I've realized that it was me who should have made a move, will you become my little cuttle monkey

(Blaze moves in and holds Silver's hand.)

Gay Silver blaze I'm sorry, but we can't be. I'm in love with elmer fud, forgive me

Gay Fudd silver... forgive me i do not share the same feelings. i only have one true love and that is luigi

(Gay Luigi tears up.)

Gay Luigi and i you elmer and i you

(The characters, except for Gay Dusk Hunter gather and hold hands. A rainbow appears in the background. The gay ghosts of Garry, Sonic, and Coyote also appear.)

Gay Garry your all a bunch of faggots. you should uninstall right now

Gay Sonic theres no need for any villains

Page 3

(The scene moves to a photorealistic lake with two beautiful flowers growing.)

???Things can change.. Things you want to stay the same.. They all could change just as easy as they were that to begin with.. You will simply move on to find the next thing that catches your eyes, catches your interest.. But there will always be something or someone to replace you.. The new soul that lays eyes upon the new and will enjoy it for being what it is.. To enjoy it for being the very thing that made you drift away.. You are simply eyes to witness magic, to witness legacy.. Not to change what eyes are laid upon, not to taint nor to bend to your will.. Only to guide and to support the growth of something amazing and one of a kind.. You have no other power so why believe so? Why fight what creates magic, why try to provent seeds from growing into flowers?

???Don't you wish for beauty? Focus your mind and drift off into my world.. The world i want to show you.. Feed from what i have to offer, you will soon start to see it all for yourselves.. Let it in, if you fight it then you will gain nothing, relax it won't hurt you i promise, i will expand the mind and soul...

(The scene becomes a desert. The flowers are wilting.)

???Although, one can choose to remain blind.. Yes they very much can, never seeing passed their own ego, their own pride... Make empty assumptions that they actually believe is true, yet can't handle assumptions towards them selves.. Too quick to judge.. Too quick to point out others flaws with out pure evidence, with out logical reason.. With out thinking about their own actions or if they are even justified only believe that they are.. Refuse to see it any other way then what want to see it, For you can't follow the logic links.. The river that flows to truth, because your perspective of truth is broken and can't be fixed unless willing.. Yet no one is ever willing..

???No one is ever willing to take gentle care of a blooming flower.. To which does wilt, to be the cause of the wilt.

(The background scene now becomes a mess of colors.)

???How could you call yourself a good person? How can you sit there and lie and convince yourself that that your actions are any worse then anyone else? Especially when you can't understand the effects of your own actions to begin with.. Unable to grasp even the concept of what true ignorance actually is, if you truly believe that anything should have superior rights over another subject or over another person with out a logical reason.. Every one is equal until their actions prove otherwise, everyone is an individual.. But how can you rightfully judge someones actions if you are so twisted up to the point where you are incapable of even understanding the concept of logic? Ohh it is ok to judge me on the things i do or say because you don't understand why i do or say the things that i do.. But you all complain and get upset when i return the favor, and believe that i am upset just for acknowledging you.. Hiding in your little cave yet don't believe i can see you through the dark to find you crawling around like an animal, so think twice before lecturing me on what true ignorance is.. Because i promise you, that i see so much more Ignorance in you in just one conversation, then you will ever find in me.. Feel free to challenge me if you so please, i will be waiting with a bag of fucking popcorn with a smile on my face..