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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Electric Troll
One-off names Hindu (Chapter 25.5: Wicked Influence Part 2, Page 13)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Hair color White (yellow when powered up, black when demonic)
Eye color Brown (yellow when powered up)
Personal information
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies The Trolls, Troll King
Enemies Rob, Fudd
Likes Fucking moms
Weapons/powers Electricity
First appearance Chapter 5, Page 8
Last appearance Chapter 25.5, Page 13
Dead (Slammed into Troll Fortress by Coyote’s spirit string. Currently in Hell)
In real life
Actual name Hindo
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 5, Page 8 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
oh i can see this in the history books earless dragonborn fails and is crush by the all mighty hindo ahahah
Hindo, Chapter 16, Page 13

Hindo is an original character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He is one of the Troll King's servants and has control over electricity.


In his normal form, Hindo has a white hair and beard, with brown eyes. When he powers up, his hair and eye color changes to yellow. Interestingly, in his Super Saiyan 3 form, he has green eyes instead.

Later on in the comic, he is seen in a demonic state, having black eyes and hair. In this form, he has the same grey pants but most of his visible body except his face is black with a red star on his back.


Hindo is first seen during the battle between Luigi and the Troll King as part of the King's backup, alongside Alex and Garry. They arrive just in time to see the King defeat Luigi using a Word of Death.

Later Hindo is seen accompanying Troll King within his castle when he speaks with Heimerdinger and informs him of Eggman's death. When word begins to spread over Fudd possessing the powers of necromancy, Hindo offers to capture him. Using his powers over electricity, Hindo makes use of the city's electric lines and travels across them to ambush Silver's group, succesfully capturing Fudd and carrying him back to the King through the power lines. The Troll King then instructs Hindo to guard Fudd while he uses Eggman's memories to help create robots for their plans.

Hindo powered up.

As the battle between Demaro and Garry concludes and The Neutrals begin their attack on the castle, Hindo is briefly distracted by Demaro's appearance in the lab and an explosion outside, giving Fudd a chance to escape. In his pursuit, Hindo and Rob meet face to face once more and battle.

After a brief interlude involving Super Saiyans, Rob and Hindo begin to battle. Hindo, using his electric abilities paired with gloves made by Fudd to amplify his powers, proves himself to be a tricky opponent for Rob. With a blast of electricity fired from his gloves, Hindo manages to kill Rob with a shock strong enough to cause Rob's body to explode. Hindo then urinates on Rob's decapitated head, showing disappointment towards the earless man for wasting his time.

Unfortunately for Hindo, this is revealed to be daydream of Rob's and the real battle continues. The two trade blows, and Hindo is thrown through a wall by Rob. Hindo splits himself into multiple copies and assaults Rob from many different angles before reforming. He then charges a beam of electric power, but Rob manages to run along his beam and counterattacks, launching Hindo through the roof.

The pair continue their battle on the roof of the castle. Hindo, now taking the fight seriously, summons "Spark Spiders" from his insides to swarm Rob. Eventually Hindo manages to land a serious blow by slowing Rob down using a static field and launching a controllable lightning bolt towards him. Rob is knocked into a lake, but before Hindo can finish him, Rob musters all his strength to escape and lands a decisive blow on Hindo, knocking him through a pillar with enough force to de-power him.

The next time Hindo is seen, he is shown continuing his battle with Rob, having seemingly recovered from his injuries and transformed into another form. He is seen with a Satanic symbol marked on his back, and uses the power of demonic black lightning to strike down Rob's dragon, Helgrim (having been summoned off-screen). He gloats over killing another dragon, stating that Troll King will be pleased. Hindo prepares to finish off Rob (and Blaze, who has made her way to the roof). He tries to strike Rob and Blaze (the latter for burning his hand with a fireball) but Coyote shields them with strings. Hindo is then enwrapped in strings as Coyote slams him into the Fortress' roof and into the building, killing him.

The Underworld

Hindo is not seen again until Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 28, where he is now a member of The Underworld, and is seen being dragged by Jackal who brings him to Satan. He is then sent to the mines to work on mining obsidian. After being cruelly whipped by Jackal, Hindo meets Underbite Troll and is given a rundown on life in hell as the two mine obsidian together.


Hindo can be arrogant and prideful, looking down upon others and insulting them for their weaknesses as he shows when insulting Rob after kidnapping Fudd. His immense pride is also shown when he urinates on Rob's corpse during his daydream. This arrogance can blind him to the point where he was too focused on killing Rob and was hit by Blaze's fireball.

He is also shown to be rather loyal to the Troll King, offering to capture Fudd immediately once the King hears of his necromancy powers. Even after Troll King's departure, Hindo remains dedicated to his job of watching over Fudd as entrusted to him by the King.


Hindo calls upon his Spark Spiders.

Hindo possesses the power to control electricity and use it to his advantage. When kidnapping Fudd, he has demonstrated the ability to use power lines as a means of transportation. He is also capable of carrying others through these lines while in electric form, as seen with Fudd. Hindo is also capable of moving extremely fast by turning his body into electricity this way.

During his battle with Rob, Hindo shows more of his powers. In addition to the gloves Fudd made to amplify his electric powers, He can create a "Thunder Ball" to entrap opponents and split his body into multiple electric copies to attack with. During their battle on the roof, Hindo also demonstrates his "Spark Spider" ability to spew electric spiders from his mouth, as well as his powers to create a "Static Field" which can slow foes to a crawl, and his "Thunder Bolt", a powerful, explosive, controllable bolt of lightning. His bolts are noted to be powerful enough to one shot a Dragon when powered up.

After being sent to the Underworld, it is noted that his power's "essence" was returned to its reservoir, implying that he can no longer use his electric powers.