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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles blazed (Chapter 13, Page 13)
Relatives Pyro (younger sister)
Physical description
Species Cat
Gender Female
Fur color Purple
Eye color Yellow
Personal information
Allies Silver
Enemies The Trolls
Likes guys that are colored silver, guys that are cool, guys that need to grow balls and tell her how they feel about her (may include a combination of these three traits)
Weapons/powers Pyrokinesis, Spears
First appearance Chapter 6, Page 6
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 32
In real life
Actual name Blaze the Cat
First appearance Sonic Rush (2005)
Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog
oh you want to know whats my type of guy well ok. i like guys that are colored silver that are cool and that needs to grow some balls and tell me how they feel already
Blaze, Chapter 6, Page 7

Blaze is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. She is Silver's love interest and supports him in his own plans to fight against trolls.


Blaze primarily has purple fur and is anthropomorphic in appearance, similar to the other Sonic the Hedgehog characters. She wears a purple dress and white leggings/pants, and is also seen wearing heels.


At some point in her life, Blaze and her sister were captured by Eggman and the latter died. During her youth it is also mentioned that she had grown up with stories of Troll King hunting down the Dragonborn.

Blaze first appears meeting Silver's group at Troll King's castle. Fudd is quickly smitten with her and begins flirting by asking what type of guys she is into. Blaze replies by stating that she prefers cool, silver-colored guys, stunning Silver and Fudd, with the latter assuming she is talking about him. She then approaches Silver and asks him if he has anything to say, but Silver runs off to infiltrate the castle. After some time, she sees Silver leaving the castle in a rush and escapes with him.

Blaze then takes shelter in the home of Underbite Troll after Silver tricks them into giving a place to hide in. She waits in the bedroom and is approached by Silver, who attempts to confess his feelings to her. They nearly hold hands before they are interrupted by other trolls storming in and searching for them. Blaze stays in the bedroom as instructed to by Silver, who worries that the trolls may rape her if they see her. The group eventually makes their escape, with Silver clutching Blaze's hand along the way annoying her slightly. Blaze and the rest eventually meet up with Coyote and his fellow Neutrals.

Coyote explains the story of how he and his friends become Neutrals to Blaze, who comments that she could never have the powers they have due to being an emotional person. From then, Silver's group and Coyote's join forces to think of a plan to rescue Fudd, who had been captured by Hindo during the group's escape from Underbite's home.

Blaze passing out after speaking to Rob.

She is next seen when the group executes their plan, with Silver. Silver drops a large metal cage on a group of trolls for him and Blaze to slowly stab to death using a spear. Before they can begin, Silver attempts to high spear Blaze but she is left confused. After some time, the two get bored stabbing trolls to death. Silver attempts to start small talk with Blaze by asking how the weather is but she is left even more confused since they are outside and can see the weather themselves. After finishing their jobs, Blaze stays behind as Silver goes into the castle to assist. She waits at the entrance to the castle and watches as the sky changes colors and thunder bolts fly out from Rob and Hindo's battle before Silver informs her of Sylvester's death.

The next time Blaze is seen, she's seen badly injured and trying to climb a ladder, to fight Hindo with Rob and Helgrim. Blaze gets to the roof and throws a fireball at Hindo to stop him from killing Rob. Before Hindo can kill her and him both, her and Rob are shielded by Coyote's strings. In the shield, her and Rob have a conversation. She explains she knew Rob could read lips as her deaf sister could too. She also explains she and her sister were captured by Eggman and the latter died in captivity. As she wraps up her flash back, she begins to cry over the death of her friends and family. Blaze also explains to Rob that she owes her freedom to Sonic and swares to kill Eggman for his crimes. She also reveals to Rob that she had overheard from Eggman that she and the other viable objects who were experimented on had tracking devices (removed by Espio) placed within them, as well as bombs that will detonate based on a kill trigger or if damaged. After warning Rob of the dangers posed by the explosives she then passes out.


Blaze has the same romantic feelings that Silver has for her but is waiting for him to make the first move. Other than that, she appears to be relatively normal and level headed, if a bit serious at times as seen when shutting down Silver's attempts at small talk. She holds some respect for The Neutrals, claiming that she could never be like them due to considering herself to be emotional.

She also holds the same belief as Rob that no friend should be left behind as she explains while the two are hovering above Troll Fortress. Blaze also appears to be traumatized over her time spent in captivity, though the exact details of what she had witnessed and/or went through are unknown.


Blaze throwing a fireball, burning Hindo's hand.

Blaze appears to have basic pyrokinetic abilities, as she is shown in Chapter 24 shooting a fire blast towards Hindo.


i couldn't become like you having to hide my emotions
—Blaze, after hearing the backstory of Coyote and his friends, chapter 10: silver's plan and tails training, Page 1

Real Life Origins

Blaze the Cat is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. She is a friend of Sonic's, hailing from an alternate dimension from his and becomes a close ally. In her more recent appearances, she is seen more often with Silver the Hedgehog.


The relationship between Blaze and Silver is considerably more romantic than it is in the main games where they tend to be shown as good friends. She also has a younger sister in Tails Gets Trolled whereas in the main series she had nothing of the sort.