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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles the guy with no ears
Physical description
Species Human
Type Dragonborn
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown, occassionally blue
Personal information
Affiliation Troll Slaiyers (formerly)
Allies Silver, Fudd, Blaze, The Neutrals
Enemies Hindo, The Trolls
Weapons/powers Hand-to-hand combat, Dragonborn powers
First appearance Chapter 2, Page 8
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 35
In real life
Actual name Rob
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 2, Page 8 (2011)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
have you've not notice it yet? i don't have fucking ears
Rob, Chapter 15, Page 3

Rob is a character original to Tails Gets Trolled. He is first seen in Chapter 2: trolls attack as a member of the Troll Slaiyers, known as "the guy with no ears". After splitting from the Slaiyers he later finds himself aquainted with The Neutrals and assists them with rescuing Fudd and storming Troll King's castle.


Rob is a blonde man with no ears and seemingly no neck; as such, his head is shaped like a thumb. His face features a prominent cleft chin and blonde eyebrows with brown eyes, though they occasionally turn blue in some panels. In his initial outfit, he wears a blue t-shirt with a "V" shape on the upper part of the shirt, with blue pants and shoes. His "super hero look" consists of a dark blue/purplish shirt with red trim on the sleeves, a black diamond on the front, and a red R in the middle of the diamond. It additionally features a yellow cape tied around where his neck would be (similar to Mario's cape power-up from Super Mario World), black pants with a brown belt and silver buckle, and brown shoes.


Troll Slaiyer

Rob's original outfit. Not seen: his pants are the same color as his shirt.

Rob is introduced as being one of the best troll fighters found by Mario. He is unique in the sense that he does not have ears, which prevents trolls from trolling him because he cannot hear them. Rob's inability to hear becomes a minor inconvenience for the group.

Following the failure of Shadow's Awesome Fucking Plan, Rob, Silver, and Fudd break away from the Troll Slaiyers to fight the trolls using their own methods. The group tracks the trolls for a while and ends up locating Troll City. Rob and friends disguise themselves with Troll Face masks in order to enter the city. After a Troll-Off with Underbite Troll, the group locates the Troll Castle and meets up with Silver's friend, Blaze. Silver infiltrates the castle while Rob, Fudd, and Blaze wait outside.

Shortly afterward, Silver escapes from the castle, but is pursued by a large pack of trolls. He urges everyone to escape, but Rob stays behind. It is then revealed that Rob is Dragonborn and possesses various powers that he uses to hold off the forces. When the Troll King reveals himself, Rob's group makes their escape using a smoke bomb fired from Fudd's shotgun, which he calls his "2nd cock". The group makes their way back into the Troll City, looking for a place to lie low. The Underbite Troll allows their group to stay in his home.

It is not long until the group is attacked by trolls in Underbite's house. The group escapes, but are pursued by Hindo, using the city's electrical lines to ambush the party. Fudd is kidnapped, with Rob swearing to rescue him.

Fudd's Rescue

Rob's new outfit.

Eventually, Silver's group joins with The Neutrals to help rescue Fudd from the trolls. Rob changes his attire to prepare for battle, taking up a super hero inspired look. The group prepares a cage to trap a large amount of trolls outside of the castle in order to make exploring the inside easier. Rob uses his power, Aura Whisper, to track where the trolls are, and deduces that Fudd must be locked further within. Rob and Coyote search the castle but are confronted by Demaro. Coyote stays to battle Demaro while Rob continues the search for Fudd, but is confronted by Hindo.

Rob and Hindo battle it out, evenly matching each other in power. Rob's combination of powers involving Aura Whisper, Slow Time, and Whirlwind Sprint allow him to easily match Hindo's speed. During the fight, Rob has bizarre day dreams which involve him becoming a Super Saiyan and his body exploding after being electrocuted. Their battle eventually takes the two up on the roof of the castle. Hindo belches electric spider adds to combat Rob and creates a Static Field to slow him down. With one decisive thunderbolt, Hindo manages to launch Rob off the castle and into a lake, knocking him unconscious.

As Hindo moves to deal the finishing blow, Rob reminds himself of the promises he made to his friends and gathers the willpower to awaken. Through the use of his Frost Form and Fire Breath techniques, Rob launches himself out of the lake and punches Hindo with enough force to send him through a pillar. As he stands above Hindo, he uses the opportunity to berate Hindo and the trolls for not understanding how their simple words and trolling can be devastating to others. Suddenly, Rob senses an evil presence and for a brief moment, sees Satan next to Hindo's bruised body. Hindo then rises into the air and empowers himself with demonic energy, sending black lightning towards Rob. Rob then summons his dragon, Helgrim, for assistance and the two battle.

In the background throughout the fight between Demaro and Coyote, Rob is seen battling Hindo in the sky. Their battle takes a turn from the worse as Helgrim is struck by the black lightning from Hindo's new form. Rob falls off Helgrim and is badly injured as Hindo tries to strike him and Blaze as they're shielded by Coyote's strings. Rob then speaks to Blaze as they are floating through the sky in Coyote's string bubble, and he learns of Blaze's backstory. After Blaze passes out, Rob rests her on his legs as they wait for time to pass, when suddenly, Coyote's strings dissipate and they begin to fall. Before they crash into the ground, they are saved by Silver. Rob then continues with Silver's group as they flee from Troll Fortress.

The group stops to rest, but they are soon approached by Pori and his group of troll sent to look for the Fortress' attackers. Tom and Silver prepare themselves for a fight and leave Rob to guard Blaze. Rob, even as he is injured, leaves Blaze behind and struggles to make his way over to the battlefield but collapses as Silver and Tom decide what to do with Hogwart. Moments after arriving, a ferocious Hell Hound appears behind Rob. Rob lies helplessly as he watches Silver and Tom fight off the Hounds. He is unable to do anything as he watches Tom give his life away fighting the hounds, and Silver entering his golden form to toss away the hounds from their location. After Silver passes out, Rob crawls towards Silver and desperately attempts to wake him up. Suddenly, Rob is taken away by mysterious white Neutral strings.

Rob and Blaze enter the church.

Later, Rob and Blaze are seen lying unconscious, outside a church. After some brief flashbacks to their struggles at Troll Fortress, Rob is awaken by Blaze as the ghost of Sylvester appears before them. Rob tears up as Sylvester explains how he was able to help them from beyond the grave and begs for him not to go. After watching Sylvester vanish, Rob carries his body into the church.


Rob is shown to be a very righteous and dedicated man who cares deeply for his allies, such as when willingly stays behind to hold off the trolls chasing Silver in Chapter 6. He is also fiercely determined to rescue Fudd, a man who he had barely known, from the trolls simply because he made a promise to himself that he would get him back. This promise would even give him the willpower to rise from the brinks of defeat during his battle with Hindo.

Rob also appears to be quite intelligent despite having no ears to hear anyone with. In his battle with Hindo, he is quickly able to adapt to Hindo's new moves and think of new ways to use his own powers to counter.


As mentioned before, Rob is ear-less, giving him the unique ability to not hear trolls. This has worked out both for and against him - for one, Rob is unable to be verbally trolled because he cannot hear them, but he also can't hear any warnings his allies may shout at him.

Rob's Dragonborn status also gives him a wealth of abilities. From the ones seen so far:

  • Unrelenting Force: Rob yells to create a shockwave capable of launching foes. First used during Chapter 6, Page 13.
  • Fire Breath: Rob breaths fire to scorch wide areas of land. First used during Chapter 6, Page 13. Overuse of this power hurts Rob, as seen during his battle with Hindo on the roof of Troll Castle.
  • Frost Breath: Rob breaths ice to freeze his opponents in place. First seen in Chapter 6, Page 14.
    • Ice Form/Frost Form: Similar abilities to Frost Breath, Rob shouts to freeze objects and/or people in place. (Ice Form being used against Hindo, Chapter 14, Page 20, while Frost Form being used to freeze the lake Rob was sent flying into to defend himself, Chapter 17, Page 1). May or may not be the same power as Frost Breath.
  • Aura Whisper: Rob whispers into the air, allowing him to sense the auras of those around him. Used to locate Fudd on Chapter 13, Page 15, and as a means of tracking Hindo during their battle.
  • Slow Time: Rob slows down time, allowing him to focus his attacks, evade, or concentrate and think of another plan of attack. First used on Chapter 14, Page 2.
  • Whirlwind Sprint / Sprent: Rob gains incredible amounts of speed. Also used for the first time on Chapter 14, Page 2.
    • Whirlwind Spin: Presumably different from Whirlwind Sprint, Rob spins in place. Can be used in conjunction with Unrelenting Force to create a stream of energy, or as a defensive maneuver to reduce the impact of attacks (unsuccessfully attempted by Rob when trying to deflect Hindo's lightning bolt). First used on Chapter 16, Page 19.
  • Super Saiyan (possibly non-canon): Rob becomes a Super Saiyan (form 1). Used during a day dream during his battle with Hindo, during Chapter 14, Page 0.3.