chapter 9: fuds choice/Script

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  • Character count: ~19000
  • No spaces: ~16300
  • Character with most lines: Porky (58)
  • Character with least lines: Keven (1)

Page 1

(Tom and Sylvester pass a joint around.)

Sylvester oh... this shit is better then i thought it would be

Tomahhhhhhhhhhh oh fuck man......... this is heavenly

Sylvesterdude were so high right now hahaha


Fuddi can't find my keys? what happen to them again. do you have them i dont remember? hmm

Coyoteahhhh h......... ........... ........... ........... ........... .... yeah i dont know

Fuddi can't remember umm ........ i..... dont know anymore

Coyoteoh......... i remember ummm...... yeah i remember

Fuddawesome where is it?

Coyotei dont know where the key is at. i just said i did ahahahaahahah

(Back inside the bar, Porky, sweating, leaves the bathroom with a bra on his head.)

Porkyahh..... wow...

Lemon Stealing Whore you can keep that brah...

Porkyummmmm................. .......

Lemon Stealing Whore hahah hes not driving anywhere. i stole all his stuff.

Page 2

Fuddumm....h uh? i dont know anymore ?

Coyoteahhhh..... . ............ .............. .............. .............. .............. ..............

Fudddid you have the keys?

Coyotei was about to ask you the same thing?

(Porky leaves the bar and joins the others.)

Porkyhey guys do you know where the keys are at?

Fuddhey guys do you have the keys to the car?

Sylvesterhahahah keys hahahahah hahah

Tom shhhhhh your making me laugh hahahah

Coyotenone of you have the keys? umm...........

Porkyhow could this be?

Tom i dont know maybe you should find a key hahahah ahahaha ha

Fuddwe need to find some help ahhhhh.... ................ ................ .......

(The group wanders around the area.)

Coyoteahhhhh where are we going?

Porkyi forgot? did i forget?

Tom hahaha

Sylvesterhahahahahah a


Fuddwe was getting help.

Page 3

Coyotelets see if the people in this house can help us

Tom hahah sorry were late to the party

(A bald man turns around.)

Kelichuh? i didn't know there would be more people coming, well take a seat . my name is kelic

(Arrows appear above Bob, John, Keen, October, and Bill introducing them to the group.)

Kelicwith you guys here there are 12 of us in total

John indeed

Keven when are we gonna start the ritual? what the gently cares is with that?

October our sorrows will finnaly be recognize

Kelicit is almost time for judgment. our lord will decide if we are worthy but first we must welcome the people that just got here before we proceed with the ritual

Bob our lord will decide if we are worthy of his gift or not

John only he can past judgement on all our souls. there is no other god,

Kelici will give you a mome➞
➞nt before we will begin

Porkyi..i......i go to chu....... church all the time..... bu....bu.. but ive never been here before..

Porkyi bet its a gr...... great church.... this just seems... .. a....... a bit different from what.... im .. us.... use to

Bill oh its ts a great church. this is a bit more up front then normal

(A hooded figure named Demaro sits by himself.)

Fuddahhhhh church is so boring

Page 4

Sylvester hahaha hhah

Kelicnow that everyone is Acquainted, we shall begin the ritual.

Kelicthere is two stages of this ritual. the second stage will be explain by our lord because i do not know the 2nd stage

Bob the first stage of the ritual is simple. we will drink the blood of our lord from that foutain, and if any of us are not worthy of his gift. the person will die after they drink the blood.

(Picture of the fountain of blood.)

Kelicif you survive the first stage then the 2nd stage of the ritual will begin.

Demaroperfect i will get the power i seek

(Demaro reveals his face.)

Porkywa....... wait this.... do........ doesnt sou...... so...... sound right at all? wh...... wh....... wh.... what kind of church is this again ?

Fuddporky stop being a pussy

Coyoteporky your just being paranoid, this is that blood of christ shit that churches do all the time

Bob what are you people blabbing about?

October our shollow souls will see judgment

Bill our fates are in his hands

(12 cups of blood are laid out on a platter.)

Kelicenough talk. its time for judgment, take a cup and drink his blood

(Kelic takes a cup in hand.)

Page 5

Tom oh i dont know if i can drink anymore but ok :D

(Tom wildly chugs an entire cup down.)

Kelicwait i didn't say that you could drink it. but what ever, everyone drink

(Porky and Fudd drink. Bob, John, Keven, October, and Bill all pass out and die.)

Kelici see us seven remain....... wow these markings seem to be apearing on our hands

(Red markings appear on the remaining character's hands. Coyote's is yellow.)

Satan Hello my children, you seven are alive because you are worthy of this power. The 2nd stage will decide if you are strong enough to handle this power, I will let you have one full day with this power to decide if you shall keep it or not. To past this stage you must accomplish two things. ontrolling your emotions to a state where your emotions are neutral and to use the power consistently. If you fail to do either of these two things. your life will be shorten Traumatically or worse. loose the power all together, I will give you one day to require these requirements.

(Kelic appears shocked.)

KelicUnbelievable ........... i even had my doubts that he was real... and us seven now have his gift....... i can't even believe this is happening.... this is the best day of my life. the lord has really blessed us


(Demaro's upper face and hair blackens, covering the top in a shadow. He also grows a third eye.)

Porkyahhhhh. ............. ............. what is going on? what is this? ahhh...

Page 6

(Skip to the nexr day. Coyote is passed out in a doghouse. Fudd lies on the ground in an unspecificed location.)

Coyotewha... where the huck am i?

Coyoteahhhhhhhhhh my fucking head is killing me

Coyotedamn i barely remember anything from last night..... i need a coffee

(Coyote heads home. He sits at a table with coffee in hand.)

Coyoteahhhh thats good coffee.. sigh............ this is good...

Coyotewhat the fuck?

(Coyote looks down and notices the marking on his hand, which appears different. Rather than a star in a circle, the marking has a "N" in a circle.)

Coyote................. i remember now!! did that really happen? it seems hard to believe

Page 7

Coyotehmmmmm it seems i can control these yellow strings coming out of my fingers and i think i can also control the yellow signs on my hands. to make it visible or not to the human eye and probably control if the strings are visible as well. maybe im not sure

Coyoteinteresting. im guessing i can use the strings on my hand to control something like a puppet

(Meanwhile at Porky's house.)


(Porky lies passed out under a bed.)


Petunia you better have one hell of a explanation for not coming home last night, i was waiting for you all night!! where were you? you better tell me.

Porky (thinking)oh fuck shes pissed

(Porky gets up but slams his head on the bottom of the bed.)

Porkyahhhhh damnit

Petunia get your ass up!!! where were you last night? im in a vary bad mood right! now so you better tell me

Porky (thinking)OH SHIT


(Porky tears up.) im no....... no..... not gonna lie to you... i we........ wen....... went.... went drinking last n... night with my friends and.... i cheated on you

(Petunia, bewildered, also begins to tear up.)

Petunia ....................................

Petunia its over...............

(Petunia leaves the room and slams the door. The text "SLAM!!" appears as she shuts it.)

Page 8

(Porky puts his hand on his head and cries out.)


(The scene moves to Tom, who is waking up. He appears extremely unsettled.)

Tom ahhhhhhh what the fuck? what happened last night?

Tom i dont remember a daM thing? i can barely remember why We got drunk in the first place?

Tom ahhhhhh fuck it. it will come back to me later, whats that noise?

Tom hmmmmmmm tucking jarry eating all my food... im gonna kill that fucker i will make sure this time

(Jarry the Mouse is seen holding a piece of cheese.)

Tom (thinking)but how? hmmmmmm think your smarter then he is. you can do it

(Jarry appears extremely happy for a single panel.)

Tom i got it this cant fail

Tom ahhh this is really good

Jarry huh?

Tom she really out did her self this time, this milk is magical omg

(Jarry, with a smug expression on his face, drinks Tom's milk.)

Tom hahahahahah hahaha yes drink all you can

Page 9

(Jarry's eyes become bloodshot.)

Jarry ughhhhhh hhhhh ahhhhhhhh hahhhhhhh hhhhh

(A close up on Jarry's eyes appears before Jarry collapses, dead.)

Jarry ughhhhhhhhhh

Tom ehhhh this is alittle to graphic for me, i thought he was just gonna drop dead with no blood and stuff

Tom i guess eating him isn't a option now




Tom wait a minute, this is some kind of satanic thingy, so after killing jarry i must have satanic powers

Tom whitch means i can be super powerful and kick everyone's ass so.. im gonna be awesomely badass

Tom yes. now i must find out what i can do with these demonic powers

(The scene moves to Sylvester laying on his couch at home.)

Page 10

Sylvesteroh.... yeah i have been waiting for this for the longest time

Sylvesteri got to sit up while i eat my food, that dam tom gots nothing on me

(Sylvester prepares to eat the deceased Tweety Bird but strings from his hands

Sylvesterh........... .. what the fuck is this?


(The scene moves to the gang hanging out together, except for Coyote who is not present.)

Tom and i got this after words

Fuddsorry what?

Tom you cant focus worth a shit

(Fudd appears with a dumb face.)

Tom and you block out everything i fucking say

(As Tom and Fudd bicker, Porky, clinging to a necklace with the cross, desperately tries to call his wife.)

Porkyagain im really sorry, please call me back, i love you

Tom is he here? i really got somethin➞
➞g i got to talk to him about

Sylvester yeah same here but COYOTE doesn't seem to be home

Porkyshes not calling me back and i called her about ten times already.. i dont know what to do anymore?

Page 11

Tom dont worry so much porky. just give her some space and some time and she will be back with you in no time

SylvesterThat's very unlikely with this current situation

Tom dont listen to him. he's just being a dick

Sylvesterim being a dick? No im being realistic here, You should stop giving him false hope. Like hes used to from his Christians and look at the details of this ordeal. He cheated on her, now the thing you gotta ask your self is... would you take yourself back after that?

Tom hey!! im trying to help him here and make him not feel so bad. so stop being a dick and shut the fuck up

(Tom clenches his fist.)

Porkyi....................... i got to be going,

(Porky leaves on the verge of tears.)

Tom look what you just did asshole! im going to kick you ass

SylvesterYou still lack to see the deeper meaning of things and just focus on whats in front of you, think of it like this, what if he believed in what you said to him about her coming back to him in time and he gets his hopes up thinking that's gonna happen and then she never comes back to him. That would put him in a worse state then he is in right now, if you wasn't so stupid you would realize that what im doing isn't helping him right now but It's gonna help him a lot more then your advice does in the long run


(Fudd points his shotgun at the two cats.)

Fuddif you guys dont stop it i will shoot you both with my shot gun. so cut the shit

(Elsewhere, Coyote speaks to Kelic.)

Coyoteso you see me and my friends came to your cult meating place on mistake but for some reason we was more worthy then they were

Coyoteso i seek information. i want to know everything about this cult so i can understand what i have

Kelici knew you was different from the rest of them that was there so i will tell you all i know

Kelicyou see i was entrusted to find the worthy ones to become the new neutral's which was lost. it goes back way before our time almost to the beginning of time

Kelic (narrating) Us neutral's was manufactured to control the dead for battle purposes but seeing that we couldn't fully use the power with our emotions we coudn't fight our own battles in risk of shortening our life span or losing the power all together

(The symbols of the Christians, an "N", and Satanists, a star, appear.)

Kelic (narrating)so for us to trully be used for battle we was made from the 2 branches. satanist and christians and we are forced to fight for these branches

Kelic (narrating)we are tools for these branches to battle each other. we are forced from both good and evil to battle each other for control of the human race, so known through man kind us neutral's was weapons for secret battles for control, the battle's lead on through sentry's until the neutral's all died

Kelic (narrating)after the neutials died the two branches left. the christians went more into recruiting more followers and the satanist went in more in finding more neutral's to fight the christians but more time went by and the neutral's was almost forgotten only a few know of us now

Page 12

Kelicthats everything . it might sound bad but we are tools and thats why this power exists

Coyotethanks for all the in tell. i think i might go to the grave yard and give this power a little test

Coyotesee ya bald guy that i have no clue of what his name is?

Keliche might not know it. but he's gonna end up being the strongest neutral of us all. i can tell an how he is reacting to this power. as if it was a challenge for him to over come, oh there are great stuff to come from this one indeed

(Back to the "house of god", Porky attends a funeral.)

Father Bartholomewhey porky im glad your here, he would of wanted you to be here

Porkyyeah i know

Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivanyour not your self today whats the matter?

Porkypastor henrey is gone an.... and pe... per. ....personal stuff.. it's just even af.... after i begged for.... fogi.....forgiveness and everything, im starting to think even if... we... we pray our hearts out and know th..... that we do wrong... that may... maybe theres things go.. god can't fix...... and maybe..... instead of.... of put. putting in our...... our ho.... hope in god... to fix all our problems ... we ......... we..... take action ... fo.... for our mistakes and learn fro... from them

Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivanhey the lord died for our sins. so we wouldn't have to.... you just have to have faith that god will come through, god works in mysterious ways.... his path for you is the riches path. you just have to have faith in god and he will pull you through

Porkyyour right theres a reason for everything even i......if ev.... everything looks like its not gonna get better

Father Bartholomewit's almost time we should get this started

Porkywait let me pay my respects

(Porky walks up to Pastor Henrey's casket.)

Porkyi....... i wish you wa... was alive....

Porkyyou always knew what to sa.... say. i need some.. something more then jus..... just praying.... i can..... cant' live with out her i need something more then... what.. im getting

(As Porky extends his hand, the Neutral's strings extend.)


Page 13

(Pastor Henrey is briefly brought back to life.)


(Pastor Henrey is flung out of his casket and sprawls onto the floor.)

Mrs No Kisses .......


Father Bartholomewhes a neutral, kill him

Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivanyes we must kill him in the name of the lord

Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivaneveryone KILL HIM NOW!!!! he must die god demands it

Porkywh..... what?

(Some people attending the church suddenly brandish weapons. A small child also pulls out a spiked club.)

Chris Chin hey doesn➞
➞'t it say in the bible that we shoul➞
➞dn't kill?

Evangeline you dont get the rules, its ok to kill if its for god. you know like David did


(Porky flees.)

Father Bartholomewafter him, he must die!! god demands it , we must kill him for god

Porkyoh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god

Porkywhat do i do? what do i do? what do i do? what do i do? what do i do?

Page 14

Porkyi got to hide

Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivangod damnit we lost him...

Father Bartholomewahhhh lets go

Porkyoh.... thank goodness

(Porky is seen hiding in an alleyway, inside a trashcan.)

Porkyi only have one option now, i have to live with my parents

Porky's text message Hey mom im going to need to stay at you and dads house for a while i explain why later, i just really need to stay there. i got no where else to go, Bye i love you :D hugs and kisses

Porkysigh........ go..... god if you are r..... real why aren't.... you helping me?

Porkyhome sweet home, i haven't been here in years, i wonder if everything is the same

Porkyim home!!

Porkyhey mom dad im home

(The home is empty.)

Porkyi guess th..... th....... th..... there in the oth..... other room some..... some wh........ wh..... where

Porkywh...... what...... whats cooking?

Porky.. wha.... ?

(Inside the kitchen, Porky sees the heads of his parents, decapicated and brutalizd. The text "hugs @ kisses" is written with their blood. Bacon is also cooking.)

Page 15


(Porky's father's body is seen mangled on the table, with the Holy Cross and the text GOD written on the wall in blood.)


(Porky cries as his father's head is reflected in his eyes. The scene then moves to Coyote and the others experimenting with their powers.)

Coyoteinteresting.. it seems when i eat some of the dead persons brain i get all there knowledge. so i can know the bodies limitations and mainly to know the powers the body possess

Coyotewait i just thought of something. if us neutrals are made for battle to fight for the satanist to fight the christian and the other way around, us neutral's would also be considered a threat to them branches

Coyoteporky is in danger from his own friends in the church because they know if they get rid of the tools the satanist aren't that strong with out us....


Tom check this out

(Tom revives Jarry.)

Sylvestercoyote you seem to be in a rush whats going on?

(Coyote arrives, panting.)

Coyoteahhhhhh we need to hurry

Fuddyou running why?

Coyotewe need to hurry, porky is in danger ill explain why on the way

Coyotecome on guys theres no time to waste here

(In a nondescript mountain area with some houses, Porky appears, shaken.)

Sylvesterporky are you ok?

Coyoteporky come with us now. we got to get the fuck out of here

Page 16


Coyoteporky your life is in danger, people are gonna try to kill you


(Porky stomps his feet on the ground.)


Coyote (thinking)he is vary unstable right now

Porkymy wife left me and took our baby with her my parents were killed by my christain friends, what do i have now? huh?

Porkynothing and this is all your fault!!!!

(Porky grits his teeth and rages. Coyote looks annoyed.)

Coyote how is this my fault? i asked you to be our designated driver. i didn't ask you to drink some beer with us or cheat on your wife, you did that!! this is your fault because your such a push over that has no back bone and thats easily pressured to do stuff. you have no balls and that is why you fucked up and got drunk and thats why you didn't do what a normal married man would of done when a chick hits on him and turn her down

(Porky continues to scowl. He then punches Coyote on the face, knocking him down and causing him to bleed slightly. Sylvester watches, astonished.)

PorkyFUCK YOU!!!

Coyoteyou can hit me all you want that still doesn't change the fact that you fucked up and ran into all this trouble but hey, thats being human

Coyotewe all fuck up and do our wrongs but what really matters is what we do from here. you should leave with us and we will figure out what to do from there

Porkyno i got nothing left to live for, i can't handle this im going to kill myself

Coyoteyou need to calm down and analyze the situation. calm down and think

Coyoteyour son still needs a father if your with her or not, don't take your life away from your son, your son needs his father, we will be over there

Porkymaybe your right. i haven't had any sleep and im really tired, and stress is crazy right now

Petunia porky can i talk to you for a minute over here

Page 17

Porkyim ......................... what is it?

Petunia porky it was hard to figure out if i should talk to you again or not


Petunia i forgive you i know you wouldn't of done any of that stuff if you wasn't drunk and i dont care about that anymore

Porkyso..... so wh..... what are you saying? you forgive me?

Petunia i love you and i need your help, i can't take care of our son alone, i need your help taking care of porky JR.

(Porky smiles.)

Porkyyou dont know how happy that makes me feel. i love you so much. we could move away and i promise i will never drink again

Petunia ok but if you do it again i will cut off your balls in your sleep

Petunia can you hold him real quick he needs to be changed

(Petunia holds up Porky Jr.)

Porkysure, hey little guy i missed you so much

Coyotewait... what the hell is that?


(The sky suddenly becomes red. A bullet, fired from afar, appears behind Petunia and pierces her through the head. The bullet continues through her and pierces through Porky Jr.)

Page 18

(Porky's face is splattered in blood as he watches, shocked. The bullet then drops down right in front of him. Petunia and Porky Jr. collapse onto the ground, dead.)


Father Bartholomewthis is for god!!!

(A group of Satanists suddenly fall from the sky.)

Bjorn we cant let you kill them

Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivansatanist, well then if you plan to get in our way we shall smite you in the name of the lord

Unknown speaker ATTACK!!

(Christians rush foward, one armed with a gun.)

Lettuce Head satan is the only lord and he doesn't favor christains so die!!

(The two sides clash swords and do battle. Guns are fired.)

Coyoteporky you got to come with us now. dont walk that way

(Porky, in shock, moves away from Coyote.)


Page 19

(Porky wanders around the battlefield, lost.)

Coyotewe got to hurry out of here before they attack us

Tom wait

Fuddwh..... what about porky?

Coyotelisten to me i want to help porky just as much as the rest of you but even if we manage to not get killed trying to save him. hes lost therm nothing left we can say that can help him now, you got a choice to make stay here and die or come with me and live

Tom fud i will follow you what ever choice you make....

Fuddummm m

Fuddok lets get out of here

Coyotewe got to hurry this way now

(Porky wanders towards a tree and begins forming a large, thick string with his Neutral powers. The string slings itself over a tree branch.)

Coyotegod dammit wait a sec

Tom are you sure fud?

(The string reveals itself to be a noose.)


(Porky hangs himself.)

Page 20

(Porky's lifeless body hangs. Coyote cringes as Fudd looks on in horror.)

Coyotedamnit, we got to hurry out of here now

Tom why the hell are you acting like you dont care?

Coyotelisten to me if we dont master our emotions to a neutral state then our life span will be shorten,worse case we could die, im doing this cause i have to. now we got until mid night to get control of our emotions and we cant stay here any longer

Sylvesterhes right tom

Tom ok i will try to get control of my self

Narrorator mid night

Coyotealright its about 12 now we get to see what happens next

(Tom and Fudd begin vibrating. They also bleed from their noses and mouths.)

Coyotetorn and elmers life was shorten, tom couldn't control his emotions but that isn't the case with elmer fud. he didnt use the power alot so his life was also shorten but it seems they still have the power

Coyotewe need to hide from these bastard so thats our goal at this point

Tom dammit

Fuddhey i need to get wabbit first

Sylvester yeah we need to work on getting bodies

(Elsewhere, back at Kelic's church, the church is seen blown to bits and the Neutral's fountain is destroyed. Kelic stands among the blood.)

Page 21

Kelici have destroyed the foutain once and for it will be almost impossible for there to be anymore neutrals, and thats the way it should stay

Demaroyou bastard you messed up my plans, you already know that the foutain was the only thing that could properly mix the hell hound blood and the angle blood for the blood to be able to work right for the satanist to use to recruit more neutrals

Kelic i am no longer a satanist anymore, talking to coyote made me realize something, you see this war between christains and satanist is just childish and i seek the same thing as coyote does, peace and with out this foutain the satanist and your plans wont come to play , you just want the power of the neutrals for your own personal agenda

Demarowith the army of neutrals i will create. i will take leadership over the satanist and i will take over the satainist and then i will figure out how to get control over the main part of the satanist branch and the monsters they know how to summon and i will not control humans,i will control demons and even more powerful creatures then that and i will kill all the neutrals. coyote as well

Kelichahahah coyote is a prodigy, you wont be able to keep up with him no matter how hard you try, you will see your end soon enough, if not by my hands today, i could care less about your plans because it will be almost impossible for your plans to come into play after what i just did

Demarothere are ways around this problem and he might be a prodigy but i happen to be a fast learner, not a prodigy but he has one hell of a way to catch up to me from where he is now, i will kill him before he has the chance to surpass me and thats guarantee

Kelicyour full of your self. i will give you that, you are to fullish to defeat someone like him but enough about him, its time we got this started.dont you think?

(Kelic uses his powers to revive the Satanists/Christians that were fighting from before, as well as the Prospective Neutrals attending his ritual.)

Kelicits time your corpse joined my puppet show

Demaroit doesn't matter how many weak corpses you have, when someone like me has a corpse that is much stronger

Demarosay hello to addy the demon

(Demaro's strings extend.)

Kelicwhat the hell?

(Kelic is crushed by a large demon.)

Kelicahhhh my arms

Kelicdamnit you sent your monster to break my aims so i couldn't fight back

Demarooh do you understand now? im already in another league then you will ever understand and that is why i will never die but your death is now

(Demaro's strings extend again.)