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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Devil
Gender Male
Skin color Red
Eye color Yellow sclera, red iris
Personal information
Affiliation Satanism
Enemies God, Christans
Dislikes Christans, God
First appearance Chapter 9, Page 5 (voice)
Chapter 25, Page 18 (actual appearance)
In real life
Actual name Satan / Lucifer / The Devil / Beelzebub
First appearance Book of Numbers (500-400 BCE)
Franchise The Bible
Satan, Chapter 25, Page 18

Satan is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He is the leader of the Satanists.


During his appearance in Chapter 25, Page 18, Satan appears as a black shadowy figure with much of his details obscured. From what can be seen, he appears to be humanoid in shape and has tall, curved horns protruding from the top of his head as well as pointed ears. He also appears to have large, sharp teeth and red eyes.


In the time before the events of Tails Gets Trolled, Satan appears to have developed a feud with Christians. His followers, the Satanists, warred with the Christians, and eventually hit a point where the group created a new weapon of war known as the "Neutrals", born from the blood of the angle and the hell hound mixed together. Satan would assist in creating Neutrals through a trial in which his followers drink this mixed blood and are tested to see if they are deemed worthy. He also appears to have some history with Pori and wishes to kill him for reasons currently unknown.

Satan himself does not appear until Chapter 25, where he appears behind Coyote, attempting to persuade him into selling his soul for power. When rejected, Satan grows furious, and begins to threaten Coyote by claiming that he will rape and torture his friends via his army, as well as stripping Coyote of his power. Coyote refuses and kneels in prayer, calling forth Eyael and causing Satan to leave momentarily.

Satan briefly appears governing The Underworld, sitting on his throne as Jackal brings a naked and chained Hindo, who he sends off to the mines. Some time later, after attempting to locate Coyote, he calls for Kryzeal to command the Hell Hounds and attack his friends and Pori.


Satan appears to be very threatening as he attempts to scare Coyote into serving him. When refused, he doubles down on his threats as seen with Coyote, where he claims to know of every fear and nightmare he has and boasts about being omnipresent in the lives of the Neutrals.


Satan claims to have incredible power as he states while threatening Coyote. He states that he has an army under his command, though it is unknown if he is referring to the Satanists or an army of demons. He also claims to be very knowledgeable as he tells Coyote that he knows of every fear he holds.

Satan also has control over who keeps the powers of the Neutrals. During Chapter 9: fuds choice, he takes the lives of the Prospective Neutrals after deeming them unworthy of the power.

Real Life Origins

"Lucifer" by Cornelis Galle I (1595)

Satan is a prominent figure in religious texts. He may also be referred to as Lucifer in Christianity or simply as "the Devil".


Satan in Tails Gets Trolled has some governance over the fictional group known as the Neutrals, an aspect which is not featured in any documented religious mythology. Additionally, Satan has not been known to grant human beings spirit strings/necromancy powers.