Prospective Neutrals

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Prospective Neutrals

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male (Bob, John, Keven, Bill)
Female (October)
Skin color Light (John, October, Bill)
Brown (Bob)
Dark brown (Keven)
Hair color Red (Bob)
Blue (John, Keven)
Orange (October)
Brown (Bill)
Eye color Black (Bob)
Blue (Keven, October)
Yellow (Bill)
Personal information
Affiliation Satanists
Enemies Christians
First appearance Chapter 9, Page 3
Last appearance Chapter 9, Page 5 (Bill)
Chapter 10, Page 1 (all but Bill)
In real life
Actual name Bob, John, October, Keven, Bill
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 9, Page 3 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled

The "Prospective Neutrals", consisting of Bob, John, Keven, October, and Bill are a group of Satanists accompanying Kelic during Chapter 9's ritual.


The group each have their own distinct appearance. Bob has dark skin and red hair/eyebrows, with a scar/marking underneath one of his eyes. John has blue hair and markings on his forehead. He also appears to have his eyes closed similar to Teemo and Pikachu. Both Bob and John also appear wearing the same robes that Kelic wears during the ritual.

Keven is a large, obese brown-skinned man with light blue hair and a yellow shirt. October is the sole female of the gang, and wears a pink tank top over a black shirt. She has orange hair and wears black lipstick. Bill is the more unique one of the group appearance wise, having a tuft of brown hair popping out from the center of his head. He has two square markings below his chin and small yellow beard. He also appears to wear a mask over the top of his head, only revealing his eyes.


The group first appears during the flashback in Chapter 9: fuds choice. They are seen with Kelic preparing to drink the blood of their lord before they are joined by Coyote's group. When the ritual begins, the five drink the blood but immediately die as they are not deemed worthy of inheriting the power of The Neutrals. Later on, their corpses are seen under the brief control of Kelic, who uses them to attempt to fight Demaro with.


All five appear to be devoted to their lord Satan. John, in particular, claims that there is no other God other than Satan.


The group do not appear have any abilities of note. They are quickly killed off after being deemed not worthy, and even after their resurrection at the hands of Kelic, they do not do anything of note.