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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Syvester (Chapter 23)
Physical description
Species Cat
Gender Male
Skin color Pink (Paws only)
Fur color Black and white
Eye color Black
Personal information
Affiliation The Neutrals
Allies Coyote, Fudd, Tom, Porky
Enemies The Trolls, Tweety
Weapons/powers Necromancy
First appearance Chapter 8, Page 17
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 35
Dead (shot by Troll Face)
In real life
Actual name Sylvester the Cat
First appearance Life with Feathers (1945)
Franchise Looney Tunes
Exactly my thought. Which is why I'm making it my life's goal to discover a way to sever these powers, and without losing any of our lifespan.. Mark my words!
Sylvester, Chapter 24, Page 2

Sylvester is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled as a member of The Neutrals. He is a close friend and rival of Tom and the two often clash with one another over many things ranging from their viewpoints on pornography to their use of their puppets.


Similar to Tom, Sylvester is a human like cat who stands on his two legs rather than walking like a typical cat. His fur is mostly black with a long, white stripe along the center of his body. His whiskers are similar in shape to Coyote's, forming three points extending from his cheeks. He also has a round, red nose.


Details regarding Sylvester's past life are not known exactly aside from his feud with Tweety. Him and Tom would often drink with one another, and have even gotten into a bar fight before at the local bar that he and his friends visit. Sylvester also mentions having sex with Tom's sister in the past. His owner is also murdered by Tom, who was looking for a way to annoy Sylvester.

Some time before the fateful night where he and his friends obtain the powers of the Neutrals, Sylvester manages to finally kill Tweety Bird. The group decides to spent a night out at the bar in celebration. Sylvester is waiting in his house when he is visited by Fudd, Coyote, and Tom. Sylvester teases Tom for drinking before they are at the bar, and after Coyote convinces Porky to be their driver, the group sets out.

At the bar, Tom gives a beautiful speech "congratulating" Sylvester on his kill. Two hours pass until Sylvester is wasted, and apologizes for having sex with Tom's sister. He then reveals to Tom that he has a bag of "cat nip" on him, and the pair sneaks out to use it.

Outside the bar, Sylvester and Tom are high from catnip when they are approached by Coyote and Fudd. Porky eventually comes outside but does not have the keys to his car due to them being stolen. Sylvester and friends then wander around until they come across a church in the middle of a ritual lead by Kelic. They are invited to join, and Sylvester and his friends end up surviving the ritual after drinking blood, and are given the powers of necromancy.

A Neutral

Sylvester accidentally revives Tweety.

The next day, Sylvester is seen at his home, preparing to eat Tweety. As he prepares to do so, the strings on his hands activate and resurrects Tweety from the dead, causing Sylvester to scream in shock. Some time later, the group sans Coyote meet up to discuss what they have experienced. Porky, distraught over his wife Petunia leaving him after cheating on her the night before, attempts to call her. Tom tries to console Porky when she does not answer, but Sylvester opts to take a more realistic approach and admits that the odds of Petunia responding are not high. Tom almost attacks Sylvester, but the two are stopped when Fudd threatens them with his gun.

Some time later, Coyote returns to the group and comes to the realization that Porky is in danger from his Christian friends due to his status as a Neutral. Sylvester watches as the tragic events surrounding Porky unfold, and ultimately decides to leave with Coyote as Porky kills himself. At midnight, the group decides to make use of their powers and begin to search for corpses. Off-screen, Sylvester experiments with his powers and inserts strings into his companions. He also goes and retrieves the bodies of Porky and his family. On the second night, Coyote and he have a heart to heart regarding their current situation.

True Family

Sylvester's promise to Coyote.

A rift begins to form between Sylvester and Coyote. Coyote reveals that he is aware of what Sylvester has done off screen. Sylvester does not hide it and also reveals that they have both been training on how to use their powers. Coyote is concerned over the silence and apparent distrust between him and Sylvester, who have been keeping these actions a secret from one another. They both agree that there is a need for them to be more sociable before moving on to the subject of Porky and the mental states of Fudd and Elmer, who have gone silent since Porky's death.

Sylvester admits that they were all responsible for Porky's unfortunate death. Sylvester almost loses himself as he scolds Coyote, stating that he was supposed to be the most responsible of the group, but holds himself back to avoid losing his powers. After some silence, Sylvester begins to ponder the situation they have found themselves in, expressing deep regret over what he could have done differently and lamenting the fact that he cannot express any sadness due to their "curse".

Sylvester then promises Coyote that he will make it his life mission to find a way to sever their powers without risking their lives. Knowing that such a possibility will take time, he and Coyote decide to train and lead Elmer and Tom so that they can survive. Sylvester looks to the sky with conviction and makes a vow that they will survive, no matter what may come, causing Coyote to tear up.

In the present time, Sylvester and his friends are hidden in a hideout close to Troll City. Coyote is asked by The Troll Slaiyers to help them construct a fake concert stadium in exchange for the death of the Road Runner, and agrees. After constructing the stadium, Sylvester and his friends watch the Slaiyer's plan from the sidelines. He and Tom eventually leave out of boredom and return to their hideout. Coyote introduces Silver's group to Sylvester and explains how they got their powers, and the two groups agree to team up and rescue Fudd from The Trolls.

Silver, using a device he placed within Troll King's castle, creates a map of the castle to use. The group decides on using explosives to lure out the castle's main forces while Sylvester and his friends run in to find Fudd. Sylvester contacts a friend of his to get a giant cage to use for their plan. After acquiring the cage, the group moves out to execute their plan.

Taking Action

Sylvester and the rest of the group wait outside the castle as they detonate an explosive. While waiting, Sylvester gets into an argument regarding the implications of watching porn and how it relates to a person's sexuality before they are ambushed by trolls. Leaving Silver and Blaze behind, Sylvester's group makes their way inside and are confronted by Trolls. Sylvester reveals his army of corpses (consisting of Ernie the Giant Chicken, Foghorn Leghorn, Big Bird, The Penguins of Madagascar, and Tweety) and sends them out to do battle. Sylvester and Tom exchange friendly banter with one another as they move through the castle slaying trolls. Coyote and Rob move ahead to search for Fudd while the two cats stay back and compete to see who can get the most kills.

The two cats eventually come across a hacker who they unceremoniously murder. Afterwards, another troll appears and stomps on Tweety, angering Sylvester. He refrains from raging to not risk losing his powers and asks Tom to kill the troll (not after Tom uses the opportunity to taunt Sylvester over losing Tweety). The two stop to argue more before they decide to move out, but just as the coast seems clear, Troll Face emerges from the shadows and shoots Sylvester in the chest. In his dying breath, Sylvester explains that he truly did care for Tom, and thought of him as family and his rival persona was a means to get Tom to better himself before passing away.


Sylvester is much more mature and level-headed compared to his best friend Tom. He is not the type to get extremely emotional very often, and tends to have a much more mature approach to life. This can be seen when he explains to Tom that giving Porky the false hope that his wife will come back would only hurt him in the long run. Additionally, after Tweety Bird is squished by a troll, he composes himself and does not lash out, merely asking Tom to handle the troll for him.

Sylvester also cares very deeply for Tom. In his last words, he explains that his rival act was always meant to give Tom a reason to constantly improve himself and that deep down, he has always respected Tom.


As a Neutral, Sylvester has the power to control the bodies of the dead through strings protruding from his hands. This power comes at the cost of needing to maintain emotional neutrality, or else he faces the risk of losing a portion of his lifespan or losing the power altogether.

The corpses gathered by Sylvester include Ernie the Giant Chicken, Foghorn Leghorn, Big Bird, The Penguins of Madagascar, and Tweety.

Real Life Origins

Sylvester the Cat is a character appearing the Looney Tunes franchise. He is often seen struggling to kill Tweety Bird as well as getting into other general antics.


In Tails Gets Trolled, Sylvester is able to speak perfectly fine without his trademark lisp unlike Porky, who stutters often in his speech. He is also not as emotional or bombastic as he is usually shown to be in the shows, though this is partially due to the requirements of maintaining his Neutral powers. He's also never stated to have a son or family as in the various shows.