chapter 10: silver's plan and tails training/Script

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  • Total character count: ~33400
  • Character count with no spaces: ~26600
  • Character count of Kermit's backstory: ~6680
  • Character with most lines: Tails (47)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Blaze, Yoshi, Bowser Jr., Cheeto Man (1)

Page 1

DemaroScript.pngDemaroseeing that your going to hell, tell our lord i said hello

(Addy the Demon firmly grasps Kelic, snapping him in two)

SilverScript.pngSilverso thats how you got your powers

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotepretty much and now emler is in the wrong hands

RobScript.pngRob WHAT!!?

TomScript.pngTomI still remember it so clearly but enough about that we must work to get emler back

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterdont worry we pay our respects to porkys family everyday we can on that stone we have here

(Zoom in on the stone, with text reading: the porky family may you rest in peace)

BlazeScript.pngBlazei couldn't become like you having to hide my emotions


TailsScript.pngTailsdanmit i still cant hit you at all ahhhhhhh this is pointless

BatmanScript.pngBatmansigh...... you really suck at hand to hand combat i wont lie and this is way more challenging then i thought it would be. to teach you hand to hand combat, alright i will try to teach you some more hand to hand combat

Page 2

BatmanScript.pngBatmantails the reason why your not good at hand to hand combat is simble, your just swinging crazy, your not keeping your eye on your opponent. your not reading there movements and your not reacting fast to there attacks

BatmanScript.pngBatmanwhat do you think woodstocks training was for? it was to get you ready for my training, it was to teach you how to dodge attacks, now come on

TailsScript.pngTailsyour right i can do this

BatmanScript.pngBatmanalright lets try this again




TailsScript.pngTailsahh really? im starting to get this down batman

BatmanScript.pngBatman (thinking)remarkable, he listens really well, all i did was explain how and he learned what he was doing wrong and fixed it like right away, theres something special about this guy

Page 3

BatmanScript.pngBatmantails there is something else i want to trach you that might help you in combat

TailsScript.pngTailswhats that?

BatmanScript.pngBatmanbloody knuckles

TailsScript.pngTailsim confused? what will this help me with

BatmanScript.pngBatmanbloody knuckles is a simple way to straighten ones fist by hitting other peoples fist and also hitting hard suffuses, so i want you to punch my hand. as many times as you can

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

AlexScript.pngAlexthis is awesome, hes still at it

GarryScript.pngGarryahaha fucking noob badie


(Troll King punches Fudd.)

TKScript.pngTroll King you see there is no options for you to make here, you can do as i say or continue to be hit by my fist and I've broken harder objects then your face before

FuddScript.pngFuddi want that wabbit

TKScript.pngTroll Kingyour zombies are safe by hindo and dials the way its gonna stay, did you know that I brought someone in here a weak ago, he is the most hated person by the trolls. You all call him by the name justen beaver

TKScript.pngTroll Kingyou want to know what we did to him? we cut off his penis and we was all surprise he had one, im thinking if you dont do what i say, perhaps i will do the same thing to you, its not really that hard to get what im saying even for someone like you so you must understand there is nothing that will stop me and you might as well join the winning side of this fight

HindoScript.pngHindo be careful sir dont get a head of your self and kill him

HindoScript.pngHindowe still need him to resurrect egg man and perhaps also resurrect the man in the ice

FuddScript.pngFuddi dont bring back the dead i just control there corpses and there memories .by eatting there brains, they are my puppets nothing else

TKScript.pngTroll Kingdoesn't matter either way, you will control eggman to do as i say and you will do it, or i will give you more pain

TKScript.pngTroll KingI'll give you a minute with your thoughts and we shall continue this ready

Page 4

TKScript.pngTroll Kingim gonna give emler 5 minutes with his thoughts before we start up again, hindo i want you to bring me all the weapons i have in the back, we will see which weapon will convince him to change his mind

HindoScript.pngHindoyes sir. i will get right on that

TFScript.pngTroll Facedad if you let me take over, im pretty sure i can get him to do everything you say with my methods, i can get this fagbag to be our little bitch slave

TKScript.pngTroll Kingif nothing else works then you can rape him and what ever else you want but not until i say so, hes off limits for now

TFScript.pngTroll Faceunderstood, as soon as you fail like we know you will his butthole will be mine

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

ShadowScript.pngShadowok now that we know his capabilities, and we know that his star is a big threat, we should come up with a strategy to fight it, i suggest we fight each other as a training method to create a good team comp, learn each others fighting style to know how to use each other to fight as a team then after we come up with a good way to trap him and to get him back for his bad deeds

BowserScript.pngBowseri agree that would be a good plan, but I also think. we should think more ahead then that and perhaps find a land scape thats perfect and trick him into it i dont know how yet but this is coming out swell

HulkScript.pngHulki like to read while i think, your idea is good but its not quite there yet, this plan is getting more filled but still needs alot of planning and work done to it

HulkScript.pngHulkbut even if we plan everything to the last detail right, we still need to execute it, and that might be hard

VectorScript.pngVectori know this is important and all but i still think we should be more focused on the trolls, instead of mario, im not saying we forget about. what hes done but perhaps also come up with a plan to fight the trolls

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckleshey guys hows everything going?

ShadowScript.pngShadowgod damnit knuckles why did you have to show up and why did you bring her

AmyScript.pngAmyknuckles told me about sonic and everything and you guys still haven't been able to find tails as well

ShadowScript.pngShadowi know's hard but i will make sure every single person in the group of trolls. will die just like mario

VectorScript.pngVectorhey knuckles, so what happen to your smart weed thing, you was talkig about?

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckleswhat are you talking about?


ShadowScript.pngShadow sigh..... knuckles can you get out of here, i got shit to do, shit your not good at

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesoh i remember my smart weed plan, i went ahead and did it with out you guys, you want to know what happened?

Page 5

VectorScript.pngVectoralright knuckles sigh.......... what happened? hurry up with it

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesok this is what happened

(The following appears in its own panel, just the words)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesok i starting smoking alot of weed and i came up with a plan, ok first things first i got me some food, and then it came to me, ok first things first i needed to find one of the troll bases, maybe the main one if im lucky, so first off i needed to find out how i can find one of there bases, so i googled it and there was my answer, they had this chat room talking about there trolling duties and then i decided to act like one of the trolls and they didn't know the difference between me and the rest of them people, so i acted like a newbie and i asked where the camps were, and they showed me map locations to all there camps out side there so called city,so i printed it all out and made copies and everything, actually i still keep contact with them time to time, but anyways i then travaled to one of there bases which wasn't that far away,so i infiltrated one of there camps that happens to be in the jungle not far from where we are now,

(Flashback to Knuckles smoking weed in the jungle)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklescuz i got high, cuz i got high!! dahdah dah dah

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles, narratingi find there camp as i said already i think lol

ArmyTrollScript.pngG. I. Jerkoffwho the hell are you? didn't you get the memo? the jist of it? red faggots like you aren't allowed

TwinkieCravingScript.pngNickacadomaybe this dumb looking dumb dude can get us some twinkies

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles what up G dogys, i was in the neighborhood and i thought i would drop in and say my ummmm somethings and details of stuff

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles im for peace my brethren jiggy dogs, why do we fight and war and hate, when we can master bait, people that fight also get tight? you get what im saying, bitches got to stay in line

Ch10BlackTrollScript.pngRage Boner of Africawhat the fuck is with this dumb retarded bitch talking about? with his homo face, and shit, i say we pop a cap in his ass and then try to lick the bullet holes with our mouths, for our sexual desires?

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckleswhy fight when we can get high?

ArmyTrollScript.pngG. I. Jerkoffoh hell yeah hes got that awesome fucking grass, i call it the gra gra

(Everyone smokes around a campfire)


(The large troll in red falls over backwards)


Ch10BlackTrollScript.pngRage Boner of Africa ahahhahahah!!!

ArmyTrollScript.pngG. I. Jerkoffahaha!

(New panel)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesits a true story bro lol hahah ahahh ahaha hahah hah!!!!

ArmyTrollScript.pngG. I. Jerkoffhhahah ahahah ahahha i dont even know what the fuck you said?

(Back to Vector and friends)

VectorScript.pngVectorknuckles get to the point already, come on dude what did you do?

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles thats pretty much it, we all got high, it was sweet you should of been there

ShadowScript.pngShadowgod damnt knuckles, your plan didn't do anything

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckleswhat do you mean? my plan was to get high and i did lol hahahah

ShadowScript.pngShadow i am done with you wasting my fucking time. with your pointless bullshit storys and idea's

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckleshmmm that seems a bit rude and uncalled for, shadow some times you need to stop crying dude

Page 6

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesok man

ShadowScript.pngShadowim about to punch you in the face

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklessorry man, we both was over the line man, and stuff, so sorry man :D

VectorScript.pngVectoroh knuckles, if you still have the troll camp locations printed out, then give them to us, they could come in handy

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesoh sure man, i will go get them in a minute

HulkScript.pngHulkwait why were they in the jungle?

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklestrolling animals and stuff ahahah

BowserScript.pngBowseri think we should get started on our team comp, and make teams to fight each other

ShadowScript.pngShadow agreed, as long as knuckles doesn't join in because i can't take anymore of his shit


CoyoteScript.pngCoyoteso whats your plan silver?

SilverScript.pngSilverits still a working progress but ok, im gonna need a computer

TomScript.pngTomour laptop is over there

SilverScript.pngSilveralright this will do fine

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterwhat are you doing?

SilverScript.pngSilveri had it made aqhile back for this plan

SilverScript.pngSilverthe device isn't bomb or anything like that

SilverScript.pngSilverits made to scan with these invisible sonic waves,scanning the whole place

SilverScript.pngSilverafter it scans, it transfers it all to this flash drive i have on me

SilverScript.pngSilverthen when i load up the flash drive on a computer, i instantly get blue prints to the whole building, of

CoyoteScript.pngCoyoteyou have the first part of this plan pretty well set up but seeing that you was in there base once before, they will probably double the guards, and it would be really hard to get in

Page 7

SilverScript.pngSilverwell i had this plan with elmers smoke screen well

TomScript.pngTombut hes captured

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotei will come up with a plan


HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdingerits impossible he cant...

TKScript.pngTroll Kingi knew you would come around

FuddScript.pngFuddwell you was gonna cut off my dick

TKScript.pngTroll Kingdo it and we can get this started , dont play games with me or you

(Fudd eats Eggman's brain and sees a vision of his past)

EggmanScript.pngEggmanhes hidding some where, i dont know where?

HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdingerthere coming and there is no way we can both get out of here and your

HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdingerIf one of us sould go down.then it should be me, i can't do what you can,its safer this way, we can't let him get all

EggmanScript.pngEggmandamnit your right but i can't just leave, i guess i have no choice in the matter, i promise i will break you out, even if i have to work with sonic to do so, good bye my friend dont give up hope, i will be back

HeimerdingerScript.pngHeimerdingerbye bye

Page 8

TKScript.pngTroll Kinggood, now i must be going now

HindoScript.pngHindoyes sir

TKScript.pngTroll Kinghindo take care of this, i have somethings to do

HindoScript.pngHindoalright get to work

AlexScript.pngAlexhmmm wheres he going?

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

BatmanScript.pngBatmanalright tails, you have passed my training, you no longer need my assistance, you are one step closer to finishing your training

TailsScript.pngTailsthanks batman, people probably never say this in there life times but your pretty cool

BatmanScript.pngBatmanthanks i guess, ok hello kitty hes all yours

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyoh hes cute hahahahah

TailsScript.pngTailsummm i am?

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyhahahah, i join the defenders because i thought it would be nice

TailsScript.pngTailsok, so what are you gonna teach me? you dont look like the fighting type

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittywell my training isn't super impressive, its simply a defense so you can sustain your body in battle, ill explain it to you, using your chakra, as a sheild over your body, you can reduce some of the damage your body takes in battle, you still get hurt from the attacks just not as much as you would normally

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittydont get cocky though, it only helps little bit, as a example, the damage you take is only 20 percent reduced from where it would be if you wasn't shielding your self,

TailsScript.pngTailsso what your saying is that i will take 20 percent less damage from attacks if i learn how to do this, well that sounds pretty cool

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyyeah but its not that easy to do it but with a soul bind like your gonna have, it will be good to know this before hand

TailsScript.pngTailssweet like nice feet

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

Page 9

DemaroScript.pngDemaroyou called me here

DemaroScript.pngDemaroso what do you want garry? you sure like to waste my time

GarryScript.pngGarrywell sorry i guess siblings like to do that time to time, but i need to ask you to do something

DemaroScript.pngDemarosigh............. just tell me what you want youger brother, you dragging this on, is getting on my nervs

GarryScript.pngGarryonce again i am asking you to tell the boss about your powers

DemaroScript.pngDemaroyou do remember the last time you asked this stupid question, dont you?

(Flashback to Garry before he wore a mask)

GarryScript.pngGarryyou should tell him now damnit!!!

DemaroScript.pngDemaroi told you to shut the fuck up!!

(Demaro scars Garry's face using his strings.)

GarryScript.pngGarryahhhhhhhhhhhhh my face!!!

(Back to the current time)

GarryScript.pngGarryyeah i remember, i had to put that mask over my face

DemaroScript.pngDemarodont push your luck or I will do it again

GarryScript.pngGarryyeah i remember how you use your strings as a weapon

DemaroScript.pngDemaroyes, yes i did, dont forget your place younger brother

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

SilverScript.pngSilveroh he's still awake


Page 10

SilverScript.pngSilverso you ran into the same road blocks with this plan as i did

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotei think so, trying to come up with a way for this plan to work with out any of us dieing

SilverScript.pngSilveryeah, thats what i was trying to get around i almost had a good plan but elmer is no longer here ,so? what now

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotei have a plan but im still trying to fix the holes in it first, which isn't a easy task as you know, but your blue prints are helping me out

SilverScript.pngSilveryeah with them blue prints we should be able to pick the best root for this task but as you know there base should be alot more defended now

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotejust give me some time and we should be able to get ehner fud with little problem, thinking of using something as a distraction but what?

SilverScript.pngSilveri could be the distraction, i do have the right power for a job like that but it would have to be some big distraction

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittygood you have it down as i do

TailsScript.pngTailsyeah, this is kind of hard to do though

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittywell with the soul bind it wont be hard to do at all, this is as far as you can go with my training so, you can start training with the next member of the defenders

TailsScript.pngTailsawesome so who do i get to train with now? this is gonna be awesome

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittywell we was gonna have you train with trix rabbit next but he refused to train you, so we are gonna skip his probably waste of time training and go to the next member kermit

KermitScript.pngKermitwill im gonna teach you the fine art of patience

TailsScript.pngTailsahhhhhh so gay

Page 11

KermitScript.pngKermitim gonna explain to you my story because i want to unlike everyone else, im not doing it because i have to or i was told to but because i want to

KermitScript.pngKermitnow sit down

TailsScript.pngTailsgod damnit this training sounds like its gonna fucking suck

KermitScript.pngKermithave you ever been bitch slapped for lack of listening? lack of doing what your told? cuz im not far from slapping you, did you see what i just did wrong there?


KermitScript.pngKermiti guess I'll have to explain, i threaten you for having lack of focus. just made me look like i had less focus then you, do you not get it? i showed you how lack of patience looks like, if you still dont get it then i shall explain to you more

TailsScript.pngTailsno dont explain more! i got it!

KermitScript.pngKermithow unpatient you was with your reply means you didn't get it, one that only focuses on stuff that he or she finds interesting, the rest is not important to the person, as we both know, you could care less about this training because it isn't any flashy combat or special power training, meaning your focus is vary low because you dont find this interesting, the main cause of lack of patience, you see with more focus and more concentration and patience, you can notice more then you normally would like for example I've already notice that you are day dreaming about something that has nothing to do with this, you know how i know that? because im focusing on your body language, so when you focus on every detail you see more

TailsScript.pngTailswhat ever, i dont understand why i have to learn this useless crap, trolls dont have hearts and all they need to do is die

KermitScript.pngKermitrevenge huh? well you can follow your hatred until you die, its serving the rest of your friends well from what pori told us, i mean shadow and even your dead friend sonic was filled with anger, you see anger is a double edge sword it takes both the people down,

TailsScript.pngTailsyou dont know me or my friends!!!!

KermitScript.pngKermitsee i through you off your focus by pissing you off,see when someone loses focus they do stupid things get angry, i will tell you my story, which is a bit hard for me. but here it is

KermitScript.pngKermitmy story is a bit different from the normal stories, it started with me and my friends, our names was starting to get well known in the world we live in, so thats when it started, we had no idea what trolls were so we didn't see it coming, we was invited to a party, a troll party, all of the muppets showed up and we all had a pretty good time with our host, they all seemed pretty cool but that was just to draw us in, they asked us to come play some games with them, at the time it seemed cool but that was just to get our trust, so me animal and the rest of them, played there games and had a awesome time but like i said, it was just to get our trust so they could rip us down but none of us understood that and they started to insult us but we had no idea how to react to it, so they didn't get the negative response they was looking for, we was just confused but some of the muppets found it interesting, so we went along with it and thats when it started, we decided to do it but we didn't understand what we was doing, so we was liking it but we didn't get the point of it, it was all fun and games really, some of them took a liking to us because we was actually pretty good at it, but it dragged on and some of us liked it more then the rest of us, the animal took a liking to it the most and after awhile we started to get the point of the game, as we saw it and started room rating chat rooms on pal talk, just fucking around but then we started to challenge our selves, finding tougher people to troll, and we realized how good at trolling we became, consumed with it, we looked for tougher victims and thats when we ran into this one guy on the internet, that was different he said, the best challenge for a troll to troll is another troll, thats when me and my friends turned on each other knowing that, we could troll another troll, at the time we didn't know but that guy was a troll and he convinced us to turn on each other and thats when the real game began, so we all devided from each other and our goals was to troll each other and we manage to do so but that just made the other one angry and we started playing dirtier and hitting each others nerves really bad, it was a full out troll battle between us, it started getting worse and more personal because we all knew each other so well, its easy to troll someone you know but none of us could admit defeat and it dragged on

Page 12

KermitScript.pngKermit and our troll battle continued, it wasn't a fist fight kind of battle, there are other kinds of battles becides the kind you have with your fist, but anyways it raged on and some of the weaker minded ones was starting to give up but the rest of them like me and animal and mis piggy wouldn't let up and while we was challenging our selves we was also destorying each other, some of them was beyond repair mentally and some of them killed there selves, the numbers of us was getting smaller, the stronger minded ones was the last ones left, the other ones was broken or just left and the battle raged on, later it was just three of us,me animal and mis piggy the rest left, killed there selves or just never spoke to us again, we was destroying each other and we was afraid of losing, we couldn't handle it , and soon enough i pushed mis piggy to far because she cared about me and i used it to destroy her

KermitScript.pngKermityou see, i broke her,she was no longer stable, she became something else, she went insane and they had to put her away, never saw her again after that, but the animal was to good at trolling and he used what i did to her, and he knew i felt aweful about what i did to her and he used my insecurities agents me and he made me vary unstable, but unlike the rest of them i became something else and i used patience and i came up with away to get animal and i did and he ended up no more, so after i found the person who tricked us and i destroyed him to, i became a monster losing my self and a new face helped me and in return i work for the man who helped me, pacman helped me get control of my self and thats why im here

KermitScript.pngKermityou see theres nothing more i can explain to you, that is my story, i was a vary skilled troll and i trolled my friends and my self in the proses and its easy really to do such damage to your self as well as others, but you wont understand what im talking about until it happens to you, you will run into a troll that can do what i do and you wont know how to deal with it, my training is so you can be patient for moments like that,

KermitScript.pngKermitbut if you dont want to do this training then i wont waste my time with this training and you can train with the next person, i will not try to force you how to be patient because that is impossible, make your move tails

TailsScript.pngTailsyes i want to go to the next part of my training

KermitScript.pngKermityou'll be forced to grow up soon enough, and you will realize what i was trying to teach you was for, but hopefully you dont figure it out to late alright he's all yours, i can't teach him anything

(Spyro enters the room)

SpyroScript.pngSpyrohi im fucking spyro

SpyroScript.pngSpyroim gonna teach you how to fly like a fucking champ, no more pussy flying for you tails of the pussy flyer, im gonna show you how someone awesome flys

TailsScript.pngTailsoh im looking forward to this, its gonna be cool

SpyroScript.pngSpyroeverything will be awesome and cool because i am around and i am the coolest and the most awesomest that there can be

SpyroScript.pngSpyrocome on tails we shall go out side to fly where we will ride to the ends of the earth and what i say doesn't have to make sense, thats just how fucking awesome i am, now our flying amends out side, i am spyro of the fucking awesome and you will learn how to fly awesome but as awesome as me, the most awesome creature in the world

TailsScript.pngTailsalright lets fucking fly

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorout side

(The scene moves outside, in the jungle)

TailsScript.pngTailshey wait up!!

Page 13

SpyroScript.pngSpyrohere we are this is where the awesomes like me go

TailsScript.pngTailswhere is this place? just seems to be in the wilderness some where

SpyroScript.pngSpyroplease someone awesome like me can't answer none awesome questions like that, pori go ahead

PoriScript.pngPorialright explain to you the details, funny how many times you've probably heard that today but anyways, we are in the cocoa jungle, a well known jungle

(A map of the world around Cocoa Jungle appears)

PoriScript.pngPoriour hide out is hidden under ground deep in this huge jungle and the reason for that is, it would be impossible to find something like that in such a big area like this jungle

PoriScript.pngPoriwe are in one of the bigest junlges in the world and we are close enough to keep a eye on shadow and it isn't that far from the troll city, so its the perfect spot, vary unlikely for our base to be found in such a big jungle, we have the perfect hide out and they dont know of us anyways so its even better

TailsScript.pngTailssounds awesome, ok spyro so how are you gonna help me with my flying? your so much faster then i am at flying

PoriScript.pngPoriim gonna watch for a little bit spyro, i have time to spend i do have alot to report but i'll get to that later

SpyroScript.pngSpyroits spyro the awesome to you, because im the shit, ok tails

SpyroScript.pngSpyroout of all the creatures, your the only one that flys like a helicopter, that style of flying isn't awesome or as good as mine, you take to much energy flying like that, and its not nearly as good either, so in troll terms you are a noob thats not awesome

SpyroScript.pngSpyrothe best way to fly is like a bird, and you will be able to do it pretty easy with them tails of yours, i mean you could become awesome like me, if you stop flying like a re re and fly like me the most awesome fucking dragon known to man or anyone on this earth

TailsScript.pngTailsso your saying i would fly like a bird flapping my tails like wings huh? sounds like it would be alot easier, lets try it

PoriScript.pngPoriwait didn't you have three tails before?

TailsScript.pngTailswhat the hell are you talking about, I've always had two tails, i dont know where you got that idea from? that just sounds silly, how would that make any sense at all

Page 14

PoriScript.pngPorii guess i remebered that wrong

SpyroScript.pngSpyrotails start flapping your tails, fly awesomely like me

TailsScript.pngTailshows this?

SpyroScript.pngSpyroyour flying like a retard and not awesome like, your doing it all wrong

TailsScript.pngTailshmm im not doing the flapping right, ok

SpyroScript.pngSpyrodo it again bitch

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorMEAN WHILE

TKScript.pngTroll Kinghmmmmm he's late

TKScript.pngTroll Kingthere you are, i was starting to get alittle angry waiting for you

TravousScript.pngTravoussorry im late sir, but its not easy looking for it

TravousScript.pngTravousi heard you got elmer fud right? well i have to raise this question? why didn't you just use him to bring back the man in the ice and skip all this trouble

TKScript.pngTroll Kingthe man in the ice is almost as strong as i am and elmer fud only controls the dead, i couldn't let that kind of power be controlled by anyone, he would turn on me if fud found out that while controlling the man in the ice, he would surely turn and try to fight us, and the man in the ice would be hard even for me to take down, now back to what i was talking about, did you find its location?

TravousScript.pngTravouswell sir, its hard

TKScript.pngTroll Kingi know that, tints why i gave you this task, i knew they would hide it after finding out who i was, but i cant let anyone becides me have that power, and as soon as the man in the ice is back he will also need to learn the words of death, so you see. i need you to ford there hidding spot,so he can learn the words of death as soon as he is brought back,if you haven't found it yet maybe i will grab your neck and crush you

TravousScript.pngTravoussir im really close to finding it, help me search the area, help me look for it, i already have a idea where its at, i just need a helping hand

Page 15

TravousScript.pngTravousplease just follow me while i search the skys and you search the areas on the ground i can't see from the sky

TKScript.pngTroll Kingalright lets find the location to the place where the words of death are learned

(The scene pans out to Alex hiding behind a rock)

AlexScript.pngAlexperfect hahahah

AlexScript.pngAlexif i stay hidden and follow behind them. i can secretly learn the words of death for my self, hahahhahah

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorMEAN WHILE

(Mario walking in a mountainous area and encounters a group of Toads)

MarioScript.pngMariowhat are you toads doing out here?


ToadScript.pngToadpeach told us to help you out

MarioScript.pngMarioit didn't go well at all, i thought i was ready for it but i didn't have a clue what i was dealing with, they killed luigi and almost killed me, i wont lie, im exremely piss the fuck off, and damnit!!

ToadScript.pngToadits really that bad?


MarioScript.pngMarioall of me and luigi's plans was all for nothing, hmmmm i dont want to talk abut it anymore


Page 16

ToadScript.pngToadso whats the plan mario? do we return to the castle and come up with a plan there?

MarioScript.pngMarioi need all the items you toads can get me and i will get as ready as i can for next time,

MarioScript.pngMarioand no we are not returning, i don't want any of this fight to be drawn to the castle, thats the last thing i want

ToadScript.pngToadok we will get as many items that we can, stars and everything

(A Goomba is seen spying on the group from behind a rock)


(The Goomba turns to face Bowser Jr.)

GoombaScript.pngGoombayou hear that? mario is planning to get into another battle with the trolls

BowserJrScript.pngBowser Jr.oh this is good in tell, ok go to pappa and tell him this info, i will continue to watch mario

GoombaScript.pngGoombayes sir

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorMEAN WHILE

TomScript.pngTomdamnit there awake, i guess I'll have to watch porn on the laptop later

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotesilver we still are running to a problem here though, hmmm the farther this plan is thought about the more walls we run into.....

SilverScript.pngSilverour plan is good, i destract them with a remote TNT bomb and they rush out side and then i fight them to destract them

CoyoteScript.pngCoyoteit sounds simple but think of this, we must some how keep them there where you are, with out some of them going back into the building, while me and everyone else is trying to save fud and don't forget about the other problem, how are you gonna get out of there alive?

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterwell i think i might have a idea, when they come out to see silver, silver will use his powers to trap them under giant cages

CoyoteScript.pngCoyotegood plan but we would need giant cages first

SylvesterScript.pngSylvesterwell i got that taken care of, i know a guy that would sell us some giant cages

SilverScript.pngSilverwait what if only some of the trolls come out the building? how do we get all of them out side? thats where we are in a road block

Page 17

RobScript.pngRob wait WHAT?!!!

SilverScript.pngSilveroh yeah you have no ears

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorMEAN WHILE

SpyroScript.pngSpyrodude you almost got that shit down, im starting to get fucking prod of you man

SpyroScript.pngSpyroalright, you are getting the fucking badass flying down, we will finish this shit tomorrow, hahah you might be almost as fucking awesome as me when this training it done hope you can handle that much awesome bro

PoriScript.pngPorii gotta go I'll see you guys later

TailsScript.pngTailsoh ok...... where he go?

SpyroScript.pngSpyroi don't know he disappears like that all the time

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

(Pori appears before a cave entrance)

PoriScript.pngPoriits been awhile

(Pori enters the cave and into a laboratory like area)

PoriScript.pngPoriWith some of silvers DNA I extracted from his device put in the troll base, I should easily be able to create it

Page 18

(Nighttime, Tails and Spyro are asleep outside)

TailsScript.pngTailsahh..........sonic I wonder what you would of thought over this? all this training and everything?

(Tails begins to tear up)

TailsScript.pngTailsi still can't believe your dead

(Tails is alone under the moonlight)

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyhey i was just checking how everything is going?

TailsScript.pngTailsim not crying, if you think that?

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyi wasn't but theres nothing wrong with crying, kirmit told me everything, hes not mad at you for skipping his training, he told me you will become something more

TailsScript.pngTailswell i didn't understand how his training would help me out, so i just skipped it and thats that

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyme spyro and kermit became really good friends after meating in this group, kermit explain to me that, you must open your secont eyes alone

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyi do believe that there is something about you, i think you will, no i believe you will defeat the trolls and stop this hate, do they deserve to die? i don't know but i don't think anyone deserves to die, but they must be stopped

TailsScript.pngTailsi really don't understand why everyone believes in me so much, im not the big hero,sonic was, and hes gone and i can't be like he was, i just can't

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyi think sonic saw what we see, he protected you until he died, i think he knows you are capable of doing so much more then he ever could, so don't give up on your self....

TailsScript.pngTailsyour really nice and even if i don't believe in my self, im gonna try my hardest because sonic would want me to

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittygood, i wan't to explain to you spyros story, he wouldn't want me to but.. im going to anyway, and this is relevantly simple to explain, they trolled his whole race

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyhe told me, what they did was unforgivable and hes gonna get them back for it, i don't know much about the details but hes after revenge, thats his story, i don't need to know all of it

TailsScript.pngTailsi don't know if sonic was right or not about the trolls, if peace really is the answer? sonic said villains wasn't the answer

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyvillains? OH.... you mean violence, im sorry, continue, im not really sure how you and your friends got violence and villains confused but whatever lol

Page 19

TailsScript.pngTailsim confused? what? your weird

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyhahahah kermit was right when he said i was really gonna like you, your something else thats for sure and i can see what he was talking about now

TailsScript.pngTailshahahah please, your to kind, your gonna make me blush

(Hello Kitty thinks to herself)

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kitty (thinking)kermit was right, he is naive and sometimes a bit clueless but he's kind hearted, pure, thats probably why he believes in tails, because of tails.. i don't care attitude, hes just a kid inside still

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratornext morning

SpyroScript.pngSpyrohey dude wake the fuck up!

SpyroScript.pngSpyrowe got to get this awesome training finish and i need your dumb ass awake for that

TailsScript.pngTailsoh sorry man,

SpyroScript.pngSpyrothe final part of this training shall begin, you will follow me as fast as you can and while doing that, you will go through all these hoops that are in the air and if you lose me, you fail and will have to do it all over again and if you hit any of the hoops you also fail

SpyroScript.pngSpyroare you ready for that? because if you do it, i will call you awesome and that is fucking rare for me to call someone else becides myself awesome, you be ready to be fucking honored by such awesomeness that would make girls wet in the panties


Page 20

(Spyro and Tails begin flying. Kermit and Hello Kitty watch from below)

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyyou was right kermit and all he really needed was a push, he was in denial about sonics death and he wasn't coming with terms with it, i understand what you was saying about tails

KermitScript.pngKermitwell its good that you motivated him because he wasn't taking any of this seriously, now that hes came to terms about sonic, he will work harder to become stronger instead of taking everything like its a game,

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyi think tails with this new motivation he has he will be ready for the battles to come, and all we can really do is watch his back

KermitScript.pngKermittails will be strong but he isn't strong in the mind, he won't be able to take insults vary well at all, i tested him and i found out that, hes got a small fuse and he wasn't really built for this kind of battle, so this should be interesting how this plays out

(Close up of Tails flying)

KermitScript.pngKermitmy only concern really is that, is..if he runs into a troll lik me and gets mind fucks by him, i don't think tails is gonna be ready for that kind of trolling, i did hope that i could help him with that but i can't, so maybe tails will avoid them kinds of people all together,tails weakness is his mind, thats his biggest weakness

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittywell we will be here to protect him from that stuff, so im not worried about it, tails won't be fighting the trolls alone, we are all a team and we will keep each others backs guarded

SpyroScript.pngSpyrotails you did it man, good fucking job

(Tails lands.)

TailsScript.pngTailshell yeah, that was easy, dude say it man, you gonna say it

SpyroScript.pngSpyroalright man, your fucking awesome

TailsScript.pngTailsYEAH!! let's fucking party!!

(Tails does a dance)

TailsScript.pngTailsim a badass robot

SpyroScript.pngSpyrohell yeah dance party!!

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyim going to go dance with them kermit

KermitScript.pngKermithello kity and tails don't realize it yet but some of the people in the defenders are unstable and not trust worthy, i hope they don't put to much trust in them, that could end up disastrous

Page 21

(Kermit moves towards the group)

KermitScript.pngKermitsorry to cut the party short, but pacman told me that its best for all your training to get done as soon as possible, he said that you would have to cut down on the breaks

TailsScript.pngTailsi agree, i need to train with the rest of the defenders as fast as i can, whos next?

KermitScript.pngKermitwell patience is good but it seems im the only one who thinks that, at any case i do agree, the badguys won't wait for your training to attack more helpless people, cheeto man awaits you inside the hide out

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kittyok then, tails go ahead

TailsScript.pngTailsthanks guys, your awesome

KermitScript.pngKermitlol tails you don't even know, cheeto man is epic, i wont lie about it, but that might be because he smoked way to much weed in his life time, you'll like him alot

(An entrance to Cheeto Man's cave is shown)

CheetoManScript.pngCheeto Manit ain't easy being cheesy

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorMEAN WHILE

ShadowScript.pngShadowthis training is not what i had in mind, theres to much holding back

HulkScript.pngHulkits just to check each others fighting style out nothing more, no need to take this seriously

VectorScript.pngVectorthis is so much fun right now, all of us should do this more often

BowserScript.pngBowseri know what you mean

(Knuckles watches with some popcorn)

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckleshey shadow, why so serious? i got amy to go so no need to look cool now, shes mine

BowserScript.pngBowseri think we should work on team moves and combos