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Biographical info
Physical description
Gender Female
Skin color Light
Hair color Pink
Eye color Unknown
Personal information
Position Sinu's spy
Affiliation Satanism
Allies Brogan, Chris Chin
Weapons/powers Knife, Neutral powers
First appearance Chapter 9, Page 13
Last appearance Chapter 25.5, Page 8
In real life
Actual name Evangeline
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 9, Page 13 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
you dont get the rules, its ok to kill if its for god. you know like David did
Evangeline, Chapter 9, Page 13

Evangeline is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. She is one of Sinu's spies.


Evangeline is seen wearing a brown shirt and purple skirt. She has pink hair and a shadow covering her eyes.


Evangeline is first seen on chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 13 where she, Chris Chin, and Brogan are shown standing with their weapons drawn. She explains to Chris that killing is permitted as long as it is in the name of God, similar to what David did. She also took part in the pursuit of Porky and contributed to Demaro killing Kelic later on.

Evangeline is not seen again until Chapter 25: Wicked Influence. After Sinu and Minion make their entrance, Evangeline pulls out her knife but is soon revealed that she and Chris Chin are spies for Sinu.


Evangeline dislikes Christians, as she refers to the people of the house of God as delusional (in addition to being a spy for the Satanists).


Evangeline is a Neutral with red strings. Though her strings are never actually shown thus far, she is shown using her strings to summon molotovs in order to burn the house of God down.