chapter 11: wild tempers

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chapter 11:
wlid tempers
Release dates
Cover date July 18, 2012
Page date July 19, 2012 -
August 13, 2012
Link Chapter 11
Script Script
Character debuts Little Timmy, Tiny Kong, Chucky Kong, Rambi, Guy, Booty Hunter, Dusk Hunter
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Previous chapter silver's plan and tails training
Next chapter taking action
shadow what the hell man!!
Hulk, Page 2

chapter 11: wild tempers is the eleventh chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. In it, Shadow nukes a town of innocents and recruits more people to join The Troll Slaiyers, while Demaro and Garry begin their fated battle.


Shadow and the Slaiyers are training together, but things go off the rails when Shadow slams Hulk into a wall. Knuckles tells Shadow to stop being so serious but this only enrages Shadow even more, and temporarily leaves to calm himself down. Back to Silver's group, together, they finish their plan and head out to execute in.

Meanwhile, Tails and Cheeto Man continue their training together. Cheeto Man introduces himself and his story for why he joined The Defenders, stating that him and his son were kidnapped and humiliated by The Trolls before being rescued by the other Defenders. He then demonstrates the Cheeto Ball to Tails and explains how to use it. As Tails finds it difficult to learn, Cheeto Man begins to hotbox the room to help him focus.

Shadow is then seen by himself, raging after seeing a town of people he believes to be trolls. He then flies up into the sky and destroys the village using a beam of dark energy. Knuckles catches up to him and explains that they were not trolls, shocking Shadow. Knuckles then decides to leave the Slaiyers after seeing this brutality.

Tails manages to finish his training with Cheeto Man thanks to being hotboxed. He moves and meets with Dexter who simply gives him a set of devices before sending him off to Vivian. Vivian explains her power over the shadows and how they allow her to hide in the floor. and begins to teach this technique to Tails.

Meanwhile, Shadow returns to the Slaiyers with a new plan he describes as flawless, shocking Hulk, Vector, and Bowser with its' pure genius when told. Shadow also introduces new members to the Slaiyers such as Donkey Kong. However, due to the clap, he is unable to help directly so in his place he introduces Tiny Kong, Chucky Kong and his Rambis, as well as a nameless Guy. In other news, Tails once again faces difficulty mastering Vivian's technique, so she suggests that he could use it to better his running speed. Tails is successful in using what he has learned to speed his own body up. Vivian jokingly offers to have sex afterwards before sending him off to Ronald McDonald and Trix Rabbit.

Problems Arise

Ronald is not willing to train Tails, deeming him unworthy. After exchanging some insults, Tails and Ronald almost fight before Pori steps in and asks Tails to leave as he speaks with Ronald in private. 30 minutes later, Pori finishes his talk and Ronald is now willing to teach Tails his power of illusions.

Elsewhere, Shadow is briefly seen recruiting a Bounty Hunter to join the Slaiyers, before the scene moves to Demaro and Garry. Demaro is angry once he finds out that Fudd has been captured without his knowledge and demands that Garry shows him where he is so that he can eat his brain and find his mortal enemy, Coyote. Garry refuses, stating that his loyalty is with the Trolls first before Demaro and the two begin to battle.