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This page lists out the results of the "Name-a-character" poll done during the month of January 2022.


On January 9th, 2022, it was decided by Embergram that the Tails Gets Trolled community would be able to give names to a majority of the unnamed characters in the series who have dialogue but are yet unnamed.

On January 25th, 2022, after being reviewed by Embergram the names were made final with the exception of the Beanie-wearing troll and the Hacker troll, who's results were veto'd by Embergram (thus needing a tiebreaker as the 2nd and 3rd place results for the beanie troll were tied, and in the latter, Embergram had requested a revote to be done exclusively by the TGT art team only.)


Original label Embergram's name Voting result Notes
Army troll Sargent Spank G. I. Jerkoff Submitted by Secret Cunt.
Autofellatio Man Recycle Autofellatio Man (unchanged) Original taken from the term "autofellatio" which refers to the ability of a man to suck his own penis.
"Bad woman" Succubus Lemon Stealing Whore "Bad woman" is taken from the credits to ultimatetailsgetstrolled' dub of Chapter 8 where she is credited as "Bad Woman". The winning name was suggested by cheesey.
Bartender Brocc Bart Ender Name initially tied and then settled via Patron / TGT art team tiebreaker. Bart Ender was suggested by caw, Astra,and sherb (@gamingsexhaver).
Beanie troll Joe Vinny the Piss Suggested by serialartistry. A character with an identical name also exists as one of the characters seen during the Christian/Satanist battle in Chapter 9: fuds choice.
Big mouth troll Donkey Teeth Big Mouth (2017) Suggested by Anon but could be referred to as Mae.
Black/green mustached troll Fagswag Cleveland Brown Suggested by nexus/Nexus Yoda and Tallix.
Bloodthirsty Christians Dagga / God Hag Chris Chin / Evangeline "Chris Chin" was suggested by Red engi Gay gay and Evangeline was suggested by NeuroN. They both had a tiebraker vote open to Patreon supporters and TGT art team members; Evangeline won, but Chris Chin tied with "Kill Thy Neighbor" (suggested by Phantom Ghostmas). It was proposed to Embergram to combine the names to make "Kill Thy Chris Chin Neighbor"[1], but this later was shortened back to Chris Chin.
Blue headband wearing troll / "Blue troll" Snow Fox xX_ShadowGamer_Xx Suggested by epiccgaemer (aka Mikhail Razor).
Blue-skinned troll Eiffel 65 Bluebert Suggested by caw.
Bounty Hunter Slade Booty Hunter Name suggested by Peper.
Bucktooth troll Rat Joker Chip Suggested by metto.
Butt Fairy Prince Fairy THE Mr. Butt Fairy Original label taken from a remark Jacko makes when this troll is killed. The winning name was to keep the label unchanged, but due to the 2nd (Mr. Butt Fairy, suggested by Chaz) and 3rd place (THE Butt Fairy, suggested by Wicked Bee) winners being similarly themed, it was suggested to Embergram that they be combined.[2]
Cashier White Bread Woman #638383273872237 / Wanda Bread Woman #638383273872237 was suggested by sherb (@gamingsexhaver) and Wanda Bread was suggested by Chaz. When asked about the poll results, Embergram stated that both names would be used, one as her real name and the other as her nickname.
"Caged troll screaming for help" The Cage Gang Nathen Fredrick Tailor "NFT" Suggested by Phantom Ghostmas.
Cannon troll Cannon Baller LOUD FUCK Suggested by siah. Tied in the initial poll and the name was decided via Patreon / TGT art team members.
Complaining troll You (You) Suggested by cheesey and Red engi Gay gay.
Copy pasted troll Bobble Head No Fucking Toriginality Suggested by sherb (@gamingsexhaver).
Coroner troll Jamal Rigor Mortpiss Suggested by 'Kris from Tails Gets Podcast.
Cut off troll Pam Cut off John Name was suggested by Big balls guy and was selected by Embergram over the first place winner.
Drunk Armored Trolls Spike / Crude Oil James "Wants to be MegaMan" Baxter / Sheldon "Also wants to be MegaMan" Black Both names were suggested by Crpal.
Eggman's son Scrambled Eggs Omelette Omelette (and several different versions / misspellings of the name) was suggested by Beau-tiful, Soiboi, and Octo.
Expert Dick Sucker Krillin Expert Dick Sucker (unchanged) Original label taken from a comment made when this troll is faced down by Dusk Hunter. As he begs for his life, he claims that he can suck a "mean dick".
The Fist in Poo Clan trolls GVein / Soda Concave Headed Mother Fucker / Tooth D. Cay Suggested by TheWhiteHatDude and Astra respectively.
Foam finger troll Thumb Head PS2 racing game background character Suggested by sherb (@gamingsexhaver).
Freckles troll Snowball PussySlayer9000 Original label taken from a script posted on the old Tails Gets Trolled Wiki hosted on Fandom, which referred to him as "Freckles troll". Winning name suggested by G F P.
Fucking Neo (Yellow skinned troll B) C-Mint Sneed Original label taken from his rant where he claims to be several different things such as "The One", or a "Rich Bitch". "Sneed" was suggested by many users (such as two anonymous voters, Peper, Ellis Stothard, Crumpet, Exorine, and Vitamin G) and incidentally, was the winning name for both of the yellow skinned trolls.
"Gay Raptor" Spock Tyrannosaurus Sex "Gay Raptor" was originally the label given by Embergram when asked about the dinosaur in Tails Gets Gay: The Dickfenders. The winning name was suggested by chapple.
"Glasses troll" Hot Fire Doug Walken Suggested by Phantom Ghostmas.
"Green-haired Satanist" Tmmy Lettuce Head Suggested by RedditHater.
"Grey-haired Christian" Cane Father Bartholomew Suggested by Phantom Ghostmas.
"Hacker troll" Pony TBD TBD
Horned troll Horny Orompolisteranicumdumporistalinocopoliosis Suggested by Keen.
"Hump in the fuck" Doctor Slick Hump in the fuck (unchanged) Original label taken as a literal interpretation from the song he is singing to himself.
Innocent child Ash Little Timmy Suggested by Exorine.
Jacko's friend Football Orc Jolly Green Faggot Suggested by nexus/Nexus Yoda.
Just a dog N/A Aubrey Cat Named after the longest supporter of the Tails Gets Trolled Patreon, Aubrey, after making a request to Embergram.
Kario's wife Whorio Bleach Suggested by Jimbabwe and Octo.
Manga / Patreon troll Yuuto Patreoll Suggested by Trimbo, won after (ironically) the name was decided via the Patreon / TGT art team tiebreaker.
Mustache troll Catfish Chinese John Suggested by Big balls guy.
Obese black troll Mamba EDP445 Suggested by epiccgaemer (aka Mikhail Razor). (Incidentally, the name "EDP" by itself was suggested by nexus/Nexus Yoda.)
"Oral sex desiring troll" Orajel Rage Boner of Africa Suggested by Phantom Ghostmas.
PandaUtters girls Waxjob / Nervosa Panda / Utters The suggestions to name each girl "Panda" and "Utters" were made by Chaz, Crumpet, metto, Vitamin G and an anonymous voter.
Pink fat troll Booger Yogurt Tits Suggested by Phantom Ghostmas.
Pompadour troll Body Spray Slick Pete Suggested by NeuroN.
Porky's family Mr. Bits and Mrs. Rinds Chris P. Bacon and Barbie Q. Suggested by NeuroN. These names were never used in the comic, and eventually Porky's parents were referred to as Hamy Pig and Pepperon Pig in Chapter 26.
Rectangle faced troll Bruce Austin Original label taken from a script posted on the old Tails Gets Trolled Wiki hosted on Fandom, which referred to him as "Rectangle faced troll". Winning name suggested by Pin Clock.
"Red-haired Christian" Riker Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivan Suggested by Beau-tiful.
Rabbit Tibbar James Cordon Suggested by YuraYT.
"Silver-admiring troll" Jewface Cybershell Suggested by YuraYT.
Spyro's dog CC The Fucking Awesome Dog Suggested by cheesey.
Teabagger troll TeaBagginz Master Queef Suggested by several users, including Samsonese, amystry18 and an anonymous voter.
Top hat troll Chad Ebenezer D. Nutz Suggested by aboatwithlegs.
Tournament Registrar Tilda Swinton Mingus Suggested by caw.
Troll Fortress Guards Red (Red) / Blue (Blue) / Green (Green) / Purple (Purple) Red (Red) / Blue (Blue) / Green (Green) / Nigga Troll (Purple) The suggestions to make the red, blue and green guards simply named Red/Blue/Green were suggested by Cupcake Pelle and an anonymous voter (all three), Secret Cunt and Red engi Gay Gay (Red), and G F P (Green). The name Nigga Troll was suggested by Peper.
Troll King's wife Poison Troll Queen Suggested by several users, including Xᴇɴᴏɴ, BengyBoy, Abdboo and two anonymous voters. (A similar name, "The Troll Queen", were also suggested by Skymixel.)
Trolls slain by Demaro Vineyard / Wigz Ginger Bread / Blue Bitch Ginger Bread was suggested by NeuroN and won the Patreon / TGT art team vote unanimously. Blue Bitch was suggested by epiccgaemer (aka Mikhail Razor).
"Troll with a gun" Top Gun The Man with No Plan Suggested by Phantom Ghostmas.
"Twinkie craving troll" Bruce Arians Nickacado Suggested by chapple.
"Unimportant character" Amethyst Piss Unimportant character (unchanged) Original name taken from his line describing himself as a character of no importance.
White bearded troll Ice Cream Cone Whitebeard Suggested by AbominationGod.
White Penis Man (Yellow skinned troll A) Steve Sneed Original label taken from a comment made by said troll who notes that his penis is strangely white. "Sneed" was suggested by many users (such as two anonymous voters, Peper, Ellis Stothard, Crumpet, Exorine, and Vitamin G) and incidentally, was the winning name for both of the yellow skinned trolls.
William's father Vann William the Elder Suggested by Abdboo.
"Yellow-haired Satanist" Bjorn Bjorn Suggested by Embergram.



  • The poll for suggestions included a section for people to give any reasoning for their names. For users that submitted names and won, their reasoning is listed as follows as relevant:
Username Names submitted Commentary
Abdboo one of the suggestions for Troll Queen, Willaim's father I chose these names based off of what came to mind spontaneously and it would fit Lazer-Sama's visionary styles
AbominationGod Whitebeard Because why not? These trolls deserve a name and i think it would be cool if any of the names i submitted make it into tails gets trolled. If not i don't care.
Anon but could be referred to as Mae Big Mouth (2017) Series is epic, so why not?
Chaz Wanda Bread, Mr. Butt Fairy, one of the suggestors for Panda / Utters Most of my chosen names are puns based on their appearances or things they say (excerpt)
cheesey Lemon Stealing Whore, (You), and The Fucking Awesome Dog Because they funny
Crpal the Drunk trolls Most were just dumb jokes I thought of at the time...(excerpt)...I'd be really surprised if any of my names are chosen honestly
CupcakePelle one of the suggestions for Red / Blue / Green I just thought of the first name I could think of
epiccgaemer (aka Mikhail Razor) xX_ShadowGamer_Xx, EDP445, and Blue Bitch A lot of them are references to movies, youtubers or fancomics associated with Tails Gets Trolled, or just insults and joke names.
G F P PussySlayer9000, was one of the suggestions for Green Because I felt like it would fit right in with the main cast.
Jimbabwe Bleach Thought they fit with the characters
Kris from Tails Gets Podcast Rigor Mortpiss FUN FACT: All names were made up on the spot and came from the mind of an absolute sleep deprived mad man!
NeuroN Evangeline, Chris P. Bacon and Barbie Q., Slick Pete, and Ginger Bread I'm at work now and bored so literary just making some garbage ass names up. This trivia is not fun. Also if the poll was[...]:
Give name, give reasoning for name
[...]I would probably explain myself, but I don't care enough to go back and remind myself what garbage name I made up in 10s.
Pin Clock Austin Austin, capital of Texas, the state with the highest obesity rate. Also is a southerner name alongside Curtis. (Note: Curtis was Pin Clock's suggestion for the freckled troll who helps troll the Goomba.)
serialartistry Vinny the Piss half of them are references to prog rock songs, the other half are names i keep on a list in my notes app labeled "funny names"
sherb (@gamingsexhaver) Woman #638383273872237, NFTs, PS2 racing game background character, was one of the suggestions for Bart Ender lmao
siah LOUD FUCK because i have no creativity
Trimbo Patreoll Some i thought were clever, others not, it's mostly based on their appearances.
Xᴇɴᴏɴ one of the suggestions for Troll Queen Most of the rest are just random (excerpt)

(If a name of yours happens to be listed here do feel free to share any other additional info that you may have!)