Booty Hunter

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Booty Hunter

Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles The douche
Physical description
Species Human
Skin color Brown
Hair color Gray
Eye color Brown
Personal information
Affiliation Troll Slaiyers
Allies Troll Slaiyers
First appearance Chapter 11, Page 17
Last appearance Chapter 27.5, Page 2
In real life
Actual name Unknown
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 11, Page 17 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
you pay me right I'll do any job you want besides blow jobs, i don't blow people, ok i think we have an understanding
Booty Hunter, Chapter 11, Page 17

Booty Hunter is an original character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He is a renowned bounty hunter recruited into the group by Shadow to help the Troll Slaiyers.


Booty Hunter is an average sized human, with brown skin and brown eyes. He wears a blue vest and headband, with pitch black pants and shoes. He also wears glasses across his face, and fingerless gloves with armbands across his wrists.


It is unknown how Booty Hunter came to be so famous, or what his past life was like before he in introduced to the story. He is initially found inside a dark building by Shadow and is paid a hefty amount of cash (noted to be 10 times more than his usual fee) when recruited.

After being paid, he joins the Slaiyers as they formulate a plan. They get near Demaro and Coyote's battle as indicated by the sky turning red, a fact that Booty Hunter points out. Teemo eventually rejoins the group after respawning, and the Slaiyers receive nicknames to pose for another group shot. Upon receiving the title of "The douche", Booty Hunter begins to tear up and runs away crying.


Booty Hunter initially appears to be rugged and only interested in making money. However, when he is named "The douche" by Shadow, he is shown to be emotionally devastated over the fact that Shadow assumed that a person of his status would be a douche, and reveals that he is more emotional than he appears. He appears to be somewhat of a realist as shown when he is the only member of the Slaiyers to be concerned with the red sky.


Booty Hunter is noted by Shadow to be very skilled, though what exactly he is capable of is still unknown. He claims to be able of doing any job except for oral sex.