Fist in Poo Clan

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Fist in Poo Clan

Concave Headed Mother Fucker (left) and Tooth D. Cay (right)
Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles them trolls
Relatives Parents (mentioned only)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Black and brown
Hair color Purple and bald
Eye color Purple and green
Personal information
Occupation Trolls
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies The Trolls
Enemies Underbite Troll, Markus, a Goomba, and Bowser
Weapons/powers Trolling
First appearance Chapter 2, Page 5
(Order of appearance)
TAoUT, Page 10
Last appearance Chapter 2, Page 7
TAoUT, Page 13
(Order of appearance)
Deceased; murdered by Bowser
In real life
Actual name Unknown
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 2, Page 5 (2011)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
ummm we didn't mean anything with our insults
Tooth D. Cay, Chapter 2, Page 6
im so so so sorry if you let me live ill suck your dick
Concave Headed Mother Fucker, Chapter 2, Page 7

The Fist in Poo Clan (known as Concave Headed Mother Fucker and Tooth D. Cay) are a duo of incompetent and possibly mentally challenged Trolls that might or might not be in a homosexual relationship with each other. They do not do much in the stories they appear, usually doing little more than to allow other characters to test their power (more specifically, the trolling skills of the Underbite Troll and the fire and strength of Bowser).


Troll Off

Some time before the events of Tails Gets Trolled, the two decided to enter a Troll Off. Shortly after, they are seen attempting to figure out how to have sex with a blue rabbit but wind up urinating on its face, with some of it splashing Underbite Troll in the process. These disgusted acts motivated Underbite Troll and Markus during upcoming Trolling Championship. During the epic battle of minds, the Fist in Poo Clan are utterly buttmurdered by Underbite Troll, who manages to impress Troll Face with his acts.

Hell Fire

The two are not seen again until Chapter 2: trolls attack of the main series. The pair are seen trolling a Goomba, which caught the attention of Bowser. After failing to get his forgiveness, Bowser disintegrated the purple-afroed one with his fiery wrath. The remaining clansman offered to perform fellatio on Bowser, only to get his skull crushed by the King of Koopas.


Not much was known about the two, other than they had dark skin and possibly suffered from some form of learning disability. The two were zoophiles (or at least did not understand how sex worked) and at least one of them was either gay or bisexual. With the exception of trolling a Goomba, they fail at everything they do. They also had poor dental hygiene, like many other Trolls.


In regards to their trolling abilities, the Fist in Poo Clan do not appear to be very skilled as they are quickly shut down by Underbite Troll during the Troll-Off.