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The Words of Death are a set of deadly words that can put dangerous, sometimes even fatal, inflictions onto the user's enemy. At present, only three Words of Death are known, two of which are used by Troll King as a last resort during fights.


The Words of Death are taught by a group of unknown people who are said to also be knowledgeable regarding the Guardians as well. At some unknown point in time, Troll King learns the Words of Death from said people when he was on more friendly terms with them, as he implies in Chapter 17: Psychological Assessment. As the story escalates, he notes that the people may not be willing to assist him again.

The first appearance of a Word of Death is in Chapter 5: tails kid napped. Troll King uses the word cu*****nt to prevent Luigi from using his star by shutting down his brain, allowing him to be raped to death off-screen. The next word is used against Luigi's brother, Mario, in Chapter 7: mario vs king troll as a last resort to prevent Mario from using his second star. The word blinds Mario, causing him to bleed from his eyes and kneel down in pain for Troll King to attack. Mario escapes with the help of Yoshi, however.

Troll King then sets out to look for the place where the Words of Death are learned in order to teach them to the Man in the Ice.


The Words of Death inflict their effect for a limited amount of time, similar to Mario's star as Troll King himself notes. They also have an unknown cost for using the Words, explaining why Troll King cannot use them as he pleases.

The Words of Death must also be learned. They are unique to the user and not a universal power, and thus cannot be triggered accidentally. Underbite Troll refers the PandaUtters as "bimbo cunts" during The Adventures of Underbite Troll but does not shut down the brains of anyone nearby.

Known Words

Word Based on Power Appears in Used by
cu*****nt A vulgar word for the vulva or vagina and is also used as a term of disparagement. Temporary brain death/unconsciousness chapter 5: tails kid napped, Page 9 Troll King on Luigi
Ni**ER An ethnic slur typically directed at black people, especially African Americans. Temporary blindness and eye bleeding chaper 7: mario vs king troll, Page 19 Troll King on Mario
Unknown Unknown Temporary deafness Mentioned in chaper 7: mario vs king troll, Page 20 Unknown