Chapter 17: Psychological Assessment

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Chapter 17:
Psychological Assessment
Release dates
Cover date July 8, 2013
Page date July 8, 2013 -
August 21, 2013
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Script Script
Character debuts E. Gadd, Russ T., Toadsworth, Rosie ODonald, Slick Pete, Doug Walken, The Fucking Awesome Dog
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Previous chapter The Guardians part 2
Next chapter The eye of the storm

Chapter 17: Psychological Assessment is the seventeenth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. Mario learns the truth behind his father's reason for joining The Trolls while Knuckles and Tails reunite and smoke weed together.



As Rob gathers the strength to fight back, he freezes the lake he was knocked into by Hindo defrosts it to create a large amount of steam, blinding Hindo. He then flies towards Hindo and delivers a decisive punch to his face, knocking him into a pillar and depowering him.

The photo given to Mario by Pori.

Elsewhere, during the battle, Mario is shown scheming with his supporters consisting of E. Gadd, Russ T., and Toadsworth. E. Gadd reveals that they are in the process of creating the Holy Star, a super powered star made by fusing twenty stars together. A Toad then runs in and tells Mario that there is an intruder outside, causing Mario to leave and confront him.

Outside, Mario is surprised to see Pori and prepares to attack him, stating that he is a member of The Trolls. Pori denies his accusation by saying that he has not trolled anyone, and asks Mario if he had trolled anyone before, causing him to remember his encounter with Shadow where he trolled him before escaping. Mario denies the fact, and asks for what purpose has Pori come to him. Pori then explains his real role as a member of The Defenders and gives him valuable information on Shadow despite Mario's distrust. He reveals that Shadow was a creation of Eggman and worked for the Trolls as a recruiter. Pori explains that Shadow was the reason for Kario, Mario's father, becoming a troll to begin with, shocking Mario who denies the fact. Pori then shows him a picture of Shadow and Kario posing together as proof before leaving and wishing Mario luck on his mission.

The scene then moves over to Troll King who is on the hunt for the area where the Words of Death are learned. Alex is also shown from a distance spying on him in hopes of learning the words for himself. Travous is also present and asks Troll King about the color of the sky. Troll King explains that this is the effect of a Guardian, and that they change the color of the sky when they are sent out to battle. A blue skinned troll is also present and further asks about the Guardians, to which Troll King reveals that the sky changes based on the stronger Guardian, and that this information was passed on to him by the tribe who taught the Words of Death.

Travous asks Troll King as to why he is not searching for Shadow instead. The King explains that Shadow has evaded him for years and that he has "something special" planned for when they finally hunt him down. He also explains to Travous that the Words of Death should only be used in drastic situations due to their drawbacks, explaining why he does not wish to use one on Shadow. Travous asks why the King felt the need to use one on Luigi in that case, and he answers that it needed to establish his "sueriority" over the others and stamp out any other potential rebels. Alex makes not of these details and plots to overthrow the King once he learns the Words of Death.

The blue troll then snarks at the King for being obsessed with Shadow and is choked and killed for his disrespect, in a similar fashion to how the King killed Sonic.

The Party

Back in the Defenders' Base, Tails is shown to be in the care of Spyro and Cheeto Man as per Pacman's instructions. They walk in on Cheeto Man conducting a drug deal with none other than Knuckles. Tails and Knuckles are overjoyed to see each other again as Cheeto Man reveals himself to be his "dealer". He also tells Knuckles that Tails is now a member of the weed community and together, the group decides to smoke weed and have fun. Doug appears and begs to join the group, and is allowed to be Cheeto Man.

Doug's singing.

In another room, Kermit and Ronald McDonald are seen talking. Kermit explains that Pacman has permitted him to use the "Intellect Bond" to help figure out the cause behind Ronald's outbursts. Kermit searches through his mind and his training with Tails before encountering a blocked off portion of his memory. Ronald begins to scream in horror as Kermit goes far back in his memory, back to when he was just a child and Rosie Odonald was trolled. Two teenage trolls troll Rosie with a five dollar foot long sandwich before leaving. The memory then cuts to Ronald discovering their bodies, dead after they overdose on pills.

In the present, Ronald screams and eventually severs the link forcibly before retreating to the corner of the room. Kermit is left confused as he notes that Ronald is acting much stranger than expected.

Meanwhile, back to Tails and the gang, Doug begins to trip out as he smokes. Tails jokes about wanting some large breasts in his face, leading to Knuckles jokingly suggest that he should have sex with Hello Kitty. Doug, Spyro, and Cheeto Man are visibly stunned by his bold comment, though Tails does not quite hear him. Doug eventually begins to shout and change the subject by claiming that he fucked Vivian for five hours straight while Spyro bickers with him. Spyro then casually brings up a rumor that Shadow and Hello Kitty are apparently having an affair causing Knuckles to smirk. Doug once again raises his voice and attempts to change the topic away from Hello Kitty.

When Spyro continues the conversation by asking Knuckles to join The Defenders, Knuckles diverts the topic back to Hello Kitty by claiming that "There wasn't a moment when Shadow wasn't fucking Hello Kitty", causing Cheeto Man to become visibly upset. Doug begins singing very loudly to attempt and change the topic, annoying Spyro. Cheeto Man finally speaks out and advises Tails on Hello Kitty, stating that many have tried unsuccessfully to tame her.

Knuckles interjects by smugly stating that it wasn't difficult for Shadow, annoying Cheeto Man again. Doug starts to get rowdier, and picks up Spyro's dog, biting his ear. Doug then slams the dog on the floor, enraging Spyro who prepares to fight against Doug. He brings up Doug and Skeeter's secret relationship, a fact that he denies vehemently. Doug eventually pukes and bursts into tears, denying the accusation that he is gay with Skeeter before passing out. The group decides to leave and go to Cheeto Man's personal crib, and Knuckles calls over his "STD-free bitches" to join them.

After moving over, the group then sits at Cheeto Man's "round table" and are enclosed in a box of cheese to eat their way out of.

Goofs and Errors

  • Spyro refers to the room where Cheeto Man sells Knuckles weed as the backroom, but later refers to it as his own room.