Man in the Ice

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The Man in the Ice

Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Man in the Ice
Physical description
Species Human
Type Dragonborn
Gender Male
Skin color Light (hands)
Personal information
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies Troll King
Enemies Troll King's enemies
Weapons/powers Sword
First appearance Chapter 5, Page 19
Last appearance Chapter 24, Page 31
Dead (cryogenically frozen for years before being slashed in half by Coyote using Magma Garry)
In real life
Actual name Unknown
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 5, Page 19 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
there's only one person that i can think of thats dragonborn and hes well you know....
Troll King, Chapter 6, Page 17

The Man in the Ice is a mysterious man frozen in ice by Troll King. He is said to be incredibly powerful, rivaling even Troll King himself. His body was kept frozen within Troll King's castle.


The Man in the Ice wears brown armor, revealing little of his actual appearance. Only his hands are seen, showing that his skin-color is light.


The Man in the Ice is first seen during Pacman's flashback. The day after Oxsist leaves to attempt to retake Alferd from Troll King, the King appears alongside the Man in Ice, searching for survivors. Under the King's orders, the Man in the Ice uses his sword and kills William, who jumped in front of a startled Pacman. The Man is then ordered to kill the remaining survivors, but is unable to locate Pacman. He gives up searching and reports to Troll King that all the villagers have been killed.

Years later, Troll King reveals that the Man from this village raid is being kept in Troll City's ice chamber's alive as one of the few Dragonborn remaining in the world. During Coyote's assault on the Fortress, Coyote find the ice chamber's using Magma Garry and his birds to guide him. Once inside, he uses his strings to cut the Man in Ice in two.


The Man in the Ice is ruthless, not hesitating for a second when ordered to kill Pacman and William. He can also be seen as somewhat lazy, seeing as he did not want to hunt down Pacman, stating that "its not like we will ever see him again".


The Man in the Ice is shown to wield a large sword during Pacman's flashback, but beyond that not many of his true powers have been shown. He is stated to be a Dragonborn, though it is unknown if he possesses the same powers that Rob does.

According to Troll King's own words during a conversation with Travous in Chapter 10, Page 14, he claims that the Man in the Ice is just as powerful as himself and it would be difficult for the King himself to take him down should they come to battle.