chaper 7: mario vs king troll

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chaper 7:
mario vs king troll
Release dates
Cover date April 3, 2012
Page date April 3, 2012 -
April 23, 2012
Link Chapter 7
Script Script
Character debuts Kario, Bleach
Other chapters
Previous chapter silver's mission
Next chapter the neutral's

chaper[sic] 7: mario vs king troll is the seventh chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. It starts the fight between Mario and the Troll King.


Mario's Backstory

Mario and the Troll King meet in a battlefield. Mario says that he will make sure he kills the Troll King, and the Troll King asks why he hates trolls so much. Mario explains that when he and Luigi were in their teens, they set off to find their birth parents. After traveling for a long time, they found their parents' house. They knocked on the door and met their parents, who were abusive white trash. Mario revealed that him and Luigi are their children, which shocked their father Kario, who said that he tried to get a stork to kill them as babies. Mario and Luigi's parents trolled them, saying that they were unloved accidents. Mario, hurt, waited until his parents went back inside and killed them. Before Kario died, he said "trolls be trollin'" and revealed the existence of the trolls to Mario. Many years later, Toad was trolled, igniting Mario's hatred for the trolls again. He and Luigi decided to use the Troll Slaiyers in order to find the trolls' boss, the Troll King.

Mario vs. Troll King

Troll King beating up Mario.

Back in the present, the Troll King states that he was the only flaw in the brothers' plan. Mario angrily screams that the Troll King killed one of the only people he ever cared about, and attacks with a green shell. The Troll King shatters the shell with a punch and states that he should get used to it. Mario attempts to attack Troll King with a few power-ups, but none do any damage. The Troll King headbutts Mario and attempts to finish him with a fire blast from his robot arm, but Mario survives. Mario turns metal and engages the Troll King in hand to hand combat, but the Troll King hits him hard enough to crack his metal. Mario attacks Troll King with a barrage of attacks from his once-a-day technique, blue fireballs. Mario states that blue fire gets stronger with a person's body heat, staying on them and gaining strength constantly. However, the Troll King absorbs the blue fire with his robotic arm. Mario, desperate, uses a super star, which frightens the Troll King, but quickly expires. He pulls out a second star, but the Troll King stops him using the Black Word of Death, Ni**ER. Mario is temporarily blinded, and the Troll King takes the opportunity to beat him to near death. Mario tries to escape on Yoshi, but the Troll King knocks them out of the air with a shockwave and throws Yoshi, incapacitating him.