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"yea theres even trolls talking about it on myspace"

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This page lists out various references to other media within the Tails Gets Trolled series.

Chapter 1

Chapter 4

  • Shadow lamenting the death of Sonic by saying "oh my god they killed sonic" then Hulk's "you bastards" line is a South Park reference: the character Kenny used to die in every single episode, which would cause other characters to say "Oh my God, they killed Kenny" then "you bastards!".[1]

Chapter 6

  • The line "goons goons goony ass goons" spoken by Underbite Troll on Page 5 is a reference for Something Awful internet users who are often referred to as goons.

Chapter 7

  • Kario makes reference to the show COPS (spelled cop's) as a show he does not want to miss out on.[2]

Chapter 9

  • "what the gently cares is with that?" spoken by Keven on Page 9 is a Something Awful reference.

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

  • Garry makes reference to the audience and the fan reception around his and Demaro's fight when shouting "TIME TO END THIS SO THE FANS CAN STOP COMPLAINING LIKE LITTLE CRY BABY BITCHES AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!"

Chapter 15

  • "gently cares you man" spoken by Tom on Page 15 is a Something Awful reference.

Chapter 16

  • Hindo takes a jab at Something Awful in the line spoken on Page 20.

Chapter 18

  • Doug, upon waking up on Page 1, states that his puking was "somethingawful".

Chapter 20

  • Hindo once again jabs at Something Awful on Page 20 by stating that Rob is as bad as them at listening.

Chapter 21

  • "Woah.. What the gently cares is wrong with you!?" spoken by the Butt Fairy is a Something Awful reference.

Chapter 22

  • Coyote makes reference to a deviantArt poll in which users showed that they want him to defeat Demaro.

Chapter 25

  • Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 24 contains several references to various internet memes and other culture.
    • Garry takes on the pose of Coach Buzzcut from Beavis and Butthead, from the "We're Gonna Be Talking About The Penis!" scene. Garry also mimics the pose used from Invincible's "Think, Mark!" meme.
    • A grave displays the name "Desmond Daniel Amofah" in tribute to the online internet personality known as Etika who had committed suicide on June 19, 2019.
    • Another grave displays the name "Rorochan", referencing a Japanese livestreamer who had committed suicide during 2013.
    • Another grave in the background is in the shape of the Newgrounds tank.
  • The panel of Tom's fist on Page 18 is stated by Shimshomo to be a reference to the Arthur fist meme.[4]



  • The use of gently cares is a slight misspelling of Something Awful's word filter for the work "fuck", which is "gently caress". Users who are not registered will encounter word filters changing various words into alternative phrases. (Such examples include asshole > rear end in a top hat, fucking > loving, or shit > poo poo.)