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"yea theres even trolls talking about it on myspace"

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Fudd mirrors Luigi's line before killing Machick.

This page lists out various call backs to previous events in the series.

In general

  • The cages dropped by Silver as his group storms Troll Fortress are still visible when the Fortress is seen at a distance.

Chapter 2

  • The line "whats that sound?" is a call-back to episode 1's "what's thats noise?".
  • When encountering Alex, Tails' "hey troll!!!! fuck you" is a reference to Shadow's response to how he would stop a troll. This is evident by the fact Tails did also say prior to this line "just remember what shadow showed me".

Chapter 5

  • Luigi's "sonic and the robot's death will lead to my victory" is repeated by Troll King three pages later, where he returns it as "luigi your death and the robot's death will lead to my victory".

Chapter 6

  • Silver asking himself why Alex is smoking a cigarette backwards is a reference to when Alex was depicted smoking his cigarette backwards in Chapter 2.

Chapter 7

  • The line "get use to it" is first stated by Mario during his own flashback and then repeated by Troll King before their battle commences.

Chapter 10

Pori confused over the number of Tails' tails.
  • Pori asks Tails about his third tail, referencing the first chapter of Tails Gets Trolled where he was drawn with more than two tails.
  • Hello Kitty references Sonic's use of the word villains in place of violence during Chapter 1.

Chapter 19

Sonic angry after being trolled.
  • Sonic having angry sex with Amy and the repercussions that result from it reference his iconic line from the first chapter.

Chapter 20

Knuckles waking up after a night of intercourse with Rouge and Donkey Kong.
  • Knuckles confirms getting the clap from his threeway with Rouge and Donkey Kong from the first chapter.
  • The sky turns green on Page 16 while Knuckles speaks to Tails, referencing Coyote pulling out his Guardian. The sky also turns blue referencing Dusk Hunter being captured by Coyote.
  • The reoccurring alligator is spotted in Cheeto Man's body dump. Tyler the Gay Frog (a character appearing in Lazerbot's Micah Rat series, but also appears in The Adventures of Underbite Troll) is also seen in the dump.
  • The sky turns white as Spyro and Tails talk indicating that their conversation is happening while Coyote removes Miladox from Demaro.

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

  • Several of the nameless trolls appearing in this chapter have previously appeared in The Adventures of Underbite Troll.
  • Grapeface's text moments before he is killed mirrors Demaro's near-death thoughts before Miladox takes controls of him.
  • Grapeface's dialogue (".. I need to do something or I'm deader than a while male Cop, in a town of Leftist Extremists...") on Page 15 is a reference to Vector's summation of Troll King's battle with Sonic and friends, where he states: "there deader than a black guy in a town of racist red necks ."
  • Many of Sonichu's panels reference previous ones in the comic. He dons Tom's smile seen on chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 2. The way he flees is also a mirror of Tails in tails gets trolled, Page 3.

Chapter 23

Magma Garry crushes Miladox.

Chapter 24

  • Fudd using Luigi to murder Machick is a reference to Cream's death in Chapter 4. Fudd/Luigi's quote ("Take this, you stupid bitch!") is also the same line used said moments before killing Cream as well. The way the text bubble is displayed also mirrors the same way the original line appeared during Chapter 4.
  • Tails saying "whats thats noise?" on Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath, Page 12 is a call back to the first page of Chapter 1, where he says the same thing as he hears the Retard Double Threat talking.
  • Eddy saying Troll Face is on the dollar bills on Page 5 is a call back to Page 3 where Hulk is shown using a Troll Face dollar.

The Adventures of Underbite Troll

  • Batsard is misspelled on the first page, matching how it is spelled in Chapter 1.
  • Much of Butter Tits' dialouge during the troll off against Underbite Troll and Markus is referencing his original lines said to Tails.
  • Underbite Troll mentioning that "it's kind of hard to see with my eyes closed" is a reference to Teemo stating the same thing on chapter 5: tails kid napped, Page 2.
  • Underbite Troll claiming to be another person during the troll off with the Fist in Poo Clan may be a reference to how the troll off in Chapter 6 used lines from other fans.
  • Underbite Troll puking after seeing the true nature of The Fantasy Starwars Crue references Coyote and Fudd puking on chaper 8: the neutral's, Page 20. The line "Yea man, get it all out man.." also references said scene.

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